High Kick 3 News Flash

I just got word from a fellow twinkle that High Kick 3 is looking to extend the series with 3 more episodes.

Hmmm…intriguing bit of news. =O.o=

If you would like to check out the news source, you can find it here. I’m not sure if this extension bodes well or ill for our beloved series…and yes, I do plan on continuing my daily sitcom love by recapping Standby, the series set to replace HK3. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “High Kick 3 News Flash”

  1. hope the extension would not ruin the story..but im on a positive side..the writers could still create some more developments in each character or maybe the lovelines of jisun & julien or jinhee & lee juck (if they’re really gonna end up together)…

    1. Agreed! Looking forward to the premier! We’ll have at least two adorably fabulous guys to watch for many lovely episodes…every day! 😉

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