High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-22-12 Special)

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As suggested by one of our twinkers, Jasmine, I will endeavor to provide a brief recap of the specials. Today’s “episode” is titled “Nae Sang & Yoo Sun: The Way Couples Live” and reviews the various scenes of the Ahns.

The episode starts with an interview of Nae Sang who gives his impressions of Yoo Sun, the character, while Yoo Sun then discusses how similar/dissimilar she is to her character.

The scenes for review:

1. Yoo Sun’s menopause and how everything is blamed on Yoo Sun’s menopause, including her peeping of Julian’s shower. LOL

2. Nae Sang’s porn (Nae Sang, the actor, reveals to the viewers that he told Yoo Sun to hit him hard but was surprised by how hard she actually hit him. LOL)

3. Yoo Sun’s “affair” (Yoo Sun briefly discusses how Yoo Sun was looking for someone who could provide her with music and charm while she had to deal with living under her younger brother’s roof with her entire family.)

4. Nae Sang’s “affair” with Nurse Im

5. Nae Sang talks about how he really got to “see” his wife with new eyes, and the show reviews how the two met and lived through all the ups and downs…What a nice commentary on how the husband is able to rediscover the beauty of his wife, even after so many years together. 🙂

The episode ends with Nae Sang and Yoo Sun thanking the viewers for celebrating the 100 episodes with them and for the viewers’ continued support. A series of NGs are included. 🙂

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