In a Nutshell: A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 15

I told Jules I was going to keep this nutshell to about 200 words…and failed miserably. Yes, Jules…you were right to be skeptical. LOL. However, this nutshelling format certainly allows me more flexibility; I can fit “nutshelling” time into my summer schedule. Hurray! So for those of you interested, here’s the nutshell version of episode 15. 🙂

Nutshell: Do Jin meets Kim Eun Hee before heading over to Yoon’s law office together and learns that she had visited Korea 8 years ago with Colin when Colin first asked about his biological father. Do Jin realizes that that was around the time that he first started to forget things. Unfortunately, because he had a memory lapse after meeting Eun Hee, he never went to meet her as he had promised.

As he and Eun Hee head over to Yoon’s office, they run into Yi Soo, who came to ask Yoon for some legal advice. However, since he is occupied with a client, she leaves without seeing him and bumps into Do Jin and Eun Hee as they come up to see Yoon. Do Jin introduces her to Eun Hee as the woman he’s lost, and Yi Soo corrects him by saying she’s the woman he dumped and leaves.

Once inside the office, Yoon confirms that Do Jin is Colin’s biological father, and Do Jin asks Yoon to be a good friend to Yi Soo if she drops by again to see him.

Meanwhile, Yi Soo returns home and tells Se Ra that she saw the woman. Intrigued by Tae San’s first love as well, Se Ra asks if the woman is beautiful. Yi Soo replies that she is. Mea Ri drops by at that time to inquire after Yi Soo’s health and then also asks after the woman. LOL. Looks like the women are all curious about their men’s first love.

Yoon, Tae San, and Jung Rok meet to discuss what to do about Colin now that it’s been verified by a paternity test that Do Jin is Colin’s biological father. They decide to welcome the kid since Do Jin is obviously not thinking clearly from the shock of everything. As uncles, they purchase clothes for Colin and then meet him at an ice cream shop, a venue that Jung Rok insists is appropriate for a high school boy. Heh.

Yi Soo receives a phone call from Eun Hee, who asks to meet her and explains that Yi Soo doesn’t need to worry about her being in the picture; she’s happily married. She then tells Yi Soo that she knows how Yi Soo must feel since she felt the same way after learning that she was pregnant with Colin.

Do Jin and Yi Soo spend sleepless nights thinking about the other.

The three men–without Do Jin–scheme to bring Do Jin and Yi Soo together at least one more time so as to arrange a reconciliation between the two. The plan? Tae San is to meet Yi Soo at Jung Rok’s cafe while Yoon brings Do Jin there, too, and meets by “accident.” Of course, Yi Soo figures out very quickly that Tae San has lured her out to meet Do Jin; she thanks him and says that she’s been wanting to see Do Jin.

When Yoon arrives with Do Jin in tow, Yoon pretends that he is surprised to find Tae San and Yi Soo there. Tae San quickly tells Yoon that they’ve been found out, and the two friends excuse themselves to give Do Jin and Yi Soo some privacy. Once alone, the two merely sit and stare–Do Jin at Yi Soo and Yi Soo anywhere else but at Do Jin–until Do Jin tells her that she should have refused to meet Tae San. Yi Soo replies that she came because she knew Tae San wanted to tell her about Do Jin.  As Do Jin takes in her revealing admission, Yi Soo excuses herself to go attend an important meeting.

The important meeting? She takes Kim Dong Yup to apologize to the rich mother who’s threatening to sue the school for Dong Yup’s behavior towards her son. Earlier, Yi Soo had sought Dong Yup out after he had missed school for several consecutive days and learned that he was working in order to earn enough money to attend school. As she tries unsuccessfully to get the mother to meet them, Jung Rok’s wife, Min Sook, steps out of her car and sizes up the situation. She then uses her leverage as one powerful and rich woman to get the difficult mother to meet Yi Soo and Dong Yup. She then calls Dong Yup her “nephew,” pointedly asking the mother if the veracity of that relationship makes any difference when asked if he’s really her nephew. She figuratively muscles an easy resolution for Yi Soo and Dong Yup, getting the mother to dismiss any ideas of pursuit a lawsuit against him, Yi Soo, and the school. Wow~I LOVE Min Sook! She is soooooooo awesome!

Amazed by the easy resolution, Yi Soo thanks Min Sook, who warmly tells her that she was merely repaying a debt that she had incurred at the residence–when she mistook Yi Soo for one of Jung Rok’s flings. Yi Soo tells her that this was an extravagant compensation, and Min Sook jokes that she has a tendency to tack on a high interest rate. When Yi Soo comments that Min Sook must know the rich mother well, Min Sook replies that the rich mother probably knows her well…or at least her money. She then turns her attention to Dong Yup and asks if her “nephew” saw this situation clearly. She tells him that this is the reason why he needs to study hard because the world that he’ll be soon entering operates under the rich and powerful and trample on the poor and helpless…a lesson that Dong Yup duly notes.

Min Sook sends Dong Yup home and invites Yi Soo for a drink. Seated at a beautiful outdoor table/cafe, she asks after Yi Soo and her situation with Do Jin. Yi Soo unloads her concerns on Jung Rok’s wife. Aw…I’m loving how the women are starting to bond in a meaningful way.

Meanwhile, Mea Ri goes to see Yoon and tries to get him to wear a couple bracelet with her. He sees through her ruse and tells her to take the bracelet back; he’s known her brother for longer than she’s been alive, he’s 17 years older than she is, and he’s not about to lose such a dear friendship over her infatuation with him. Obviously upset, Mea Ri throws Yoon’s bracelet in his office trash can (perfect since Yoon can retrieve it from the trash can later) and storms out to drink herself into a drunken stupor at a local noraebang.  She’s forced home by Tae San, who threatens to call Yoon and tell him everything about her behavior and dissolve his friendship with Yoon. She quickly backs down and then is surprised when they arrive home to find Se Ra’s car in front of their house. Tae San ignores her questions, and Mea Ri erroneously assumes that he’s going to get Se Ra a new car.

Fuming from the unfairness of their current situation, especially after Do Jin made so many promises to her, Yi Soo meets Do Jin and demands that he does everything she asks until she can break up with him. And so the constant calling and ignoring of Kim Do Jin starts. She calls him when she’s at an intersection, a bookstore, a movie theater, etc.

As for the Se Ra’s red car, Mea Ri drives it to work–without Tae San’s permission–and runs into Se Ra, who then stomps over to Min Sook’s house to demand what’s going on. Min Sook, in her cool characteristic manner, explains the situation and tells Se Ra that her loyalties lie with her husband’s friend. She doesn’t owe Se Ra anything and had no ulterior motive other than to listen to her husband’s friend’s request.

The episode ends with Eun Hee bidding Do Jin goodbye (Colin plans to stay in Korea for the time being) and Yi Soo calling Do Jin out for dinner. When Do Jin tries to talk to her, Yi Soo coldly tells him that she never gave him permission to speak to her. Then in the middle of dinner, her phone rings, causing her to quickly get up from the table. However, Do Jin notices her expression and waylays her, asking her what’s wrong. And that’s when we finally learn something about Yi Soo’s mother: she had abandoned Yi Soo when Yi Soo was a little girl and lived 20 years raising someone else’s kid. Yi Soo offers to introduce him to her mother…perhaps her mother can give Do Jin some tips, she suggests coldly. Ouch. And on this note, the episode ends.

Musings: I simply cannot resist a short comment about this episode: I LOVE the developing relationships between the four women! And Min Sook…I am positively enthralled by this woman…She’s such a complex character whose true feelings and convoluted relationship with her husband is slowly AND finally getting some screen time. Ack! Looking forward to Episode 16. OK, I’m done now. 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Twinkie! I appeciate these nutshells because I am just dying to know what happens. Like you, I like that the women are beginning to bond, and I especially liked how Min-sook was developed in this episode.

    I don’t know about Mea-ri though. She still seems rather childish to me. I don’t claim to understand men well (hardly can decode my own husband, ha ha), but I should think Yoon cant possibly take her seriously with her acting the way she is now. I mean, this is a man who was once married. Flighty (or seemingly flighty) young things cannot be his cup of tea. Or maybe I’m wrong!

    1. Who knows…some men like to take care of young, flighty women. The good thing is that our little flighty one has the potential to be a good, mature woman. She just needs a few years. 🙂

  2. 200 words? Excuse me for a moment while I snicker quietly in the corner. *g*

    I actually liked 15 a great deal more than 14 and I agree that Min-sook is awesome! Episode 16 has that great scene with… the thing and that… other thing. 😉

  3. I think we all ship Min Sook! It takes a Min SOok to be able to deal with a Jung Rok! Not many of us can. Since I’ve gotten over my rant as to why Do Jin broke up with Yi Soo, I feel better and will comment less. Other than this was a good episode. Yi Soo’s coldness was justified! I really loved that instead of shutting herself up and crying, she is taking action!! Proud of her!

  4. With the Olympics coming up they seem to have pushed back (I believe) the final 2 episodes of AGD. I tried to stop watching and slow down so I could watch the last episodes all together but I couldn’t. I’m caught up and wanting more.

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