High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 24 – Episode 101 Link and Recap)

Episode 101 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: The unexpected focus on Lee Juck was a nice change of pace, especially as the writers explore a concern common among men: Are these women really interested in me, or are they interested in my money? And the coyness of the writers! Argh…killing me here softly, writers!

We have 1 man and 3 possible lovelines, each of the women sharing a “significant” moment with Lee Juck…I’ll explore those possibilities in greater depth in the post-recap before I rant and rave about my insatiable curiosity about Lee Juck’s COY hints regarding his future wife! Argh!!! LOL

On to the recap…before I spend all of today’s post talking about how the writers are playing with us and forget recapping altogether.


The episode opens with Seung Yoon taking pictures of Yoo Sun and the frying pans that she hopes to sell on her blog. Nae Sang reminds her of her last attempt to sell something on her blog–the disastrous mixer–but Yoo Sun assures him that these pans are legitimate and the surplus of her friend’s husband’s company. These are a sure thing! Trying to bring her back to reality, Nae Sang adds that they’re only a sure thing if she can actually sell them.

Meanwhile, our second story features Lee Juck, who is on a blind date and taking in some Egyptian artwork. The date rudely yawns and then interrupts Lee Juck’s explanation of the fascinating artwork by asking him to buy her something delicious (translation: expensive) to eat and how much his medical practice makes. O-M-G! What an obvious gold digger! The episode is narrated mainly by Lee Juck who comments on the reality of his love life…or the lack thereof. Women are only interested in him for his wallet, not for the love he has to give. Aw…. 

Seung Yoon uploads the pictures of the pans, and Yoo Sun and Seung Yoon wait…getting excited when a viewer comments (LOL…can totally relate! heh heh) 

…only to be deflated when it’s an advertisement.

Jong Seok observes that no matter how good the product, no one will buy it unless she can draw more viewers to her blog. Yoo Sun turns to Nae Sang and asks him to bring a script or spoiler of the upcoming episode to the hit show The Sun That Is Hit by the Moon, a spoof/allusion to the actual show The Sun That Embraces the Moon, which is causing quite the stir in Korea with almost half the country tuning in to watch it. She gets the idea when Ji Seok comes home early because Ha Sun wants to go home and watch the show.

Next door, Soo Jung comes to return a mixer and sits down to visit with the ladies. Jin Hee enters the kitchen and asks Ha Sun for a small loan. When Soo Jung asks why Jin Hee needs money when she works, Jin Hee tells them that there was an unexpected expense: Lee Juck had asked her out to an expensive lunch and then ducked out, leaving her with the check for the entire course meal.

At this news, the ladies are flabbergasted that such a rich man could be so petty and cheap, and Soo Jung nicknames him “Uncle Scrooge,” a name she happily calls him throughout the episode. Jin Hee tries to explain that he did eventually send the money for the meal, but he didn’t send enough to cover the entire bill…and since she ate some of the lunch, she couldn’t very well ask him for more money to cover the entire bill. The ladies don’t really care about that little detail and start to scheme a plan for revenge. They rationalize that Jin Hee would never have gone out with him to that expensive restaurant and ordered a course meal if he hadn’t suggested it. They are incensed that a urologist who makes soooooo much money could strap Jin Hee with such an expensive bill, causing her financial difficulties. They insist that she call him right this minute and ask him to buy her lunch; they’re going to crash the lunch “date” and eat their revenge away at an expensive restaurant! 

So Jin Hee calls, and Lee Juck happily answers the phone call, remembering that Jin Hee confessed to liking him the last time he and Kye Sang had dinner with her.

With the three bloodthirsty revenge seekers plastered to her as she talks, Jin Hee asks Lee Juck to take her out to lunch. (This is an acceptable practice in Korean culture whereas it may be considered rude in the United States.)

When Jin Hee tries to give Lee Juck an excuse not to buy her lunch if he’s busy, Ha Sun viciously whispers, “No! Tell him to eat lunch today!” O-M-G…Ha Sun can be so…LOL…scary. LOL

As Lee Juck smiles in pleasure at this new development, Jin Hee hangs up the phone, wondering aloud if it’s all right to do what they’re about to do. Without missing a beat, the three ladies answer in unison, “Of course, it’s all right to do this!” 

Meanwhile, Nae Sang is at the network, trying to scope out a copy of the highly sought after script, only it’s supposed to be heavily guarded. Fortunately for him, he spots a stack in the empty office…but unfortunately, he’s not quick enough to snag one before someone comes by and bars him from the room.

Nae Sang returns home and reports his progress–or rather his lack of progress–to Yoo Sun when Seung Yoon rushes into the room, asking Nae Sang when he filmed a scene of the #1 show. As they gather to see the screen, Nae Sang realizes it’s his old high school hoobae (younger schoolmate)…

…who looks exactly like him! LOL (I love how the writers incorporate Ahn Nae Sang’s real life acting job into this show. LOL) Yoo Sun, seeing her chance, asks Nae Sang to pull some strings.

At the designated lunch time, Lee Juck drives to the clinic to pick up Jin Hee. *Sniffles* Am I the only one here who feels sorry for this man?

Only to be rudely surprised when three other women follow Jin Hee out. At least Jin Hee has the decency to look abashed. Ha Sun explains that they came to have lunch with Jin Hee but found out she’s having lunch with him; he doesn’t mind treating them ALL out to lunch, right? Of course, he can’t refuse without looking like a tightwad, so he agrees, and the three ladies tell him that they will decide the restaurant and that he should leave his car since they may order alcohol as well. 

As he follows in their wake, he sadly realizes that Jin Hee, too, has fallen into the category of women who see him purely as a bank account.

Nae Sang calls his hoobae and arranges to meet him at the studio.

Nae Sang gives Yoo Sun the OK sign.

Seated at the restaurant, the girls decide to order the most expensive “course” meal because the most expensive equals the most delicious. Ha Sun even orders wine even though Lee Juck protests that it’s too early for alcohol. When he gets up to use the restroom, the women freak out and ask if he’s planning on ditching them as he did with Jin Hee the last time. LOL. He jokingly asks if they would prefer he leave his shoes so that he can’t run away, and they (minus Jin Hee) cry out “Yes” in unison. LOL

Poor Lee Juck…he goes to the restroom in one of the ladies’ shoes.

Meanwhile, Nae Sang meets his hoobae and slyly asks for a hint at the spoiler because Yoo Sun is “such a huge fan of the show.” Although he is not supposed to, the hoobae relents and tells Nae Sang, swearing him to secrecy. Oh, you foolish man!

Resigned to his role as a wallet, Lee Juck downs one glass of wine after another while the ladies enjoy their meal. Jin Hee gets up early to return to the clinic, and the girls discuss what else they should order. Oh dear….

When Lee Juck orders another bottle of wine, the ladies finally register that something’s wrong. Unfortunately, oblivious Soo Jung asks for allowance money if Lee Juck has so much money.

Throwing down a pile of large bills (over $300), he takes the bill and stumbles away.

Ha Sun runs after him to apologize for their bad behavior. Explaining that they came purposely to avenge Jin Hee, who was having financial difficulty because of the previous expensive meal, she apologizes to him, especially since she should have known better as the eldest in the group.

Lee Juck dismisses her apology, telling her that’s fine. Before returning to the restaurant, though, Ha Sun sincerely tells Lee Juck that no one sees him as a wallet. And as a way to make up for today’s lunch, she hopes to treat him to a meal sometime in the future.

Back home, Nae Sang fills Yoo Sun in on the spoiler, which she diligently posts on her blog. 

And like clockwork, the netizens of Korea find the spoiler on her blog and the studio discovers that there’s been a leak.

As Lee Juck stumbles back to his car that is parked in front of the clinic–OMG, it’s dark outside, which means that the ladies have kept him at that restaurant for hours!–he throws up his alcohol. Jin Hee, leaving for the day, sees him and pats his back in comfort to ease the pain. When Lee Juck waves her away so that she won’t have to witness such an ugly sight, she counters that she can’t possibly leave him here alone like this and continues to pat his back.

At her expression of genuine concern for his health, Lee Juck looks at her with new eyes and wonders if she see him beyond his wallet.

The next day, Yoo Sun and company are busy packing the frying pans. The netizens who saw the spoiler also ended up purchasing the frying pans.

In the midst of their packing, Nae Sang receives an irate phone call from his hoobae, who demands to know if he and his wife released the spoiler on that blog. Nae Sang apologizes, saying that Yoo Sun didn’t realize how public the blog site was. The hoobae tells Nae Sang that everyone from the top to the bottom in association with the show has been cursing at him; Nae Sang profusely apologizes and then has the gall to ask for another spoiler…Yoo Sun wants a second post to finish selling her pans. Ugh…don’t they realize they are jeopardizing a man’s career here?

Later that day, Lee Juck accompanies Kye Sang home to look over Kye Sang’s research when Soo Jung greets Lee Juck and then tries to drag him upstairs. Ji Seok warns her not to try to weedle money out of Lee Juck, and Soo Jung tells him that she’s not like that.

Once upstairs, Lee Juck asks if Soo Jung needs allowance money, but Soo Jung simply returns the huge amount of money back to him. When he asks what that is, she replies that it’s the money he threw down on the table while he was drunk that day at the restaurant. He expresses his surprise since she’s always asking for allowance money. True…LOL. Soo Jung tells him that she has her own sense of honor and philosophy when it comes to asking for allowance money. She then advises him to not throw away the money that he works so hard to make, treating patients’ bottoms and such. Lee Juck accepts the money, obviously touched by her gesture and thoughts. 

On the other side of town, spurred on by his wife’s greed and ambition, Nae Sang goes to visit his hoobae one last time with a “peace” offering.

The friend barely accepts the offering when Nae Sang apologizes and then is pushed aside as Nae Sang grabs an extra copy of the script.

What ensues is one Nae Sang chasing another “Nae Sang” and a tumble in the corridors of the studio, Nae Sang frantically flipping through the script while the hoobae frantically grabs it away.  And with that last desperate act for his wife, Nae Sang burns the last little vestige of whatever remained of their school ties with his hoobae.

But he doesn’t seem too concerned over the loss of that friendship or the fact that he could have jeopardized his hoobae‘s career because he accomplished his mission.

He calls Yoo Sun and tells her the spoiler for the next episode…the female lead becomes a man and fights as a warrior!…and Yoo Sun happily types the spoiler onto her blog.

After Lee Juck helps Kye Sang and prepares to leave, he spots the three ladies who proved to him in their own small ways that he isn’t viewed by ALL women as simply a wallet.  

Looking at them, he narrates that “at the tail end of winter of 2012, I felt warmth for the first time from my wife.”

Post-Recap Thoughts: OK, let me get this out now…

WHAT?!!!!  Why be coy with us, writers? Tell us directly who he marries!!!

Argh…Here are the possibilities:

1. Soo Jung: I know she’s young, but stranger–wider age gaps–things have happened before. However, I don’t think this pairing will actually happen…too disturbing, especially for a family sitcom.

2. Ha Sun: They’ve had previous altercations before, especially in a previous episode (I can’t remember which Ep. number but the one in which Lee Juck hints that he tasted his wife’s “hand” for the first time). Ha Sun was one of those women, but I dismissed that possibility because A) refused to believe it and B) Ji Seok’s storyline with her. However, on closer examination of this episode and the writers’ penchant for surprises and twists, I wouldn’t put it past them to create a switch on us at the last moment, swapping Ji Seok for Lee Juck. There’s an old saying in Korea that first loves rarely lead to marriage, and for all intent and purposes, Ji Seok is Ha Sun’s first love relationship. Ugh…I personally don’t want to entertain that type of “betrayal,” but the writers have been known to do mean things like kill off our two beloved characters in a freak car accident (Think High Kick 2 ending). Please, writers, do NOT go down that road again!

3. Jin Hee: This is the most acceptable choice, although I can’t remember if Jin Hee’s hand had any connection with Lee Juck in the previous episode. Any one remember? In any case, it looks like she’s slowly getting over Kye Sang, who is scheduled now to leave for Rwanda, and with only under 20 episodes left, this may be the time to start developing this pairing…if the writers are going to make this connection a romantic one. Despite my hopes that she would get paired with Kye Sang, I found it endearing how pleased Lee Juck was to get that phone call from Jin Hee and the look he gave her when she stood by him and comforted him during his most vulnerable and “gross” moment vomiting in front of the clinic. So, writers…if you are going to reveal his wife before the series ends, pleasepleaseplease let it be with Jin Hee and not the other two women.

As for the Nae Sang story, Nae Sang and his wife never cease to amaze me with their loyalty for one another, even if it costs someone else his job. *Sigh* I just hope I never run into someone like them in my own personal life. Great to watch on screen, but can you imagine the royal pain they would be in real life? And all so Yoo Sun can sell her dratted pans…Ugh.

I hope the three other episodes from Week 24 shed more light on Lee Juck’s imminent pairing.

On that note, have a great weekend! And if you love the Dream High OST, don’t forget to enter the March giveaway! 🙂

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  1. Kyesang is so right about Hasun lol..sometimes she has these scary moments where your like, “I wouldn’t want to mess with that girl” LOL!
    If it’s Hasun, the writers have truely gone crazy (High Kick 2) because that would make absolutely no sense with the narrative up to this point. I mean Jisoek does all that…and doesn’t even get the girl? Not to mention their epic cuteness. You’re so right though. No fate in the writers until the end. I’m hoping that maybe they got scared of the backlash last year and won’t risk it this year.
    OMG NOOOOOO I guess they completely dropped the Kyesang-Jinhee loveline. I mean they don’t even have their “fun” episodes. Grrr..they were supposed to bring Kyesang around Hasun-style. My shipper heart is breaking =(. However, I have to say in this episode I actually started liking Lee Juck for the first time. At first I thought he was too pessimistic, but now I’m seeing him a new light. He seems like he really likes Jinhee, so if he treats her well, I guess I have to accept it.
    Thanks for the recap!

    1. Oh, I almost forgot! Jinhee is one of the viable candidates and she’s also included in the hand thing, because she was the one who clapped her hands over Lee Juck’s mouth to prevent her from saying a joke about her butt LOL

    2. Agreed. I am warming up to Lee Juck for Jin Hee. And even though Jin Hee doesn’t see him as a wallet, he would certainly bring some financial stability to her otherwise precariously financial state. 🙂 And I can see them having fun together in much the same way she had fun with Kye Sang. Heh heh…i hope the writers writing “responsibily.” 😉

      1. honestly i’m losing my faith to the writers….and until now my heart is breaking coz there were no more scenes of Jinhee & Kyesang even those funny interactions..it’s as if it also ended after the whole confession thing which is sad for me…but then again if they would build up the Lee Juck-Jinhee relationship it would be fine for me…just hurry up writers coz only few episodes were left and some developments are needed imo..unless they’re thinking of an extension…


    like you said, soojung is too young and that would be creepy… and hasun is way too cute with jiseok. PLEASE, writers, don’t disappoint us!!!

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