In a Nutshell: A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 17

I’ll be completely honest with you. With such an all-star cast and staff, I felt compelled to watch, even though I wasn’t loving the series as I had hoped…until Episode 17. OMG! I am now on board completely. I think what happened was that my expectations were too high, and I liked the series well enough but wasn’t loving it, if that makes any sense. 

Anyhow, episode 17 rocks~! The two relationships that were in “constipation mode”–namely Yi Soo – Do Jin and Mea Ri – Yoon–are finally resolved, and I found myself oscillating between tearing up (I never cry LOL) and laughing from the sheer hilarity of the moments. 🙂

Nutshell: The episode opens with the four men discussing which superhero is the best. Oh boy, this reminds me of the scene in Stand by Me in which the four pre-teen boys discuss who is stronger–Mighty Mouse or Superman. Only our men are forty+ and not pre-teens. LOL. Here’s the breakdown of the superheroes as the four men center their “fight” around a Tous les Jour Techon V cake that Jung Rok brings: Tae San favors Spiderman, Do Jin Batman, Yoon Superman, and Jung Rok Techon V. 

The men start their discussion calmly like rational adults…

…but their discussion quickly becomes much more animated, contrary to their “wise, mature” age. LOL. I guess the saying is true: “Boys will be boys.”

This episode was all about dilemma: Do Jin debating whether to accept Yi Soo’s present of shoes and heart and Yoon weighing whether to grab hold of Mea Ri at the risk of his lifelong friendship with Tae San.

After an adorable scene in which Do Jin wears the shoes–in bed no less–he decides to accept Yi Soo. But of course, he does so in his own “subtle, sophisticated” manner that is totally lost on Yi Soo. What was his plan? To play the drums at his newest architectural opening and then step out in the shoes she gave him.

Unfortunately, Yi Soo is crushed when Do Jin tells her that he doesn’t remember her confession or her shoes and lost his recorder. Idiot man! So in the middle of his muhshineun (awesome) drum solo, she walks out of the ballroom and makes plans to forget all about him. Her solution? Take a farewell journey and promptly get drunk. Phftt.

He follows her from a distance, after a short moment of erroneously thinking she’s hooked up with another man (serves him right!), as she converses with Mea Ri, who tells her that she and Yoon are officially over. 🙁 As sad as the scene between the women is, it’s also quite hilarious.






He walks up from behind her as she’s cursing him out. LOL. Of course, she freaks out, falters, and falls down, thinking she’s definitely had too much to drink and is now hallucinating.

As he tells her of his grand plans that went awry last night, Yi Soo rails at him for being that subtle with her. She reminds him that she’s not that quick on the uptake, so he needs to be direct with her. Then he hugs her and pinches his nose from all the alcohol smell emanating from her.

He takes her home, and the still-drunk Yi Soo forces him to take a nap with her. When she wakes up, she’s mortified and pretends to still be asleep. Heh…typically Yi Soo. While she feigns sleep, Do Jin confesses his intentions to and love for her. When he finishes and “leaves,” Yi Soo gets up from her “sleep” and mutters to herself about how he just had to pick this moment when she’s all stinky from her alcohol orgy to confess to her. And of course, he’s standing right there, taking in all her cute mutterings. Heh. She pretends to be talking in her sleep. LOL

Meanwhile, Jung Rok comforts Min Sook, who goes to see a doctor about the possibility of conceiving. He tells her that as long as she doesn’t block him from her bed, he’ll work to make the possibility a probability. They joke with each other and Jung Rok hugs her.

Aw…Despite the fact that I find his abrupt 180 turn difficult to accept as “realistic,” I’m glad that the Jung Rok – Min Sook couple is finally finding its way back to happiness.

As for Tae San and Se Ra, they are well on their way to reconciliation with Se Ra selling her house and gunning to win her next tournament so that she can return to Tae San on her terms. And yes, marriage is definitely in her plans now.

But all is not well with Tae San, Yoon, and Mea Ri. After witnessing Mea Ri’s heart wrenching plea before Jung Ah’s memorial, Tae San makes plans to send his younger sister back to the United States…as if that will solve everything. Hmph! He confesses to Jung Rok that it kills him that the person he’s objecting to is his good friend, Yoon, who is his most trustworthy and upstanding friend.





Mea Ri calls her brother one last time to wish him well and to ask him to come pick her up from the airport next time; no more surprise returns for her. Tae San is torn between his love for his sister and wish for her happiness and his innate urge to protect her. Knowing her brother’s heart, she tells him that the next time she sees him, she hopes that they can see each other with smiles. After apologizing for her behavior and the trouble she’s caused, Mea Ri prepares to leave, texting Yi Soo to ask for a favor: in two months’ time, tell Yoon that she’s found a nice man and is in love. Aw…

No need for such heroics, though, as Yoon shows up at the airport. After all, what self-respecting Korean drama would leave out an airport scene, right?

Knowing full well what he’s doing, he takes Mea Ri out of the airport and back to his car. When she comments, “If my brother finds out…” his response is to envelop her in a hug. So why is Mea Ri’s expression not a happy one? Probably because she finally understands what his capitulation will mean and what a sacrifice Yoon is making. He’s willing to risk his lifelong friendship with her brother for her!

Musings: So many funny and sad moments…but I found them wholly enjoyable. 🙂 The two men–Do Jin and Yoon–are finally stepping up to the plate and grabbing hold of the opportunities their ladies are offering. Finally!

I appreciated the “Cinderella” reference in conjunction with the shoes, but more than anything else, I found Yoon’s surrender to his feelings the most satisfying. Had he not held his ground for as long as he had–17 episodes!–for the sake of friendship, his tossing all of that aside in order to grab hold of Mea Ri would have seemed less meaningful.

I’ll stop now so that I can upload this nutshell. I’ll trust my twinkles to weigh in with their thoughts. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 17”

  1. Ugh, Do-jin’s need to make a grand gesture nearly ruined everything – and he really angered me (what happened to his promise not to hurt Yi-soo again??).

    I was so glad that Yoon finally took action (and was it just my muddled interpretation of the scene, or did Tae-san actually admit that he knew Yoon had feelings for/was in love with Me Ah-ri?) – now for the fallout. 🙁

    Ooh, also: any thoughts on why Colin started crying when Do-jin told him that he (DJ) was dating Yi-soo? I wondered if it was because Colin felt that Yi-soo would ‘steal’ his father away, but couldn’t be sure (Jong-hyun’s acting is not exactly, er, nuanced.).

    Thanks for the nutshell! (though I can’t help but notice that they’re actually getting longer – with screencaps, if not with words. ;))

    1. LOL. I know…I couldn’t resist. *Heavy sigh* Drats to my incessant need to either screencap or type while I watch my dramas now. 😛

      And yes, Tae San is definitely aware that Yoon is in love with his sister but that he’s also doing his best to resist her for the sake of their friendship. Yoon hinted to it several episodes ago to Tae San.

      As for Colin, it’s probably because he thought that Do Jin might want him to move back to Japan–another form of rejection for Colin–so that he can resume his relationship with Yi Soo. Poor Colin, huh? I’m glad for his sake that Do Jin corrected Colin’s assumption so quickly.

  2. Always loved the drama and definitely loved this episode! When Yi Soo went back to the coffee shop and wanted the video “to curse at it!” was so funny! Glad that was resolved! Meahri/Yoon only took 17 episodes! The crying though is driving me nuts! Ep 18 should really be interesting as the preview shows a new conflict!

  3. Anyone else wanting the OST? I recognized Kim Min Jong’s voice! Even after almost twenty years after listening to him in Feeling. 🙂

  4. This drama totally reminds me of ‘sex in the city’ and here is korean ‘ajussi’ version. Overall entertaining and love the story line.Do Jin character more like blunt,’poker’ face,prodigy. I love you review too!

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