In a Nutshell: A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16

This episode focuses especially on the depth of these four men’s devotion to each other. From dropping everything to help Yoon deal with the tragic loss of his wife to protecting Yi Soo from her stepbrothers’ harassments, these men are definitely diamonds in the rough! How much do we LOVE them?!

As the series prepares to wind down to its finale in about four episodes, the Forty Fab4 are tying loose ends and are either reconciling with their respective loves or getting to that point. I am definitely looking forward to Episode 17, which I’ll be able to see once I wake up Saturday morning. And yes, for the first time since the summer began, I have Saturday morning off tomorrow!  Woohoo~Guess who’ll be spending some quality time in the morning watching and nutshelling? 😉

Nutshell: The episode starts with the three men dropping everything to rush to Yoon’s aid when they learn that Yoon’s wife has died.

Meanwhile, Yi Soo finally meets her mother, who is currently in a battle with her stepsons for her husband’s estate. Do Jin learns of Yi Soo’s situation from the next table as he listens in on their conversation.

Se Ra puts the house up for sale and then goes to pick a fight with Tae San over why he paid her debt; she irrationally reasons that since he’s seen her hit rock bottom, she won’t be able to return to him. After some posturing, an unexpected blind date set-up by Tae San’s mom for Tae San, and some more fighting, Tae San and Se Ra reconcile. 🙂 (Soooo cute…)

As for Jung Rok, he surprises Min Sook while she goes for her morning jog and gives her a bicycle ride. Thinking that his wife is listening to a playlist he’s prepared, he confesses his “love” for her and is extremely embarrassed when she answers that she’ll stick to his backside just as she is now. Needless to say, he’s mortified that his wife heard his confession while she’s quite pleased that her husband does love her. Aw…They’re developing the type of relationship that Min Sook’s wanted all this time. 🙂

In terms of Yi Soo and Do Jin’s relationship, Colin moves into Do Jin’s house and enrolls in Yi Soo’s school…and her homeroom class! Colin and Dong Yup demonstrate the beginnings of what could be a lasting brotherhood/friendship very much like the one the forty+ F4 share. Yi Soo then confesses her intentions to resume her relationship with Do Jin via a forced picnic. (Ugh…this part was so painful to watch. Fortunately, the angst didn’t last long.) Yi Soo gets called out late at night by her stepbrothers who threaten to harass her at school as well if she doesn’t sign a document claiming that she, the biological daughter of their stepmother, took money from them. They think that this should stop her mother from pursuing her claim to the estate. Instead of cowering from the bullying, Yi Soo calls her mother and tells her to take everything since she’s suffered under such mistreatment. Of course, the bullies grab her phone and toss it. Yi Soo, feeling cornered and helpless, excuses herself to regain her composure in the bathroom…and that’s when the fun begins: her “brothers” show up and teach the stepbrothers a lesson about not messing with her. LOL. The descriptions associated with her “brothers”? One foul-mouthed Tae San, one money-bragging Jung Rok, one skilled attorney Yoon who can get his “posse” out of any legal jam, and one Do Jin who claims his love for her. And the best part? That this whole Defend-Yi Soo-As-A-United-Brotherhood plan gets videotaped for Yi Soo to see. 🙂

Afterwards, the men observe Yoon’s deceased wife’s death and are startled to see Mea Ri crying in front of Jung Ah’s (Yoon’s wife) memorial/urn, begging her to let Yoon love her. Ummm…awkward moment for Yoon and Tae San.

As Do Jin walks home from this new development between Tae San-Yoon-Mea Ri, he meets Yi Soo, who’s been waiting for him. Echoing his earlier words, she presents him with an expensive pair of shoes and instructs him to wear them when he comes to her, on a sunny day, wearing dashing clothes. Aw…

Musings: This episode was an absolute gem! There were so many adorable moments, some of which I’ve captured and included below for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the way this series is plowing towards its inevitable conclusion. Only four more episodes left…I’m hoping for a satisfying end. 🙂

I have two main thoughts about this episode:

1. The interactions of these four men are the glue of this show. Their devotion to each other and to each other’s significant others are heartwarming and inspiring…LOVED!!! They inspire me to be a better friend to my friends.

2.  Yes! We’re back on track with the Yi Soo – Do Jin loveline. There was only so much angst I could take. Whew~thank goodness, it looks like we’re about to enter a new phase of the relationship. Here’s hoping! 🙂

Jung Rok giving his wife a bicycle ride before he confesses his affections for her…aw…

The three buddies trying to cheer Do Jin and succeeding in eliciting a smile from him. LOL

The forceful table kick that effectively silences Yi Soo’s nasty stepbrothers

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3 thoughts on “In a Nutshell: A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16”

  1. I WANT “BROTHERS” LIKE THEM! I have watched that scene so many times it should be forever in my memory. I had to watch how each of our guys walked into the cafe, how each spoke to the step-jerks, then how each of them kicked that table. I cheered (threw my hands up and yelled YES!) and my husband picked that moment to walk into the living room (where I watch my dramas so not to bug him); he just shakes his head laughing at me while walking away. Loved it. Loved your nutshell and really loving this show. =) Thanks ST! Enjoy your Saturday =D

  2. I’m looking to today and tomorrow too! After that angst filled moments of the past couple of episodes, this episode was like a ray of sunshine! Hopefully, Do Jin will be wearing his new shoes prettily! 😀

  3. I love this episode! Or would it be more accurate to say that I love the sound of the episode, since I only read the recaps? This is the only episode reecapped so far where I actually want to watch it!

    Love the bromance, and that everyone’s love story is finally moving along. That scene with our 4 men dealing with Yi-soo’s step-brothers – I’m going to look for it right now!

    This is another unabashed attempt to persuade more people to catch Shut Up: Flower Boy Band – I can imagine the band members growing up to be like the 4 men here, supportive of each other all the way. Such awesome bromance!

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