High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 24 – Episode 102 Link and Recap)

Episode 102 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: What is “right”? This is the philosophical question that Jong Seok examines in this episode as those closest to him–his family–slyly influence him to choose family over what is “right” or “just.”

With the second storyline, we see the lengths to which Ji Seok is willing to “travel” in his desire to love Ha Sun. This episode reminds us again that Ji Seok really is the quintessential man for her and probably for every other woman out there. LOL.


The episode opens with Nae Sang picking Yoo Sun up from a day of grocery shopping. She expresses gratitude that he came just when she needed him most since she was beginning of worry about how she was going to make it home with all the groceries. Nae Sang jokes about how he’s that great of a husband and then swivels to park in a tight spot, accidentally scratching a neighbor’s imported car–expensive! Getting out to examine the damage, Nae Sang concludes that the scratch looks like it was already there, and the two Ahns go inside their house before anyone is the wiser.

Later than night as Jong Seok comes home, he sees the car owner upset about the scratch on his foreign import. Trying to live by the code of justice taught by his parents, Jong Seok tells the owner that his parents didn’t say anything because they thought the scratch was already there, but if the owner claims it wasn’t, then his parents are liable since they backed into it earlier in the day. Uh-oh…Jong Seok’s shovelling his own grave with his family. 🙁

Meanwhile, Ji Seok and Ha Sun pour over some photos so that they can each have a picture of the other to carry around in their wallets. Ji Seok gushes over how adorable or pretty Ha Sun looks in each picture and wonders why there is not a single bad picture…until he turns the page and finds one, causing Ha Sun to panic and tell him not to pick that one. LOL. He then asks her about a picture she took with some friends on a trip to Thailand, and Ha Sun describes for him the BEST food she’s ever had in her whole entire life. Ji Seok softly mutters under his breath if they should go to Thailand on their honeymoon then. Aw…he’s already planning that far in advance. 🙂

The next morning, the neighbor comes to see the Ahns to demand compensation. With their hands and wallets figuratively tied due to Jong Seok’s admission, the Ahns agree to pay for the repairs…in the amount of $1000!

As the family soaks in the effects of that cost, Nae Sang tries to reassure Jong Seok, albeit with a heavy heart, that his son did the “right” thing.

At school, Ji Seok quietly grabs Ha Sun’s attention and shows her the picture he is carrying in his wallet, mimicking her expression. Ha Sun reciprocates by showing Ji Seok his picture that she is also carrying in her wallet, mimicking his “kissing” pose. LOL

Their little love fest is interrupted, however, by the principal who demands to know what Ji Seok is trying to do, sending him a blank file when the principal specifically asked the teachers to email him their lesson plans. He demands that Ji Seok resubmit his lesson plans by the next morning, lesson plans that originally took Ji Seok two days to complete.

Returning home from school, Soo Jung is less than thrilled to discover that her parents would have “bought” her a new winter coat had it not been for Jong Seok’s costly admission of guilt to the neighbor. When Jong Seok enters the house, Soo Jung attacks him, aided in part by Nae Sang who holds Jong Seok back on the pretext of breaking up the fight. However, all Nae Sang does under the guise of the parent-holding-the-children-back-from-fighting pose is allow Soo Jung easy access to punch Jong Seok in the stomach…repeatedly. Oh, dear…talk about a passive-aggressive father.

Back at school, Ji Seok buckles down to reconstruct his lesson plans when Ha Sun surprises him with a late night snack.

At his exclaim of joy and surprise at the veritable feast before him, she modestly claims with her “bunny ears” or “victory” sign that she exercised a bit of her cooking skills. LOL

Ji Seok invites her to share the food with him, and the two of them feed each other a bite. Aw….

Once the snack is eaten, Ha Sun offers to help Ji Seok, proudly proclaiming herself the queen of typing. Ji Seok reluctantly accepts her help when Ha Sun confesses that she took the taxi over to the school with the full intention of staying with him until he was done with all his work. She smiles and says that she will return home in his car. Aw…so the two commence their work side-by-side.

Completing their work earlier than expected, they pack up to leave but not before Ji Seok hears about a meteor shower on the radio. He asks Ha Sun if she wants to see some shooting stars with him before going home, and the two huddle cozily in a blanket and wait for the stars up on the school rooftop.

Unfortunately, they see none–perhaps due to the brightness of the city lights–and return home, especially since Ha Sun shows signs of a cold. When he expresses regret at not being able to show her the stars and only getting her cold, she jokingly asks Ji Seok to make it up to her by catching her a star then. Taking her words to heart, Ji Seok spends the entire night researching ways to make that happen, waking Jong Seok up. When Jong Seok discovers what his uncle is trying to do, he mutters that his uncle is making a big fuss over nothing, using the word “star” for “nothing.” Love those puns, writers! LOL

Unsatisfied with Korea’s resources, Ji Seok wakes up a sleeping Soo Jung and asks her to contact NASA in the United States and ask the aeronautical organization how he might be able to obtain a piece of an actual star. Soo Jung, like her brother, makes a pun by saying that her uncle seems to have a “NASA” or “screw” loose somewhere in his brain today. LOL

When the two Ahns eventually make it down to the breakfast table, they are introduced to a sparse table, a direct result of Yoo Sun attempting to make up for the unexpected $1000 expense.

Soo Jung refuses to eat and storms away from the table…but not before grabbing the sad little pancake and smacking it on Jong Seok’s face. Uh-oh…

What ensues is Jong Seok getting up to retaliate but being held back by Nae Sang–of course, on the pretext of “breaking up” the fight–while Soo Jung pummels him freely.

Arriving at school and wondering where Ha Sun is, Ji Seok is surprised and concerned to discover that she has called in sick. Panicked beyond reason, Ji Seok rushes out, barely taking the time to ask a fellow teacher to sub for him.

What was his hurry? Ha Sun is lying in bed sick with a nasty cold. Kye Sang assesses the situation and concludes that it’s a bad cold but nothing serious for Ji Won to miss school. However, he does suggest that Jin Hee stay at home and look after Ha Sun.

Ji Seok rushes to Ha Sun’s bedside, feeling helpless about how to help her get better, especially when she refuses to eat the porridge that Jin Hee made.

Meanwhile, at the Ahns, Julian loans Seung Yoon and Nae Sang an expensive camera. The two want to take “professional” profile pictures of their actors.

While Julian excuses himself to use the bathroom, Nae Sang discovers a stuck button and struggles to loosen it. When Yoo Sun tells him to just tell Julian that he didn’t touch anything but that the button got stuck, Nae Sang says that he’ll have to assume responsibility for the “broken” camera now that Jong Seok has seen the situation. Ouch…passive-aggressive to the max, Nae Sang!

Luckily, Julian returns and shows them how to unstick the button, claiming that it is an idiosyncrasy of the camera and nothing that Nae Sang did.

Beyond himself in his desire to help Ha Sun, Ji Seok racks his brain for what he might do to help her recover her health faster and remembers that she extolled the praises of that Thai food, confessing that it’s the one thing she would definitely eat before she dies. It’s just that good. Ji Seok contemplates flying all the way to Thailand but  sanity returns briefly as he suspects that Korea may have it as well…eventually finding a seller in Jeju Island.

Jong Seok, driven to drink by his family’s reaction to his adherence to “justice,” takes a drink of alcohol in broad daylight and spills his concerns to Seung Yoon, asking if he really did such a bad thing. Shouldn’t he have done what was “right”? Seung Yoon tells him that he once read a HUGE book on this very issue and, after reading it, came to the conclusion that there is no definitive answer to what is “right.” Heh…reminds me of Cicero’s “Defense of Injustice.” LOL

Arriving in Jeju Island, Ji Seok rushes to the seller, barely stopping enough to pay for the fruits before rushing to catch the next flight back to Seoul.

Unfortunately, the poor love-sick man stumbles over a step and tumbles to the ground…imaging the coveted stars he was trying so hard to get for Ha Sun.

In his dazed state, he imagines Ha Sun’s look of joy as he “presents” the Thai fruit and the star to her…just before passing out in real life. Aw…poor Ji Seok.

Meanwhile, the Ahns are pulled over by a police officer for running a red light in their rush to get to a family gathering. Nae Sang baldly lies to the officer, claiming that he was in a hurry because his child is extremely sick. Each family member turns to look at Jong Seok, who gets their message loudly and clearly. He falls over onto Soo Jung’s lap and cries that he feels like he’s dying.

Convinced by Jong Seok’s “stellar” acting (heh…sorry, couldn’t resist the star pun), the family celebrates, planning to buy something yummy with the money they saved from the potential traffic ticket.

However, Jong Seok is disturbed by what just happened. Yes, he is now back in the good graces of his family, but at what cost? He fogs up the car window and writes the age-old, debated question: What is justice?

Post-Recap Thoughts: For a sitcom, I like how the writers toy with and explore heavy, philosophical questions without the heaviness. They present the harsh reality of trying to do “right”–and how that “right” often comes with negative consequences–all couched in comedy as Soo Jung openly retaliates against her brother and Nae Sang “acts” as “peacemaker.” Uh-huh…Nae Sang, you sneaky dad! LOL

I appreciate how Jong Seok, now out of the safety of high school, is receiving the “real life” education of how the world is oftentimes not black and white as he thought but instead requires adjustments to survive in the ever-slippery reality of grays…and more grays. *Sigh* It’s a sad commentary that it is often the adults who challenge the idealistic youths of our society to assimilate to the grays of what is “right” or suffer the consequences of adhering to their moral values.

On the lighter side of the episode, Ji Seok demonstrates with more-than-necessary clarity just how devoted he is to Ha Sun. He would “travel” to the ends of the world–probably even to the ends of the universe if possible–for his beloved Ha Sun. It should be interesting to see if the writers continue to pave a smooth road for these two lovebirds or throw a wrench into their bright, sweet relationship. Hope you enjoy the recap!

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