High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 27 – Episode 116 Link and Recap)

Episode 116 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Last night’s episode 115 recap took me much longer than I expected, and I ended up going to bed past 2AM! Yikes! So…I’m really going to have to try this “mini-recap” format if I want to be able to keep recapping each episode until the end.

What does this mean? Very much like some of my Sungkyunkwan Scandal recaps, I will simply jot down some major events, enough for you to get the basic gist of the story. Sorry, but something is better than nothing, right? 😉


The episode opens with Lee Juck’s narration about how life has a funny way of being unpredictable. He chronicles how Nae Sang’s friend of 40 years one day betrays that friendship in an embezzlement scandal and how someone like Ha Sun can become so incensed as to pull down the pants of an adult in public.

Story #1:  Nae Sang receives a phone call in the middle of the night from his “friend” (Woo Young, I think is his name) who tells Nae Sang that he will come by the house tomorrow. The next morning, the Ahn family gathers around and contemplates the possible case scenarios, formulating their reactions accordingly:

1) The traitor visits with no money and only an apology: The family beats him up and throws him in jail. LOL…the scene is hilarious!

2) The traitor visits with partial money and an apology: Nae Sang beats him up until he’s satisfied and then throws him out, never to see him again. Heh…

3) The traitor visits to repay the entire money and to apologize: The family accepts and invites him to dinner, and all is forgiven.

Woo Young comes and apologizes. He explains that he felt that he had no choice but to embezzle the money because some loan sharks were threatening to kill him otherwise. Apparently, he had borrowed some money for a business venture that fell through. He flew to the United States to avoid capture by the loan sharks because the money he stole still wasn’t enough to repay the loan. However, he does have something that can repay Nae Sang a third of the money. Woo Young then pulls out a Japanese artifact that can easily command any price the seller requests.

Nae Sang decides to at least see if the artifact is real and can be sold, so he and Woo Young go to Insa Dong, the antiques district of Seoul. Hilariously, Woo Young chokes on a piece of rice cake (dduk), and Yoo Sun calls the ambulance. Luckily, Woo Young is able to cough up the cake rice but still uses the ambulance because the ambulance ends up hitting him! While en route to the hospital, Woo Young regains consciousness and requests that the ambulance drops him and Nae Sang off, ironically right at Insa Dong. How fortuitous!

They arrive at the antiques store during lunch hour and decide to go get some tea until 1PM when the store reopens. While drinking tea, Woo Young refuses to have any more dduk for fear of rechoking while Nae Sang scoffs at his fear and then proceeds to choke on a piece himself. 

Unfortunately, in the process of rushing to the hospital, Nae Sang forgets to take his jacket…with the artifact still tucked inside. 

Similar to Woo Young’s case, Nae Sang coughs up the rice cake after a minute or so and then rushes back to the tea house, only to just miss a homeless man, who stuffed the jacket (with the priceless artifact) inside his jacket. 

Nae Sang returns home in despair, and Woo Young promises to contact him again once he has gather some money to repay Nae Sang. Meanwhile, the homeless man sleeps in the subway with the priceless artifact taped to his box. Dang! The irony….

Story #2:

Ha Sun becomes increasingly vexed by Kye Sang’s continual teasing, and she and Ji Seok decide to get back at him by pretending to fight and ultimately break up because of Kye Sang. 

Waiting until Kye Sang returns home one night, Ha Sun and Ji Seok fight about how Ha Sun keeps saying bad things about Kye Sang while Ji Seok tries to defend his brother. Of course, Kye Sang feels bad and tries to get them to reconcile. He even offers to knee and beg for forgiveness.

Arm in arm, they smile and tell Kye Sang, “Apology accepted. Candid camera…success!”

The two then decide to have dinner together the next day when Ha Sun unexpectedly receives a phone call from her father in the States. Her mother has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer and would like to see her before she goes into surgery. Although the surgery has a good prognosis, Ha Sun is concerned and rushes to leave for the airport. Fortunately, when she is unable to catch a taxi, Kye Sang drives by and is able to take her to the airport. She asks him to tells Ji Seok about her sudden trip to Korea since she can’t reach him on the phone.

Upon returning from the airport, Kye Sang tells Ji Seok before Ji Seok actually leaves the house to meet Ha Sun for dinner, but Ji Seok doesn’t believe him, thinking that Kye Sang is merely trying to get back at him for their practical joke. He leaves to meet Ha Sun at their designated spot and texts her to be careful because it looks like Kye Sang is planning to exact revenge.

Story #3:

While Nae Sang and Woo Young are at Insa Dong, a passerby gives Woo Young a little packet that has information about an insurance company, a lottery ticket and some pieces of candy as free gifts. In the rush of things, Woo Young simply stuffs it inside his jacket, the one Nae Sang lends him. When Nae Sang gets his jacket stolen by the homeless man, Woo Young returns the jacket to Nae Sang so that Nae Sang can wear it and keep warm.

When Nae Sang returns home, that little packet is absent-mindedly placed on the coffee table while clearing out Nae Sang’s pockets, Soo Jung then opens it to eat the candy, and Jong Seok drops the lottery ticket on the floor while he turns on the TV, which announces ALL of the numbers to the winning lottery ticket that ironically matches those on the ticket. The only thing is that Yoo Sun is about to sweep it up with her vacuum cleaner!

The episode ends with Lee Juck narrating that life is, indeed, unpredictable. He coyly speculates on the fates of these three….   

Post-Recap Thoughts:  Oh, writers! Why so coy? LOL

I appreciated their little pun with the rice cake. There’s a saying in Korean about rice cake equating to fortune or luck. The metaphor of the dduk and how Woo Young and Nae Sang both have the dduk but can’t swallow it is symbolic of their inability to grasp fortune when it’s handed to them. I’m hoping that in tomorrow’s episode, Yoo Sun is able to recognize the lottery ticket for what it is–her family’s ticket to financial security–and be the one to actually grasp that fortune and not simply ignore it. I would be so royally peeved if the writers just toyed with us and nothing came of that lottery ticket. LOL

As for Ha Sun and Ji Seok, I’m not sure why the episode ended on a “cliffhanger” with these two…unless the writers are planning some horrible twist. Ugh…writers, you had better not mess with a good thing! Remember, we viewers need at least one happily ever after, and the Ahns hitting the lottery jackpot is NOT what I’m talking about! Hmm…we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyhow, I hope this gives you all an idea of today’s episode. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode…”same Bat time, same Bat channel.” LOL…Sorry, I couldn’t resist alluding to an old Batman show I used to watch as a kid. Have a great day! 🙂

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