High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 27 – Episode 117 Link and Recap)

Episode 117 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: The tying up of loose ends is starting with a vengeance now. Just when I had forgotten Young Wook, he shows up to bring complete closure to his and Ha Sun’s story. Then there’s Seung Yoon and Soo Jung…

*sigh* Writers, why are you so coy with us? Why jerk us back and forth?! Ah well, as long as the stories end happily, you guys can jerk me around all you want.


The episode opens with Soo Jung asking Seung Yoon to teach her how to play the guitar while Nae Sang laments the loss of his “fortune.” The winning lottery ticket sits in a corner gathering dust. Whew~it escaped Yoo Sun’s vacuum. (Ironically, something very similar to this is currently happening in California with no one coming forth with the winning lottery ticket to claim the lottery money.)

Ji Seok mopes around as though he and Ha Sun just broke up, and Julian and Park Ji Sun try to cheer him up by inviting him to eat with them. He, however, perks up once he receives a phone call from Ha Sun later that night while he’s flopping around on top of his bed, annoying Jong Seok as his nephew tries to study. Ji Seok  learns that she’ll be flying back to Korea tomorrow. Woohoo~

Meanwhile, Jin Hee runs into Ha Sun’s ex-boyfriend, Young Wook, who is waiting to see Ha Sun in front of the house. In his usual bad-luck manner, he steps in a pile of dog manure as he walks closer to Jin Hee. Eeww…Jin Hee, ever the faithful friend to Ji Seok, later reports to Ji Seok that his old rival is back and that Young Wook is determined to see Ha Sun and to give her something. Although Ji Seok tries to be confidant that Ha Sun won’t waver in her affections for him, Jin Hee expresses some doubt that Ha Sun’s kind nature might get the better of her and cause her to waver, especially when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend lied about getting that job so that she wouldn’t have to keep dating a loser. 

Later that night, Ji Seok has a horrible dream: Young Wook beats him to the airport and greets Ha Sun with a song and bouquet of roses. He then yanks off her couple ring from Ji Seok and replaces it with a 2-carat diamond ring. LOL…the horror for Ji Seok!

He wakes up in terror, afraid that Ha Sun may really waver. As he mutters to himself, he wakes up Jong Seok, who tells him to please stop…Ha Sun is arriving that day. LOL

The next morning, Soo Jung leaves to participate in an English competition (for a scholarship), and as soon as she’s gone, Seung Yoon receives a phone call from his older sister telling him that he’s been drafted to join the army. His entry date is scheduled for tomorrow! He received an email but never checked it. Typical Seung Yoon.

Just about to leave for the airport, Ji Seok is disappointed to receive a phone call from Ha Sun, who informs him of a day’s delay. Her mother’s hospital discharge was delayed. Ji Seok makes sure that she’s scheduled to return to Korea the next day before hanging up. Then stepping outside for a breath of air, he sees his old rival and the two go to a po-jang-macha to drink.

As they drink, Ji Seok tries to convince Young Wook that Ha Sun is no longer available. Young Wook refuses to believe it until he hears it directly from Ha Sun herself. They eventually take their verbal argument outside and resort to physical blows. Defeated, Young Wook confesses that he knows Ha Sun is no longer available, but he just wants to see her face. If Ji Seok misses her this much after not seeing her for a few days, he asks Ji Seok to imagine how much more he must want to see her after spending months away from her, studying as though his life depended on it so that he could appear before Ha Sun again. He had no idea that she would find someone else during that time. Despite being moved by Young Wook’s plea for understanding, Ji Seok petulantly cries out, “No! You can’t see her!” and hurries away before he changes his mind.

The next day, Ji Seok picks Ha Sun up from the airport and is thrilled to finally have her back in Korea. However, when he returns home, he notices Young Wook lurking around the corner and kindly tells Ha Sun that she has a visitor. Remember Young Wook’s confession from the night before, Ji Seok gently tells her to take her time and goes inside to give them privacy.

Once alone, Young Wook tells her that she looks happy. He admits that he lied about passing the exam before and that he’s returned to tell her that he’s now passed the exam. As he reaches inside his pocket to pull out a jewelry box, he rethinks his decision and simply wishes Ha Sun happiness.

As he walks away, he takes out the necklace–the one that he promised Ha Sun he would replace with a gold/silver heart pendant rather than the paper clip one–and hangs it symbolically on a tree branch.

However, he quickly rethinks his grand, romantic gesture and hurries back to snatch the necklace off the branch. Unfortunately, a woman beats him to it and claims it as hers. When he insists that it’s his, she scoffs at the idea, telling him that it is clear that this is a woman’s necklace. She then demands to know if he is a gangster. LOL. Offended, he puffs himself up and tells her that he is a civil servant!  Yup, I see a possible love line here for our unfortunate Young Wook. 🙂

Meanwhile, Seung Yoon is heading down to visit his family before his military duties and reviews pictures from his phone while on the bus. He smiles over pictures with Jong Seok, but his expression changes and becomes somber when he sees photos with Soo Jung. Right on cue, Soo Jung calls to chat and then asks him to sing her that song so that she can fall asleep. She can’t seem to get comfortable, perhaps because she is in an unfamiliar bed. At first hesitant to sing inside a public bus, Seung Yoon relents when Soo Jung keeps whining for the song. As he ends the song, he quietly tells Soo Jung of his military draft, only to realize that he’s told her this while she’s fallen asleep.

The next morning, Soo Jung returns home from her English competition–confidant in her performance–and at first thinks that her family is joking with her when they tell her Seung Yoon has gone into the military. She just spoke to him last night. However, when the reality of the situation sinks in, she sits still in dumb shock.

She races to the entrance of the military camp just in time to see Seung Yoon, who is pleasantly surprised to see her…despite all the pummeling she gives him because he didn’t tell her that he was leaving. She demands to know where he’s going when he still hasn’t finished teaching her the guitar. Aw….

However, once she gets her anger and hurt out of her system, she wishes him well and reminds him to give her the names of anyone who torments him inside the military. She’ll make sure to exact revenge on his behalf. LOL

As Seung Yoon disappears inside, Soo Jung looks on forlornly as though she’s sending off her boyfriend.

When she returns home, she sees Seung Yoon’s guitar wrapped up with a ribbon. He finally gave his guitar to her after she had complained about her beginner’s guitar and asked for his. He even took the time to write down on the sketch pad all the chords for her so that she can practice even though he isn’t there.

The final scene of the episode shows Soo Jung writing a letter to Seung Yoon and telling him about how she still imagines his voice from downstairs sometimes because he used to be such a regular at her house. Then, while she plaintively plays Seung Yoon’s song on the guitar–badly, I might add LOL–we see Seung Yoon actually downstairs greeting the rest of the Ahns. Apparently, he’s not healthy enough to enter the military; he failed his health exam. His entry into the military has been postponed until he gets better. Unaware of all this, Soo Jung plays away on her guitar.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Yes, the end is sadly in sight…I can see it clearly as the nose in front of my face. *Sigh* However, I won’t dwell on that sad fact. Instead, I’ll focus on how the writers were able to neatly tie up the Young Wook story, even giving him a possible love interest to help his wounded heart heal.

I appreciated the development of Soo Jung and Seung Yoon’s relationship. They know so much about each other–the good and the bad–that this relationship, once it actually becomes official, will be a natural thing for these two. After all, they’re already helping each other and bring out the best in the other. Soo Jung can help Seung Yoon with his push-over money issues while Seung Yoon can help Soo Jung become “nicer.” LOL

Anyhow, it’s already 2AM now, and this little Twinkie has to go to bed. G’night, everyone! Hope you enjoy the recap!

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  1. awww…SooJung/SeungYoon touching moments…the writers really know how to confuse us viewers & shippers..or maybe i’m the only one confused?The obvious LeeJuck’s wife-to-be is Jinhee but the writers are known as having those unexpected twists..if they want us to be surprised about the “who’s LeeJuck’s wife?” answer then i guess Jinhee’s out since most of the viewers think it would be her, and SooJung would be the next choice right…?oh well i’ll just wait for the ending…just don’t make it sad writers..HK2’s finale was enough… =)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW soo-jung and seung-yoon!!! i really hope lee juck’s wife will be jin-hee or else me (and seung-yoon) will be HEARTBROKEN…

    1. Nooooo, not Jin Hee T_T In that case, I would be heartbroken…
      I do not think it is Soo Jung, though. She is too young.
      But his wife-to-be being Jin Hee is so obvious…It’s a trap !
      What about a total stranger ? ( and THAT would be what I call an “unexpected twist” xD ) ( Awww, I want the Jin Hee/Kye Sang couple so much T_T )

      Although the Young Wook part was a bit sad, I’m glad that it ended on a positive note. And Soo-Jung and Seung Yoon…So cute !

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