High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 8 – Episode 31 Recap)


Mini- recap:

Nae Sang hears of a singng contest for foreigners with a grand prize of $2,000. He coerces Julien to try out for it, although Julien keeps asking why he has to do something like that, especially dressed up in traditional Korean garb and singing a Korean country song. Meanwhile Ji Seok is tormented by his inability to act normal around Ha Sun. At a playground he sees a similar situation with a little boy who can’t seem to stop teasing his crush. Recognizing the sad parallel situation, Ji Seok tries to give the small boy advice that he himself has difficulty following.Ha Sun gets invited out for a nice Italian dinner by Young Wook, who 1) pretends that he frequently eats at the restaurant 2) has literally emptied his piggy bank to pay for this meal with her and 3) keeps making mistakes–acts for soy sauce instead of balsamic vinegar, chopsticks to eat his paste, etc.–and then tries to pass them off as jokes.



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  1. do you know what is the name of the song played in this episode right after the barking scene which end up playing on the radio when Julian and Ji seok are talking?
    Thank you for the re-cap.

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