High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-21-12 Special)

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Bad news for High Kick 3  fans but good news for this little twinkie’s index finger, which still feels a bit stiff and achy: There is a strike at MBC, which is affecting the production of our beloved little series, so it looks like there will be a week of interviews and reviews.

Part II of Ji Seok and Ha Sun’s story….the two actors discuss the ins and outs of their relationship.

One of the questions that Ji Seok is asked is what scene with Ha Sun was most memorable.

Of course, he answers that their kiss scene in the hospital stands out in his mind.

Ha Sun is asked the question “When is Ji Seok the most awesome?”

She replies that she loves it when he acts like “the man” in the relationship, protecting her from harm and taking her side, even against his family mentioning Ji Seok’s help against Kye Sang. LOL

However, she admits that Ji Seok has a lot of cute moments and that she’s taken to calling him “Cuteness personified at the age of 30.” 🙂 She then recalls how he prepared so meticulously for their first date together…

…only to hit himself in the head once he realizes that he left his wallet in his other jacket, a situation that forces Ha Sun to pay for their meal.

The actors are then asked about the secret dating, and the two discuss the details (advantages and disadvantages) of such a secret relationship.

One such scene that demonstrated their difficulty in trying to find a place to date is when Ji Seok goes over to Ha Sun’s house for a home-cooked meal, only to have to hide because Julian and Jin Hee unexpectedly return home to have dinner with Ha Sun.

But of course, Ji Seok’s sadness soon gives way to ear-to-ear grin after Ha Sun’s kiss of apology. 😉

And Ha Sun comments on the “thrill” of hiding their relationship, meeting in secret places like the underground tunnel.

Ha Sun then reveals that the director asked her for her talents and skills, some of which the director incorporated directly into the series. What were some of them? Her cat/meow singing…

…the basketball shooting…and the roly-poly dance (no picture).

She laughs at the way the director was cleverly able to blend her “talents” into the story and coyly hints that she has more to show in the remaining 20 episodes.

At the close of the episode, the two actors thank the viewers for their support and promise to keep working hard, along with the staff and other cast members, all the way till the end. They ask for the viewers continued and increased support as everyone on the show is working tirelessly to finish the last 20 episodes well.

A series of NGs concludes the episode.

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  1. Omg, thank you so much for all the hard work, especially with your injury as well. You are so AMAZING. Thanks for everything and rest well. I can’t wait until the show begins again.

    1. It was my pleasure! I hope the brief recaps of the specials helped. Episode 100 on Monday should be a grrrreat one after an entire week without a single “real” episode. LOL

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