High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-23-12 Special)

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This episode’s title deals with the “short legs”…

…”The Love Method of the Short Legs” (cute title!)

The episode starts with Jin Hee answering the question of whether she ever found Kye Sang’s inability to acknowledge Jin Hee’s feelings irritating.

Jin Hee discusses the various interactions that she had with Kye Sang and wistfully comments that although she’s shown Kye Sang her vulnerability, Kye Sang has only revealed that part of himself with Ji Won. The various scenes she reviews are as follows:

1. The senior citizens’ couple-making event during which she and Kye Sang demonstrate the games.

2. When she gets drunk and hugs “Kye Sang” (the coat rack) and confesses her love for “him.”

3. Their snow day together at the sledding place

4. Jin Hee overhearing that Kye Sang may stay another year

5. Kye Sang carrying Jin Hee away from the gangsters

6. The intimate piggyback ride back home

The question then shifts to what scene with Kye Sang was most memorable for Ji Won…and she answers that it was the scene in which Kye Sang’s patient died and she and Kye Sang launched a rocket to commemorate the patient’s life. She then discusses the close relationship Ji Won has with Kye Sang who understands her pain from the New Zealand tragedy.

When asked if Ji Won has ever seen Jong Seok as a man, she bursts out into laughter. (aw…poor Jong Seok) She elaborates that to Ji Won, Jong Seok will probably always remain a school sunbae while Kye Sang will continue to claim her attention and affections. (Ack! Nooooo….! Ji Won, you’re supposed to like Jong Seok and leave Kye Sang for Jin Hee LOL) And then the reviews continue:

7. The heart-wrenching scene after the grandmother dies and Kye Sang breaks down in front of Ji Won (I completely forgot about that.)

8. The memorable launching of Ji Won’s rocket in honor of the grandmother patient who just passed away

9. Ji Won on her first “date” with Kye Sang, trying so desperately to fit into his world as an “adult”

10. Ji Won racing as a symbolic desire to reach 20 quickly so that she can be seen as a “woman” to Kye Sang

Then the question is directed at Jong Seok: “If Kye Sang’s and Jong Seok’s roles were reversed, would Ji Won like Jong Seok?” Jong Seok’s answer is a resounding “Yes!”

11. Jong Seok assuming Kye Sang’s role and causing Ji Won’s heart to pitter-patter LOL

12. Jong Seok’s real-life jealousy that prompts him to devour all of the cookies Ji Won baked for Kye Sang…

…and his look of dismay upon realizing that Ji Won, ever the prepared girl, has another batch in the oven LOL

Jong Seok, Ji Won, and finally Jin Hee appear on screen to wish everyone thanks for supporting them through the 100 episode (although they are 1 episode shy of that number) and asking for the viewers’ continued support as the series winds down in the next 20 episodes or so. Jin Hee concludes that although she doesn’t know how the show will end, she hopes that the audience will stay with them until the very end, never wavering in its support of the show. 🙂

The episode then ends with the usual series of NGs, some of which are hilarious! 😉

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  1. kye sang’s not included in this special interview considering he’s involved in this love square..hmmm…?i kinda want to hear his side regarding the loveline..oh well whatever..still shipping him with jinhee..come what may.. =)

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