High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-20-12 Special)

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I don’t know if the writers knew about my swollen finger and decided to give me some time to recuperate, but today’s episode was a review of Ha Sun and Ji Seok’s relationship with interviews from the actors.

The “episode” starts with Ji Seok, the actor, discussing briefly how he has loved in the past: love at first sight. Ha Sun discusses the qualities of Ji Seok and Young Wook.

The scenes for review:

1. Ha Sun’s historical entrance that “entrances” Ji Seok. He is tormented by the fact that he “killed” Ha Sun in the play.

2.  Young Wook’s pursuit of Ha Sun…he makes an excuse to lend her his umbrella and gets her cell phone number, thus beginning his parade of text messages

3. The rivalry between Ji Seok and Young Wook and baseball

4. The two actors talk about how heartbreaking the baseball scene was for them as Ji Seok waits for Ha Sun to show up at the stadium, but she never shows up in order to go on a date with Young Wook.

5. Finding the right time to confess one’s feelings

The episode ends with a series of NGs.

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5 thoughts on “High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 23 – 02-20-12 Special)”

  1. I read that there is a strike going on within the company and the production is being affected, I think they did it on purpose to give your finger a rest. ^.^

    Twinkie Index Finger HWAITING !!!

    1. Yeah, I heard that, too. As for your comment–“I think they did it on purpose to give your finger a rest”–if only things happened like this because of me! LOL. Imagine ALL the wonders I could do!
      I don’t know how long this strike will last, but it will definitely give me a chance to recap that Ep. 99, which I’m hoping to have done by tomorrow (Friday).

      Thank you! My index finger thanks you, too! 😉

  2. Did they say anything importany/funny/interesting in the interview?? I am a BIG fan of this couple, and as always that love translates to off-screen loving as well! LOL

    Awww…I hope you feel better. Rest and get well soon. Thanks for the recaps.

    1. Thanks!
      Hmmm…I didn’t think there was anything worth translating. To tell you the truth, I only saw the first few minutes of the special and then stopped since I had to prepare my syllabus. I’ll actually watch it tomorrow after I recap Ep. 99 and edit this post with a general summary of the special…if there’s anything really significant to report. 😉

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