High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 28 – Episode 121 Link and Recap)

Episode 121 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Whew~What a difference a relatively “early” night makes. Thank you for your well wishes; I am feeling better…well enough to recap yesterday’s episode for you all. 🙂

Episode 121 presents a number of resolutions as we really speed towards the ending now…along with one BIG (at least I think it’s big enough) twist. Be prepared…There are only two episodes left after this one, and the writers are tying loose ends and not-so-loose-ends in a frenzy that can leave one’s head spinning well after the episode has been watched. Personally, my mind is still reeling from Kye Sang’s admission. Hmm….


The episode opens with Ha Sun preparing breakfast for Ji Won, keeping a steady flow of conversation going. When Ji Won remains silent, however, Ha Sun firmly tells her to not think about anything else but school. She emphatically tells Ji Won that as long as she’s alive, she will never agree to let Ji Won go to Rwanda.

Commenting in voiceover that his life seems to consist of look at patients’ butts, eating, and sleeping, Lee Juck is on another one of his blind dates. As he answers the woman’s question about his medical practice, he inwardly sighs and wishes to see “her.” 

Meanwhile, Ji Won is shaken up from her daze by her academic “rival” who announces that the day as finally arrived for her to stomp Ji Won’s test scores into the ground since she will not be getting sick this time. And if she does, she adds ominously, she’ll just let the organ burst than stop taking the test; this time, she will make sure to finish the test. OMG…talk about dedication! As Ji Won leaves the school, Jong Seok “accidentally” brushes against her and drops his test results. Heh…so cute. Ji Won picks up the results and is AMAZED that he scored a perfect on the exam; even she didn’t do that well since there were a few tricky questions. Jong Seok downplays his accomplishments and then reminds her that he scored poorly before because he simply hadn’t tried. Now that he’s trying, well….

Ji Won strokes his head in praise and tells him that he’s made his tutor proud. At this rate, he’ll soon outstudy her. Aw….Jong Seok grabs her hand and takes her out for a hamburger in celebration. While eating, she comments that if he continues like this, he’ll have no problems getting into Myung Moon University; it must be nice to have the support of people around him she adds wistfully. Jong Seok asks if there’s something besides medical school she wants to do then. She only has one life to live, so she should live without any regrets. He just specifies that she tells him if she decides not to attend Myung Moon University since he’s mainly aiming for that school because of her. Aw…his comments leave Ji Won with more to think about. 

Lee Juck walks into the clinic, and Nurse Im tells him that Kye Sang isn’t in right now. When he asks after Jin Hee, he is surprised to learn that Jin Hee is no longer working there because she got a job with an advertising company. 

As Lee Juck walks out in disappointment, he runs into Soo Jung, who is hoping to get a ride home with Kye Sang. Learning that her uncle is not there, she instead asks Uncle Lee Juck for a ride.

On the ride home, she regales him with a funny story about a classmate mistaking their teacher’s unexpected fart for his name “Byu Young.” LOL. She then points out some newly sprouted flowers.

Back at home, Seung Yoon announces Jong Seok’s great news to the pleasantly surprised parents. Their son received a perfect test score on the mock-exam!

With the school day over, Julian asks Park Ji Sun out for a sumptuous dinner; he knows a great place. However, Ji Sun, who’s been fielding/ignoring phone calls all day, tells him that she has something to do and that she’ll eat dinner with him another day. As she hurries out, Teacher Yoon cautions Julian to watch over his girlfriend because from the looks of things, he suspects that she may have another man. Not wanting to believe it, Julian, nevertheless, follows after her.

At a coffee shop, Ji Sun meets her old boyfriend who asks her 1) to get back together with him since he’s technically still a bachelor in the eyes of the law (the cad has yet to process his marriage license) and 2) to lend him some money. Disgusted that she ever found him attractive, she rejects both offers and tells him that she has a new boyfriend. She doesn’t know what she ever saw in him, especially in his backward way of speaking (think Yoda in Star Wars). As she tries to leave, however, he grabs her hand and refuses to let go.

Enter our hero to save his damsel in distress. Heh heh…Julian, all 6 plus feet of him, grabs the offending man by the shirt, causing him to tippy-toe to maintain his balance (sorry, should have included a screenshot of the shoes on tippy-toe) and declares that he is Park Ji Sun’s boyfriend.

Julian threatens the odious little man that if he ever bothers her again…He then takes Ji Sun out for that nice dinner, dismissing Ji Sun’s apology for not telling him sooner. He tells her that she doesn’t need to explain; he trusts her implicitly. Aw….

Jong Seok returns home and overhears Ha Sun and Ji Seok asking Kye Sang to please, please discourage Ji Won from following him to Rwanda.

Stunned by the news that this was what she wanted to do, he waits for her in front of her house and then demands to know if she’s crazy. “What am I to you?  If you were going to do this, then why did you tell me to go to college? Why did you encourage me to go when you’re not even going? Because of whom do you think I’m working my butt off trying to get into Myung Moon University?! Who do you think is causing me to go back to high school?! (taking a deep breath) You’re really crazy. What do you think that place is to go over there? What can you do there? Are you so in love that you can’t even distinguish your front from your back?!” As she tries to explain that Kye Sang is not the sole reason why she wants to go to Rwanda, just like she’s not the only reason why he wants to go to college…he interrupts her and says, “That’s enough. I no longer want to hear what you have to say. You do whatever you want.” Ah, man….

Coming inside the house, she sees Ha Sun drinking at the kitchen table. Ha Sun tells her that Ji Won shouldn’t do this to her. She’s always thought of Ji Won as her only younger sister. She’s always thought that they shared such wonderful memories, but Ji Won has implied that those moments weren’t so happy. She asks why Ji Won is making her so nervous these days, worrying if Ji Won’s going to take off any day now.

Ji Won apologizes, and Ha Sun tells her that she is sorry…for not knowing that Ji Won was lonely and miserable. She just chose to see what was on the outside and never once thought that Ji Won may be hiding her true loneliness.

Taking a break from his busy schedule, Lee Juck calls Jin Hee at the end of his work day to ask her to see the Queen of Rock performance, tickets he purchased specifically to see with Jin Hee. Hearing the disconnection message, Lee Juck wonders when she changed phones and decides to go visit her at her house.

Once there, though, he is surprised to learn that Jin Hee has moved and makes an excuse to Julian that he’s looking for Jin Hee on some clinic matters.   

As he turns to leave, he once again runs into Soo Jung, and he comments that they seem to be seeing a lot of each other lately. Soo Jung coyly suggests that perhaps…he answers “Perhaps?…” Soo Jung finishes that perhaps it’s so that he can give her allowance money. LOL. Writers! You coy little people! Laughing, Lee Juck says that he left his wallet in his car and that he’ll give her some allowance next time.

About to leave, Lee Juck asks if Soo Jung likes musicals…to which Soo Jung counters, “What if I do?” Ah, these writers really love toying with us. LOL

Kye Sang asks Ji Won for a talk and asks her if her happiest wish is to still go to Rwanda. She replies that despite the hardships she may face there, yes. He asks why she wants to go there. Ji Won alleviates his concern that she may be following him there because of him. She explains that she’s done some research and plans to join a legitimate volunteer organization that needs even one more hand to help cook and feed the people of Rwanda. Smart girl! At least she’s done some research and planned things out; this Rwanda mission is definitely not a spur-of-the-moment or hormonal thing for her.

After some time, Kye Sang attempts to answer a question that Ji Won had asked him a while back concerning how he feels about her when he was by her side during her most difficult and loneliest moment.  “Honestly, you were like that for me, too. But I’m still not sure what that means. This feeling…what I should call it. I plan on taking some time and think about it. That’s why I hope you won’t act recklessly. You’re still young, and I don’t want you getting hurt.” Ji Won stops him and states the obvious conclusion: “Ultimately, you’re asking me not to go.” She then elaborates that she feels like she’s suddenly become a contagious person, creating unease and worry wherever she goes. The people closest to her–Ha Sun, Jong Seok, and Kye Sang–are all miserable ad sad because of her. “All I wanted to do was live my life–for the first time–as I wanted after spending most of my life pleasing those around me…because it’s my life. But why can’t I do that?” Leaving Kye Sang with that parting question, she goes back to her house to cry on her bed.

The night of the performance, Lee Juck receives a phone call from Soo Jung telling him that an emergency has come up and that she can’t make it to the performance. (Whew~the writers sure know how to tease, huh?)

And what was Soo Jung’s “emergency”? To cook Seung Yoon a pot of ramyun because he can’t use his hand properly. When Seung Yoon asks if she was going to go out, she barks back that no, she wasn’t. Then “complaining” that he’s bothering her with requests like this–Seung Yoon does explain that he had simply asked her if she would cook a pot of ramyun for him, not really expecting her to agree–she demands to know if he wants an egg…any cheese…with his ramyun. Aw…I see the beginnings of a “beautiful” relationship. LOL 

Not wanting to see the performance alone, he asks the ticket desk if he can get a refund for the tickets…at exactly the same time that Jin Hee laments that there are no tickets left to sell. Lee Juck looks over, and the people who hid Jin Hee from his view literally walk away, leaving him a clear view of the original owner of one of his tickets. Aw…it’s cinematic magic/fate! LOL

When Jin Hee greets him warmly but laments that all the tickets are sold out, Lee Juck smiles and says that he doesn’t think that’s the case. So adorable the way he shows his two little tickets. 🙂

Jin Hee explains that her company is working on an ad campaign associated with this musical, and she’s the only new employee who hasn’t seen it. She needed to see if before tomorrow morning’s meeting and was in despair about what to do. Thank goodness she met him; he saved her. At her explanation, Lee Juck smiles and says it’s a weird coincidence since she’s actually the owner of the ticket. He had purchased these tickets to see with her. At her question, “Why?” he simply explains that he just wanted to see the performance with her. And despite all these twists and turns, he is eventually seeing the musical with her. Aw….

He then asks if she enjoys her work. Jin Hee tells him that although the work is hard, she’s enjoying herself immensely. He comments wistfully that he envies her; he, unfortunately, does not like what he does for a living. However, seeing Jin Hee just now has given him an idea on how to make life more enjoyable for himself.

He narrates that from that day, he decides to try his hand at writing. The story? A tale of one man–him–who lived most of his 30 some odd years alone and depressed and of a woman whose bright eyes and hope met him at the end of that depressing tunnel.

The next morning, Ji Won tells a depressed and resting Ha Sun three things: 1) breakfast is on the table 2) she has to leave for school early because she needs to prepare for a test and 3) she’s decided not to go to Rwanda. At this unexpected bit of news, Ha Sun backhugs her cousin and warmly tells her that she’ll see Ji Won at school. 

She then goes to answer a phone call from her father in the United States…the results of her mother’s surgery are not as good as they had hoped. Can she come back to the U.S.?

Post-Recap Thoughts: *Sigh* So many thoughts and so little time…Since we’ve started to talk about some of our feelings, I’ll simply jot down a few more before I get ready for school

1) Ji Won’s decision: mixed emotions. After living her life mainly to please people so that they don’t worry about her, it’s heartbreaking to see her forego her first dream because everyone she cares about opposes that dream. I know that Korea is still a community-based culture, one in which the wishes of others should take precedence over one’s own, but I’m left with a bittersweet sense of relief that she’s not going but also sadness that she’s not going. Am I making sense?

2) Ha Sun’s phone: this may be the writers’ way of introducing a twist in the otherwise perpetually happy relationship between Ha Sun and Ji Seok. With only two more episodes left, one has to wonder what the time-lapse will encompass because yes, I definitely think there will be a time-lapse.

3) Lee Juck: Aw…I can’t believe I’ve become so enamored with this character. What an adorable man, especially considering how I didn’t like him when the series began! 🙂 Although there’s still a part of me that would jump at the possibility of Jin Hee with Kye Sang, I think enough events have happened to convince me that Kye Sang will never love Jin Hee the way I hope her future husband will. Lee Juck, on the other hand, is proving quite nicely that he can and will love his wife that way. Aw….

OK, enough Aw’s for now. Off I go to school…I hope to be able to see Ep. 122 and K2H later tonight. Happy reading!

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  1. I agree with your thoughts on Ji-won: part of me is glad she’s not going, and part of me aches for her, because the first time she decides to do something just for her, she’s forced to give it up so as not to hurt the people she loves. *sighs*

    And I’ve said before that I’m now totally on-board with Jin-hee and Lee Juck; I blame the dimples. 😉

    (there has to be time lapse tomorrow. has to be! if we don’t at least get a Ha-sun/Ji-seok happy ending, I will… I don’t know, send very angry vibes to the writers. *g*)

        1. They make him *cute* (to my eyes, at least), and I didn’t think he was before.

          Oh, also meant to say: really loved the Julien/Ji-sun sub-plot, because who hasn’t wanted to show up in front of an ex (particularly if he’s as d*ckish as Ji-sun’s) with a tall, really hot new boyfriend? Who can, y’know, totally kick the ex’s *ss. *g*

          1. I’ve always been a sucker for those dratted, adorable bow ties. LOL
            Good point about Julian-Ji Sun. This is every girl’s fantasy after a crushing breakup. A sort of Ha!-in-your-face revenge. 🙂 So happy for Ji Sun.

  2. thank you so much for the recap! can’t wait to find out the ending!

    so happy for soo-jung and seung-yoon- they are so adorable!!!

    1. Don’t they already seem like a married couple, the way Soo Jung barks her “complaints” at Seung Yoon yet still shows that she cares? Of course, I’m not implying that married couples to that in real life. LOL

  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your episode by episode recaps, I too wish Jin hee and Kye Sang would be put together even though the writers are leaning towards Jin Hee and Lee Juck. Anyhow, I thought they were going to extend the drama by a few more episodes, are they not doing that anymore??

    1. Why, hello there! First comment, right? So glad you are part of this community. 🙂
      Yes, the series has been extended from 120 to 123 episodes, which is why we’re still able to obsess about our favorite pairings. 🙂 Only two more episodes left…I’ll be sad to see this series end.

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