High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 28 – Episode 120 Link and Recap)

Episode 120 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Aw…this episode made me laugh (the Ahn siblings’ antics) but also silently whimper (the final chapter of Jin Hee and Kye Sang’s “relationship”). Writers! Thou art too cruel for words! Yes, you prepared me for the separation, but the reality of it is…just…too…saaaaaaad. 🙁

*sigh* On this dramatic note, I give you my humble little recap of episode 120….


Story #1:

Today’s episode opens with Jin Hee and Ha Sun looking over an apartment for Jin Hee, who is set to start her new job in two days. When Ha Sun expresses concern over the quality of the apartment, Jin Hee tells her that compared to her old place, this apartment is more than fine. Hearing that Jin Hee plans on moving tomorrow so that she can get settled before she starts her new job, Ha Sun can barely hold back her sadness over their imminent separation.

Ha Sun helps Jin Hee pack, and while they pack Jin Hee’s belongings, Jin Hee thanks Ha Sun for helping her during a difficult time in her life while Ha Sun expresses her regret that she wasn’t able to help more. They both promise to keep in touch and get together often after Jin Hee moves out. Before the atmosphere can get maudlin, though, Ji Won pops her head inside and invites the two women out into the livingroom for a last-night farewell party.

The four housemates spend a cozy last evening together, eating and laughing.

The next morning, Jin Hee heads out to the clinic early for her last day there even though Kye Sang had texted her and told her to take her time since she’ll probably be busy packing to move. So Ha Sun is surprised when Kye Sang suddenly pops up through the trap door and asks to see Jin Hee while she’s in the bathroom brushing her teeth. Awkward…Hearing that Jin Hee’s already at the clinic, he pops back down and then texts Jin Hee, telling her that he’ll see her later at the clinic since he’ll be coming into work later that day due to some appointments.

Jin Hee cordially texts back and then proceeds to show the new “intern,” who is supposed to replace her all the ins and outs of the clinic, including what the medical staff typically have for lunch. As her tour of the clinic comes to an end, she is surprised and dismayed to realize that she was giving Kye Sang’s replacement physician a tour of the facilities. LOL. The nurses introduce her to the real new intern, and the new physician reassures Jin Hee that she quite enjoyed the tour and that she was not in the least bit offended to be mistaken for the intern.

During a break, Jin Hee goes to the new apartment with Ha Sun to drop off some things and receives a text from Kye Sang, who dropped by the clinic just to see her before she left. 

Like two shipping passing in the night, Jin Hee texts that she’ll see him later that night at the farewell dinner, and Kye Sang replies that he probably won’t be able to see her at the dinner because of another training session he has to attend. Yup, they’re really missing each other left and right. Yes, writers, we know that Jin Hee and Kye Sang aren’t meant for each other. You don’t have to rub it in so emphatically.

Later that night at the dinner, Jin Hee discovers that Nurse Im is married with a child. Stunned, she wonders what else she didn’t know/notice during her time at the clinic.

As she walks home, she receives another text from Kye Sang telling her to eat all the meat she wants because the dinner is on him. She texts back that they are already done with dinner and that she’s heading back home. They promise to meet some other time then and hang up. As Jin Hee comments to herself about how she and he just keep missing each other, she suddenly remembers that she left Jin Sang (their little “love” child) back at the clinic and rushes back to get her beloved little cherry tomato plant.

Facing Kye Sang’s empty office with Jin Sang in hand, Jin Hee bids her last farewell to Kye Sang…only to turn around to leave and find him standing right in front of her in the darkened clinic. He had apparently just returned to pick up some documents before heading home for the evening. Relieved to be able to see her one last time before she officially left the clinic, Kye Sang invites her to a mini-farewell party, just the two of them. *Sigh* So poignant…Ack! Just. Gets. Me. Here. *Thumps chest*

Seated across from each other in a street-side, tented eatery (po-jang-macha) very reminiscent of Jin Hee’s fantasy in which she and Kye Sang sit across from each other and feed each other cherry tomatoes, Kye Sang and Jin Hee share their last meal/snack together. Unexpectedly, the woman running the eatery comes by with the food and comments on their ginkgo plant, an announcement that surprises not only Kye Sang but Jin Hee, who wonders what else she doesn’t know. Already today, she has learned three unexpected things: 1) the “new” intern is actually the new physician 2) Nurse Im is married with child and 3) Jin Sang is not a cherry tomato but a ginkgo plant that will not be bearing any “fruit” for at least 3 years!

Kye Sang teases her a bit and then walks her to her new office, encouraging her with words of support. Jin Hee thinks to herself that seeing this man before her like this…she has no regrets that she liked such a man at one time in her life.

With that chapter of her life nicely concluded, Jin Hee enters her new workplace, full of excitement, hope, and vigor. As she sits down to start work, she is surprised to discover that she’s actually sitting in someone else’s cubicle. The J.H.B. doesn’t stand for Jin Hee Baek but rather an already established employee by the last name Jang Hyun Bae. Oops, Jin Hee. Poor little thing…When she asks where her desk is then, he smiles and comments that new employees don’t have cubicles; they run about to and fro, doing errands all day long. Aw…the life of a poor new employee. But not to fear! Our fearless Jin Hee is up for the challenge!

Quickly recovering her wits, Jin Hee rushes to the meeting for new employees and introduces herself to the group in a bright, hopeful voice…with Jin Sang by her side. Aw….The episode ends on her broad smile.

Story #2:

Jong Seok enters Soo Jung’s room to collect the comic book that Soo Jung borrowed. While up there, Jong Seok kicks over a wastebasket and sees a crumbled up letter that she wrote to Seung Yoon while he was briefly in the military…before she learned that he had been released. Unable to resist the opportunity, Jong Seok takes the “love” letter and teases Soo Jung with it, taunting her with the notion that she likes Seung Yoon.

Irritated to be linked with Seung Yoon and teased by her older brother, she chases Jong Seok downstairs where her parents hear of the “love letter” and find the idea of her and Seung Yoon not that disturbing. Heh. They comment that he’s quite cute. LOL. Right on cue, Seung Yoon enters the house.

More than simply irritated now, Soo Jung attacks Seung Yoon and puts him in a vicious headlock, demanding that he tell everyone that she couldn’t possibly be interested in a “stupid” like him. Completely unaware of what’s going on, Seung Yoon automatically replies that of course she doesn’t like him. Satisfied, Soo Jung stomps upstairs, shredding the letter as she climbs the stairs.

Watching her leave in a huff, Jong Seok slings his arm around Seung Yoon and tells him that he entrusts Soo Jung to Seung Yoon so he should take good care of her. LOL. Clueless, Seung Yoon simply looks at Soo Jung’s retreating back in puzzlement.

Later on in Jong Seok’s room, Seung Yoon tells Jong Seok to stop teasing Soo Jung. He feels bad enough that she’s getting teased when all she was doing was writing him a letter to cheer him up while he was in the military. She was sweet enough to even come see him off as he entered boot camp. He tells Jong Seok to stop teasing her because Soo Jung is more sensitive than she lets on. Seung Yoon looks up from his gaming to find Jong Seok gone.

Where did he go? To tease Soo Jung with this “new” piece of information.  

Propping himself on his elbows in front of Soo Jung’s room, Jong Seok “apologizes,” saying that it’s obvious she doesn’t like Seung Yoon. Then pausing dramatically, he continues that if she went all the way to the boot camp training area, she does not simply like him but loves Seung Yoon. LOL 

Madder now than ever, Soo Jung throws her pillow at Jong Seok, causing him to fall down the ladder and a pillow fight between the two siblings ensues…with Seung Yoon caught in the middle as a peacemaker trying to break up the fight.

Soo Jung later goes into the kitchen and learns that her mother is cooking the Korean traditional birthday seaweed soup to celebrate Seung Yoon’s birthday. She mutters to herself that first he didn’t tell her about entering the military and now he doesn’t tell her about his birthday. She wonders if she should do something for his birthday but decides against it for fear of eliciting further teasing from her brother.

At dinner time, the family sings “Happy Birthday” to Seung Yoon, and Jong Seok smiles smugly as Seung Yoon blows out his candles.

He then tells Soo Jung that she can’t deny it anymore since she finally confessed to her true feelings: She “loves” Seung Yoon since she just sang “Happy Birthday to my loving Seung Yoon oppa.” LOL. Well, I guess that’s one way of translating the words to the birthday song. LOL. The Korean version does use the words “love/loving.” Heh….

Frustrated, Soo Jung shoves Jong Seok but ultimately ends up pushing Seung Yoon…right into the birthday cake. Apologizing for being the cause of Soo Jung and Jong Seok’s constant fighting, Seung Yoon excuses himself without eating his birthday meal.

Although both siblings are sorry to have ruined Seung Yoon’s birthday celebration, Soo Jung’s face seems particularly crushed.

As a way to make amends for the debacle, Soo Jung, in typical tough fashion, calls Seung Yoon and demands that he wait outside his place. Then smiling sweetly, Soo Jung surprises him with a cake, seaweed soup from a thermos, and a song and dance.

Completely taken by surprise–and by Soo Jung’s cuteness–Seung Yoon simply enjoys his birthday gift in shock…as evidenced by his gaping mouth. LOL. Unable to help himself, he asks, albeit very cautiously since he knows that this possibility is an impossibility, if she likes him. Heh…Soo Jung immediately shoots his suggestion down, demanding to know how Ahn Soo Jung can possibly like such a stupid like him. Ah, Soo Jung…little do you realize….

She then wishes him a happy birthday and, in the same second, threatens to kill him if he even breathes a word about this to anyone. Good naturedly, he agrees to keep silent about her sweet gift to him, but at the exact moment, he gasps in panic as he sees Jong Seok coming towards them.

Soo Jung quickly hides and from her hiding place warns him of certain death if he reveals her presence.

Scared of her double threat, his eyes widen and he tries to act normally as Jong Seok explains to him that he felt bad about having Seung Yoon leave without even eating a birthday meal.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Let me first say that I wanted to translate this episode in its entirety so much…however, my good judgment got the better of me and I simply recapped. *sigh* I really did want to translate what could very well be the last few conversations between Jin Hee and Kye Sang, but time is just so fleeting…Ah, well. 

I think today’s episode, though, firmly and neatly tied a ribbon around the Jin Hee – Kye Sang relationship. This relationship is now ready to be sent off into the great wide world of relationships-that-could-have-been, never to be opened again and explored. *Sigh* As much as I wanted to see them together, the final scene between these two beloved characters was not as heart-wrenching as I feared. Thank goodness! 

Despite the sadness over the final end to the Jin Hee – Kye Sang pairing, the episode ends on a hopeful note as Jin Hee exuberantly and hopefully starts her first day of work at her dream job. I’m excited for her and can’t wait to see what the last three episodes will hold for her. Please, writers, don’t let today’s episode be the “last” story for Jin Hee. 

As for the Soo Jung and Seung Yoon pairing, how cute are they?! 🙂 I’m hoping that Soo Jung will realize before the series ends that her kindness and thoughtfulness towards Seung Yoon go beyond simply affection for a brother’s friend.  Her flawless transitions from sweet to threatening to sweet again just cracks me up! LOL. Does anyone else agree with me that Soo Jung and Seung Yoon complement each other?

The countdown to the end has officially started: One episode down…three more to go. I hope this series finishes strong and with high, VERY HIGH, viewer satisfaction. Fingers crossed! 

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  1. so sad for jinhee-kyesang…*sigh*…i was already expecting the closure between them..still i can’t help but feel sad…hope jinhee would still be part of the remaining episodes…
    on a lighter note, i really find Soojung-SeungYoon pairing cute..this couple reminds me of Cha Tae Hyun & Jeon Ji Hyun’s characters in the hit movie My Sassy Girl…LOL…

  2. I just laughed at the Ahn siblings bickering because I’m sure that if I were in the same situation, my brother would have done the same thing…Well, my entire family actually –”

    I was still hoping for a twist but now, I guess that it is time to bid farewell to the Jin Hee/Kye Sang couple…However, I still think that they would have made a perfect pairing ( writers, Y U SO blind ?! ).
    I was full of hope when I was watching the episode : I was like “OMG, he needs to see her, he has realized that she meant more to him than he had thought.” And when he arrived at the clinic and was told that Jin Hee already was already gone, I was like “HA ! See, you’re so disappointed ! Missing her a lot, huh ?”. And when they finally met : “Come on ! Kiss her, stupid !”. But what did he do ? WHAT did he do ? He shook her hand ! Nooo, I told you to kiss her, or at least hug her…
    Anyway, right now, I’m mourning the loss of the Jin Hee/Gye Sang couple in the corner of my room and I plan to throw myself out of the window ( it’s okay, I live on the 1st floor )
    But I swear that if they make Jin Hee and Lee Juck end together, I will travel to Korea and litterally kick the writers ( it will litterally be “the counterattack of the short legs”…). Then, I will take Yoon Kye Sang with me and marry him.

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment! Brought a bittersweet smile to my face. 😉 Such mean little writers, huh?
      And I’m definitely glad you live on the first floor! 😉

      1. “Awesome comment”, really ? Ha ha, ow’ yeah ! Thanks for your awesome recap then ^^.
        Those writers definitely know how to drive us crazy…Hope they will give us a “satisfying” ending, though.

        1. You may not be ready for ep. 121…yet.
          Personally, I am now “on board” with the Jin Hee-Lee Juck pairing because he is so sweet to her. Perhaps you will change your mind after reading ep. 121 recap, which I am hoping to have done later tonight. 🙂

          1. Eek, I’m completely on board with Jin-hee and Lee Juck after 121! And that ending with Ha-sun… *bites lip*

            Can’t wait to read your recap! 🙂

          2. Right? Who knew those crafty writers could pull off this transfer of loyalties?! I was certain I could NEVER be satisfied unless Jin Hee ended up with Kye Sang. Speaking of KS, his conversation with Ji Won in the tunnel…ack!

          3. I blame the dimples. If Lee Juck hadn’t smiled and shown those dimples, well, who knows what would’ve happened? 😉

          4. i’ve already watched ep121..i’ll just wait for the recap to know what really happened since i don’t understand korean..LOL..i’m guessing LeeJuck’s really missing JinHee & what was the conversation between JW & KS at the tunnel?thanks in advance twinkie for the recap of ep121 which you will be doing later..hehe =)

          5. I had to watch it, just because you mentionned it…And,…I don’t know. It is not that I do not like Lee Juck, but if we go that way, I would be disappointed by the lack of originality of the writers.
            Anyway, as my korean is not good enough, I did not understand the whole conversation between JW and KS so I am a bit frustrated right now. Cannot wait for your recap ^^.
            And the end…Well, I was like “OMG ! They cannot do that !”.

        2. Let’s cry now Monkeynata…Twinkie said KS felt something for JW but he doesn’t know exactly what it is..seriously writers…???
          i’ll just wait for twinkie’s recap to fully understand ep121..

  3. Hi, everyone. I’m feeling under the weather and will not be able to stay up late tonight to recap as I had hoped. I still have some grading to do until midnight. 🙁 So…until I can recap tomorrow, I thought I would save you the suspense and disclose that KS admits that he feels “something” for Ji Won, too. He just doesn’t know exactly what to call what he feels. =O.o=

    yeah, the writers are going to go down that road after all…ugh…until tomorrow then, my dear twinkles….

    1. whaaatttt?KS feels something for JW?now that’s weird…and i’m so disappointed…i accepted the fact that KS doesn’t feel the same way as JH feels, but for JW?argh…crazy writers…if this pair would really happen then make it JinHee/Jongseok…now i sound so bitter…LOL…don’t worry twinkie we’ll just wait for the recap after u finish ur work.. =)

      1. That’s so right ! I was slowly accepting the fact that JH/KS will never happen ( but it should have ! ) but that sudden confession was too much. I mean, sure, he just said that he felt “something” but if that “something” is love like…errr, love, just DUH ? That is coming out of nowhere ( in my opinion at least ). To me, their relationship was more like the older brother/little sister one ( and father/daughter sometimes )…
        I cannot picture them as a couple…Just imagining them kissing gives me goosebumps…

        I totally agree with you Sam, just make the Jin Hee/Jong Seok couple happen…And just crash the plane that Kye Sang will take, a la High Kick 2 xD. Just like you, I am bitter….
        I am replacing my Jin Hee/Kye Sang boat by “The bitterness” boat. You can join me, fellow twinkles ! 😀

        ( So many comments there, I’m lost xD )

        1. Oh no…no more weird endings like that. Once in season 2 was enough for me. Thanks for the smile, though…love the visual image of the bitterness boat. Off to continue my recapping. 🙂

    2. Just take care and come back healthy, we can wait :).

      So that was what he said, huh ! I understood that but I was not sure…
      Really writers ? Really ?! But what the…? You already broke my heart but now, you grabbed it, throw it on the ground and jumped on it…Ugh, I am so angry ! T_T

      Anyway, have some rest ^^.

    3. Sorry you aren’t feeling too good, Twinkie. 🙁

      And I’m probably the only one who feels this way, but… the fact that Kye-sang feels something for Ji-won makes me really happy. (though he could decide its just friendship. I kind of think they’ll end it on him going away, her staying in college in Seoul, and the two deciding that in a few years when he’s back and she’s a bit older, then they’ll see what happens.)

      Poor Ji-won cried so much in 121 – I feel awful for her. 🙁

      (two eps left, eep!)

  4. I… am not on the bitter boat. I kind of feel like I should apologise or something. *g*

    (just watched 122 and… um… without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that I liked it, but you all might not. and seriously, the last episode has to be a time skip, right? I don’t see how else things are going to work out…)

    1. Well, you don’t have to apologize for having a different opinion ^^.
      I shall now rename the boat “The bitterness and Happiness” boat ; I cannot leave fellow Twinkles on the shoreline ! 😉

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