High Kick 3: The Series That Doesn’t End :)

Link to the RAW video 04-02-12

Oh my…In case you haven’t heard, MBC will be airing a week’s worth of High Kick 3 Specials. So for those of you who were lamenting the end of our beloved series, here’s an additional week of “specials” to temper the withdrawal from High Kick land. LOL

Today’s special is titled “High Kick Best.” From the looks of the episode, I’m assuming that MBC plans on re-broadcasting the “best” 5 episodes of the series, giving its replacement, Standby, an additional week of preparation before its first broadcast now slated for April 9th (next Monday).

I don’t have the time to locate which episode today’s re-broadcast is, but it’s the one in which Nae Sang attempts to rob his own equipment storage for extra money while Jong Seok succumbs to Soo Jung’s aegyo tactics and reluctantly finds himself using bbooing bbooing for the first time, consequently having to deal with random strangers coming up to him, mimicking his bbooing bbooing. LOL

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