High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 27 – Episode 119 Link and Recap)

Episode 119 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode dealt with the idea of perception and how events and their interpretations can change based on a particular point of view. The two stories revolve around Ha Sun and Seung Yoon as they deal with the Ji Won – Kye Sang pair, Ha Sun with Ji Won’s decision to go to Rwanda and Seung Yoon with Kye Sang’s “infinite” wisdom. LOL


Story #1:

The episode opens with Ha Sun having difficulty with her contact lenses and being forbidden by her optometrist to wear them again. Ji Seok is a bit thrown off by her huge, coke-bottle glasses while her students laugh at the ridiculous picture she makes with chalk lining her glasses.

On Ji Won’s suggestion, Ha Sun decides to undergo corrective surgery (lasix) and prepares herself for the procedure by practicing her focusing abilities.

Right before she enters surgery, however, she discovers by accident (she sees some information about Rwanda on Ji Won’s phone) that Ji Won plans on quitting high school to follow Kye Sang to Rwanda.

Fearing for her little cousin’s future and safety, Ha Sun continually badgers Ji Won into having a “serious” conversation with her, but with her eyes temporarily blinded by the eye surgery, Ha Sun ends up doing silly things like getting into a police car instead of a taxi, slapping an elderly man, talking to the wall instead of at Ji Won (picture above), etc.

In her earnestness to keep Ji Won safe, Ha Sun tells her that she’s always thought of Ji Won as more like a sister and have watched out for her as though she’s been commissioned by Ji Won’s father to safeguard his daughter’s well-being. When Ji Won takes off Ha Sun’s dark glasses near the end of the show and asks if Ha Sun can see her, Ha Sun tells Ji Won that she cannot allow Ji Won to go to Rwanda. In deference to Ha Sun’s seriousness, Ji Won promises to reconsider her decision.

Later that day at school, Ha Sun watches as Ji Won chats with her classmates. Recalling Ji Won’s words that she has never once been happy at school but instead had simply worked hard to fit in, Ha Sun announces to a clueless Ji Seok that she will never allow Ji Won to go off to Rwanda. The episode ends on Ha Sun’s determination to save her little cousin from what she fears will be the biggest mistake of Ji Won’s life.  

Story #2:

Seung Yoon comes to visit Jong Seok while he studies and asks why Jong Seok doesn’t ask Ji Won for help on a difficult problem. He rationalizes that occasionally asking Ji Won for help may be a natural way for Jong Seok to get her to like him. When Jong Seok tells Seung Yoon that Ji Won already likes someone else, Seung Yoon is stunned, especially when he goes over to her house later in the day (to ask her how to solve the difficult problem to help Jong Seok) and discovers that she likes Kye Sang.

From then on, Seung Yoon wages a one-sided cold war against Kye Sang, giving him the cold shoulder and making snide comments about Kye Sang’s “weird” (pun using Kye Sang’s name) mannerisms.

However, this all changes when Seung Yoon realizes that he has athlete’s foot, a fungal foot infection, while he was briefly in the military. Everyone in the household avoids him as though he has the plague, everyone except Kye Sang.

When Seung Yoon enters Kye Sang’s room and attempts to write gibberish into Kye Sang’s dissertation, Kye Sang catches him. However, instead of berating him for his act of vandalism, Kye Sang explains that he knows the usually friendly Seung Yoon has a reason for his recent coldness and vindictiveness. Then noticing Seung Yoon’s itchiness, Kye Sang offers to treat him with a relieving foot wash. 

Amazed that Kye Sang would willingly touch his feet when everyone else treats him like a leper, Seung Yoon asks if Kye Sang doesn’t find his feet dirty and disgusting. In reply, Kye Sang sagely answers, “In this world, there may be diseases that require treatment, but there are no dirty diseases.”

From then on, Seung Yoon elevates Kye Sang to the status of a deity, consulting him for even small decisions of what to eat for lunch: jjam-bbong or jja-jang-mien. Kye Sang provides insightful answers like, “That is an age-old dilemma, but there is a simply answer: jjam-jja-mien” (a combination of the two Chinese-Korean fusion dishes). He even starts to record everything that Kye Sang says in a journal book.

100 years later, two men from the future discover this journal and think that it is an ancient book of philosophy by a great philosopher, Kye Sang.  In this book, Seung Yoon chronicles Kye Sang’s “wise” sayings like “Wait until next week for the sale at the outlet” when “Greedy Soo Jung” asks if he will buy her something. Then when Yoo Sun asks if a pair of polk-a-dot boxers are his or Ji Seok’s, Kye Sang reasons that “since I do not favor polk-a-dots, these belong to Ji Seok.” LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: The exploration of perspective was interesting. As the series finishes this second-to-last week and heads into its final week, it paints a clear picture of some important decisions that still need to be answered: Will Ji Won follow Kye Sang to Rwanda?

As much as I appreciate this significant issue, I’m more interested in how the series will resolve Lee Juck’s wife issue. I know…I can be so shallow at times, huh? 😉

Anyhow, I’m going to keep today’s post-recap thoughts short since it’s past midnight, and I’ve got a long day of work tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the recap!

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8 thoughts on “High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 27 – Episode 119 Link and Recap)”

  1. I do not think that Ji Won should go to Rwanda. Although I understand that she “loves” Kye Sang ( and I have always doubted that it was love as in “I-love-you-marry-me ), apart from that, she does not have a real reason to go there. I mean, if she had not met Kye Sang, she would never have had this idea. I think that shee needs to find her own way.
    I kind of agree with Ha Sun on that point so I hope that she will be able to make Ji Won understand that she is wrong. Plus, it would be good that for once, Ha Sun succeeds in making her cousin listening to her because through the entire series, she never managed to do so.
    But isn’t Ji Won still underage ? How could she leave the country like that ?
    I totally loooooove Seung Yoon. He is so adorable ! His idolizind Kye Sang so quickly is so funny !
    About the question of Lee Juck’s wife, I hope ( and by that, I mean that I pray the drama gods everyday ) that it is not Jin Hee. By not having her and Kye Sang as a couple already broke my heart but she and Lee Juck ? Married ? NO NO NO ! I would be so disappointed !
    I made suppositions on that point :
    – she may be someone that we do not , as Lee Juck was qui vague everytime he talked about her. If I remember well, he said something like “during the 2011 winter”…
    – the writers are trolling us and Lee Juck is not married at all. The story is fictionnal but also said to be based on “Lee Juck past experiences”. But is it really the case ?
    – Park Jisun :D. I know that she is supposed to be with Weird-legged Julien ( I can’t help but be disturbed by his looooong legs, sorry ), but we do not know if he stayed in Korea ( and when we saw his future self, his granddaughter did not seem to know about Korea and stuff, so…).
    Anyway, no Jin Hee and Lee Juck is all that I ask ( well, not completely, I am still begging for Jin Hee/Kye Sang T__T ).

    Sorry for the long post O.O
    I cannot believe that High Kick 3 is almost over. I have never been that hooked to a drama ( even if it is a sitcom ) before…
    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    1. if the writers would have your request granted & at the end, Jinhee-Kyesang ended up together, then i’ll join you in fangirling moment Monkeynata… =)

      1. I swear that if the Jinsang couple happens, I will go absolutely crazy in front of my PC ( like the “AWWWWWWW YEEEEEEAH” crazy ).
        To be honest, few days ago, I had a dream about Jin Hee and Lee Juck being together and I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOO” and then I woke up. And when I went back to sleep, I dreamt about Jin Hee and Kye Sang being together, and I was like “SO MUCH WIN”. But then I woke up…And I was disappointed because it was not the case…Obsessed with “High Kick 3” ? Me ? Naaaah…
        Not being able to know who is going to end up together at the end is so frustrating ! It is really different from common dramas in which you already know who the couples will be.

        1. LOL. Thank you for the good laugh…I haven’t gotten to the point of dreaming about the pairings…yet. 😉

  2. This episode was actually one of my favourites of the recent batch, in part because Ji-won is my favourite character, but mostly because it gave me something I’ve been wanting to see for a looong time now: Ha-sun and Ji-won, one-on-one.

    We hardly ever get to see their bond, as the show tends to focus on their other relationships (Ji-won’s with Jong-seok and Kye-sang; Ha-sun’s with Ji-seok). It was really sweet and something in me said: Oh, finally and breathed a little sigh of relief, because now – no matter how the show ends – I’ll have got what I wanted from it.

    Thank you for the recap, Twinkie! 🙂

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