High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 26 – Episode 110 Link and Mini-Recap)

Episode 110 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Since my schedule has been a bit crazy of late, rather than “never” recap, I’ve opted to do mini-recaps so that you can at least get an idea of the episode’s stories. I hope you enjoy the recap, despite the “mini” nature of the recap. 🙂

Little Hye Ri, now a pre-teen, reprises her role from season 2 as the bad-mannered girl of privilege, only this time, she is the daughter of a studio director. As for Ha Sun, her “feud” with Kye Sang reaches a whole new level, and Jong Seok and Ji Won’s relationship speeds toward that inevitable, definitive end that we all fear. *Sigh*


The episode opens with Jong Seok eyeing a necklace at a window display and getting caught in the act of examining the pendant by Jin Hee, who quickly realizes the intended recipient of the necklace. She asks him out for a meal, but he declines because he has a part-time job he needs to do so that he can buy that gift. Before they part, Jin Hee cheerfully starts their club chant, “L,” and Jong Seok joins in with an “O” and so on. Very cute moment of bonding between the two sufferers of unrequited love. Aw….

Meanwhile, Jong Seok goes to the studio to work as an extra and meets Hye Ri, the director’s young daughter, who interrupts the filming to demand an autograph from the show’s star. When she continues to indulge in her tantrums, Jong Seok steps in and advises her to stop. At his sudden appearance, Hye Ri is awestruck as she views Jong Seok with “soft lenses” and thinks of him as her “long ddong-go-bbong-goo” (her long butthole). LOL…gotta give the girl credit for her “inventive” names. Heh…. 

Determined to pursue Jong Seok, she begs a ride from Seung Yoon and arrives at Jong Seok’s house on “horse” back.

While she waits for Jong Seok to come home, she goes about her “usual” routine of complaining about the food and demanding kalbi from Yoo Sun, picking a fight with Soo Jung and eventually breaking Soo Jung’s hairband but not before engaging in an all-out battle of “Stupid” and “ddong-go-bbong-goo,” and rushing to the bathroom but suffering from constipation once she’s seated on the toilet. LOL 

When Jong Seok eventually arrives, she demands that he takes her to the amusement park on a date now that she’s decided he is the one for her. O-M-G…she’s still so adorably annoying. LOL. Thankfully, she agrees to wait outside while Jong Seok has his lesson with Ji Won.

During the lesson, Ji Won recalls Jong Seok’s sacrifice for her–carrying her to the hospital despite his sprained ankle–and has to quickly pretend to be focused on the lesson when Jong Seok asks her a question. *Sigh* I had such high hopes that she was starting to warm up to him. 🙁 Before she leaves for the day, Jong Seok hands her a pink-wrapped gift, minimizing its value by saying that he wanted to get her something for all the help she’s given him thus far; she shouldn’t think anything of it since the gift doesn’t have any other meaning.

At home, Ji Won opens the gift and sees that the “think nothing of it” gift is actually an expensive necklace.

The next day, Hye Ri shows up again, insisting that Jong Seok take her out on a date to the amusement park. Deciding to be the kind older brother, Jong Seok agrees to take her, but only if she waits patiently and quietly outside for him to finish his lessons. She excitedly agrees.  

Only, her wait is more than two hours long. Why? Because after the lesson, Ji Won returns the gift back to Jong Seok and tells him that she’s been meaning to end their tutorials for a while now. Jong Seok reassures her that the gift doesn’t have any hidden meaning, but Ji Won’s silence speaks volumes and the two simply sit at the desk in silence for an indefinite amount of time.

Finally accepting the situation, Jong Seok tells her that he accepts her decision and then takes Hye Ri out for that promise amusement park date. As they ride the bus together, Hye Ri learns an important life lesson from Jong Seok: If one truly loves a person, one considers the other person rather than oneself.

Meanwhile, Ha Sun and Ji Seok discuss Kye Sang while walking home and get caught by the topic of their conversation just as Ha Sun was venting about she wishes she could have hit him harder that night when they snuck into Kye Sang’s room. Awkward….

The rest of the episode evolves around Kye Sang finding opportunities to tease Ha Sun, especially after dinner when the two households get together for dinner and play that “King” game again. Ha Sun gets twacked on the forehead–hard–despite Kye Sang’s comment that he’ll go easy on her this time since she is now dating his younger brother. However, his “easy” punishment is strong enough to send Ha Sun’s head snapping backwards, and she seeks comfort from a sympathetic Ji Seok.

Her opportunity for revenge arrives, though, as Kye Sang and the clinic staff arrive at the same gymnasium that Ha Sun and Ji Seok are using to play basketball. Kye Sang and Jin Hee pair up against Ji Seok and Ha Sun for a “friendly” game of b-ball that becomes anything but “friendly” as Kye Sang proceeds to taunt Ha Sun. I don’t know why Ha Sun was guarding Kye Sang when it would make more sense for Ji Seok to play against Kye Sang. But then again, without this particular pairing, we would never get to Ha Sun’s boiling point. LOL 

Becoming increasingly incensed by his antics, Ha Sun loses it and pulls down Kye Sang’s pants in front of everyone in the gym…yes, you heard me…everyone! LOL

Apologizing to Kye Sang and his family, especially to Nae Sang and Yoo Sun, Ha Sun returns home to squirm on top of her bed in total anguish.

Unfortunately for her, this new incident gives Kye Sang fresh material with which to tease her. Each time he sees her, he either tightens his belt or fastens one in front of her, much to her embarrassment and dismay. *Sigh* What an immature man. LOL

The episode closes with a scene 1 year later as Hye Ri, our guest star, meets a boy on the bus. When he offers her a drink, she quietly declines and gets up to leave. Rather than subject the enamored boy to her childish tantrums of a year ago, she considers the boy’s feelings and flashes him a sweet smile.  

Post-Recap Thoughts:

I loved Hye Ri’s role in this episode, especially as it allows us to see the type of young woman she will become. I particularly loved that it was her encounter with Jong Seok and his thoughtfulness towards Ji Won that prompts her to mature.

As for Jong Seok and Ji Won…*sigh*…What can I say? *Whimper* Writers, if I were a vengeful, spiteful woman, I would be spitting venom your way…yes, all the way to Seoul, Korea. HOWEVER, since I’m NOT such a person, I will merely sit quietly and watch as you unfold the last segment of this sad little relationship.

Ha Sun? O-M-G…The poor woman just cannot catch a break. LOL. However, I suspect that she may still exact her revenge on our resident jokester before the series draws to a close…ack! The end is approaching too quickly!  🙁

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  1. my tears are making it hard to type… NOOOOOOOOO!!! jong-seok and ji-won!!! i’ve been rooting for them since the beginning of the series! :(((((((((((((((((((((

    1. I know…it’s such a sad turn of events.
      Ugh, I knew the writers were going to give us at least one “sad” ending.
      On the bright side, the show isn’t over yet, so anything can still happen. 🙂

  2. no sad ending please…but i’m thinking the same way..i’ll accept that just not as tragic as the previous season’s ending (even though i haven’t watched HK2 yet) to which i doubt since i think the writers have already learned their lessons…hehe =)

  3. Right now I’ll eve be happy if they leave it on a open note with Jiwon and Jongseok. Its better than thinking Jiwon will never like Jongseok. I feel bad for Ha Sun, but one day Kye Sang will get injured if he takes his jokes too far. lol

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