High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-24-12 Special)

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Today’s episode continues the focus on the supporting cast of “short legs”…

…by exploring “The Way the Extended Family Live”

Jin Hee starts the episode by answering the question “What is Jin Hee’s secret to living as an extended family member?”

1. Jin Hee helps the household save money since she can’t contribute anything as an unemployed member…earning herself the nickname “Hybrid Jin Hee.” She shows Ha Sun a list of all the ways she has helped them save money.

2. Struggling to find a balance between Ha Sun (owner of the bedroom she shares) and Ji Won (owner of the house she lives in) when the two cousins fight over Ji Won’s scooter keys

3. As her brain fills with worries of what to do…

…she concludes that she needs to just treat them exactly the same. So if she laughs 8 times for Ji Won, she needs to make sure to laugh 8 times for Ha Sun…so Jin Hee turns to Ha Sun and adds 2 more “ha ha” LOL

The focus then shifts to Seung Yoon who is asked to whom he wishes to give the most…

…and his answer is Jong Seok, for whom he risks his life. He then chronicles the story of how he first befriends the Ahn family and how it took a while before they warmed to him.

Initially, the Ahns were not that thrilled when Seung Yoon wanted to visit them in Seoul.

However, that quickly changed as they got to know his generous heart…both in spirit (saving Jong Seok) and in material goods (Yoo Sun with her mink wrap).

The episode winds down its exploration by interviewing Julian and asks him to answer the question of which scene was most memorable for him.

He talks about the scenes he had with Nae Sang, starting with the infamous bath scene during which Nae Sang urges Julian to rub the dead skin off his back harder…

…and then plotting revenge on an innocent Julian because of some mere drops of his precious Rh negative blood. However, his plan backfires as he tirelessly rubs at Julian’s back, which shows no evidence of ceasing to produce dead skin. LOL

Julian then includes the episode of learning the game of go-stop from Nae Sang…

…and the victory they celebrate when Julian comes in third place in a game against 5 seasoned Korean ahjussis.

In a frank interview, Julian (the actor) admits when asked if the Korean dialogue was hard for him that Korean is difficult for him but that he practices diligently with his managers, staff, etc. in order to be ready for his scenes.

The episode ends with Seung Yoon thanking everyone and asking for continued support and Julian repeating the same thanks and wishes.

And then rather than the usual series of NGs, a preview of next week’s episode is included–Ha Sun undergoes a make-over in order to not be taken advantage of by the people at her school. Hurray! This means that the show will resume its story next week…Given this piece of news, I shall attempt to finish recapping Ep. 99 before Monday’s episode airs! Stay tuned!

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