High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 22 – Episode 99 Link and Recap)

Episode 99 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode’s exploration of how dating can change one’s relationship with the potential “in-laws,” people one’s known all along, is both comedic and insightful.

The two storylines in Ep. 99 revolve around Nae Sang (getting caught buying Nurse Im coffee and then trying to exact revenge on his “snitch”) and Ha Sun (trying to maintain her “charming” image before Ji Seok’s family). This episode marks the beginning of Ha Sun and Ji Seok’s official dating status as Ji Seok’s family welcomes Ha Sun into the family.


The episode starts with Ha Sun dropping by Ji Seok’s house to return a pot she had borrowed. Yoo Sun invites her for breakfast and what ensues is an awkward meal for Ha Sun as the family observes her in fascination and peppers her with questions. Um, yeah…AWKWARD! Soo Jung wants to know who initiated the relationship while Nae Sang comments on how “charming” and “well-mannered” Ha Sun is, even when eating. Yoo Sun wants to know if her parents plan on staying in the States a bit longer, and Nae Sang asks what attracted her to Ji Seok. Heh…yeah, I can see how this might be awkward for Ha Sun.

Of course, this leads to indigestion for Ha Sun, who promptly goes home and takes some indigestion medicine. Her household tries to tell her to just be as normal as usual around the Ahns, but Ha Sun confesses that it’s difficult, especially when Ji Seok’s family keeps telling her how “charming”/”well-mannered” she is.

Meanwhile, Nae Sang bumps into Nurse Im at a coffee shop and buys her a cup of coffee in apology for the tiger balm incident. Nurse Im reassures him that she understands that emergency situations can happen; she just hopes that her relinquishing both tiger balms helped him. Nae Sang, switching into his enamored mode, thanks her for all her help with the senior citizens’ program referral. Oy~this man just doesn’t learn, does he?

Later that night at Ha Sun’s place, Ha Sun happily asks Julian for a can of beer and sits down to watch a movie with Julian. However, when Yoo Sun unexpectedly shows up asking for some green onions for a soup, she comments that she didn’t know Ha Sun drank. At this possible censure–which wasn’t one, merely an observation–Ha Sun jumps to attention and says that Julian made her drink it. LOL.

As Yoo Sun cooks dinner, she receives a phone call from an unknown caller, informing her of Nae Sang’s coffee shop meeting with Nurse Im. Incensed, Yoo Sun rails at Nae Sang, beating him with her giant green onions.

She then throws him down the underground tunnel and blocks the opening with a large, heavy box.

Anticipating that Nae Sang would attempt to exit through Julian’s bathroom, Yoo Sun calls Julian and asks him to block his opening as well. As Nae Sang tries to convince Julian to let him through and not get involved in a family affair, Julian replies that Nae Sang should act accordingly so that he doesn’t have to get dragged into another family’s affairs. LOL

Meanwhile, Ji Seok and Ha Sun have their first “open” date, and Ha Sun confides in Ji Seok her concerns that she’ll disappoint his family, who keeps commenting on how charming she is. Ever the proud boyfriend, Ji Seok reassures her if anyone is charming, it’s his girlfriend. (Aw…) As Ji Seok feeds Ha Sun a piece of food, they are caught by two of their school students. Ha Sun cringes in embarrassment while Ji Seok generously tells the girls that their meal is on him. 🙂

Unfazed by the high school students’ presence, Ji Seok offers Ha Sun another bite, one that she hurriedly eats so that the students don’t notice. Teasing her a little, Ji Seok asks how she can snatch the food so quickly; he thought she was a snake for a moment. LOL…he’s totally enjoying her embarrassment.

At dinner time, Yoo Sun lowers down a plate of fried dumplings for Nae Sang to eat. LOL…yeah, he’s going to be down there a while.

As he slowly eats his “jail” dinner, he slowly begins to wonder how Yoo Sun found out about his meeting with Nurse Im. He also wonders who told his wife about the tiger balms. Dismissing Kye Sang as a possible suspect, Nae Sang finally decides that it’s Jin Hee.

To confirm his suspicions, he calls Kye Sang and asks if Jin Hee was at the clinic all day. Kye Sang tells him that Jin Hee briefly went out to do an errand.

Nae Sang mentally calculates that Jin Hee was only a short distance away from the coffee shop and imagines Jin Hee calling Yoo Sun to snitch on him. He then recalls pertinent scenes with Jin Hee that could explain her “snitching” on him and physically prepares himself to do battle with Jin Hee. OMG!

The next day, Yoo Sun literally throws down another plate of fried dumplings.

She finally lets him out, but not before commenting that she wanted to leave him down there for a whole week. Nae Sang asks her if the snitch was Jin Hee. Yoo Sun asks why he wants to know and tells him that Jin Hee is not the snitch. Unfortunately, Nae Sang is not convinced. *sigh*…you foolish man. LOL

Ha Sun meets up with some old friends, who comfort her in her recent awkwardness with Ji Seok’s family and remind her that she doesn’t need to be perfect. They then suggest going to a wine bar since they rarely get a chance to get together.

As Ha Sun starts to feel the effects of the alcohol, she receives a phone call from Yoo Sun, who invites her to dinner. Shocked, Ha Sun jumps up from her seat and tells her that of course she can make it to dinner.

Panicking in her usual Ha Sun fashion, she asks her friends if her breath smells of alcohol. LOL. She then stuffs some food in her mouth in an attempt to disguise the alcohol and stumbles out of the bar.

Still perplexed by his predicament, Nae Sang tells himself to calmly think things over…and still decides that it must be Jin Hee. LOL

He spots a banana and resolves to use it as his weapon of choice to avenge himself against Jin Hee. However, when he experimentally hits himself with it, he concludes that it doesn’t hurt. OMG. In order to harden the “weapon,’ he cools it in the refrigerator.

As the two households–the Ahns and Jin Hee and Ha Sun–eat dinner, Nae Sang sneaks scheming glances at Jin Hee.

The two families toast Ji Seok and Ha Sun’s relationship with some wine that Kye Sang received as a gift from a patient.

Yoo Sun, seeing Ha Sun not drinking much, offers her another glass of wine, one which Ha Sun feels obligated to accept.

Meanwhile, Seung Yoon and Jong Seok (in typically brotherly manner) force Soo Jung to eat a piece of “mung” fish because she likes everything but that. LOL Once she chews it, though, she concludes that the taste isn’t that bad.

Unfortunately for Ha Sun, the effects of the wine with her friends plus the potent wine from Yoo Sun pushes her to rush to the bathroom. Of course, she doesn’t quite make it and ends up vomiting in the hallway upstairs. Appalled, she rushes to clean it up…

…but ends up tumbling down the stairs. Ji Seok comes home and finds her unconscious on the landing.

Taking her home, he offers her some water/medicine once she wakes up. Ha Sun is inconsolable, though, as she contemplates the mess that she left at Ji Seok’s house. She insists on going back to clean up the mess, adamantly refusing Ji Seok’s offer to clean up her mess himself. She tells him that he is under no circumstances allowed to look at the mess she made or let anyone else see it, or she will just die! LOL

Wanting to appease his girlfriend during her time of need (heh heh), Ji Seok runs back to the house, where his family has already discovered the mess. He frantically tells them to pretend that they didn’t see a single thing because Ha Sun is freaking out.

So as Ha Sun returns to the house, the entire family pretends that they didn’t see anything and even turn their backs to her as she struggles to climb up the stairs.

With Ji Seok’s assurance that no one has discovered the mess, Ha Sun struggles to climb up the stairs. LOL…her sense of responsibility and wanting to maintain her “reputation” is so cute.

Meanwhile, Nae Sang follows Jin Hee, who leaves the dinner early to do an errand for Kye Sang at the clinic, to seek his revenge on Jin Hee. As he’s about to strike her with his cold/smooshy banana, Nae Sang wonders if he might be mistaken…and then slips on the recently waxed floor, getting bonked on the head with his “weapon.” Heh heh…a fitting punishment for scheming to attack an innocent Jin Hee. LOL

When he regains consciousness, he is back in the underground tunnel, a plate of covered fried dumplings by his head. Yoo Sun screeches at him for trying to avenge himself on Jin Hee instead of repenting for his wayward ways.

Taking one sad little dumpling in his hand, Nae Sang wonders where he went wrong.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

This new development of Ha Sun trying to adjust into her role as Ji Seok’s girlfriend and potential addition to his family raises some interesting and hilarious issues. It definitely plays on the notion that awkward things happen to the girlfriend as she tries to “put her best foot forward” with her boyfriend’s family. It doesn’t matter how much the family already likes her; she feels a burden to live up to their “expectations” and have them like her. Aw….

As for Nae Sang’s scenes…*shaking head*…what can I say? The man is simply incorrigible. LOL. I’m curious to see if it was Seung Yoon who snitched on him since Seung Yoon was the one who told Yoo Sun about the tiger balm. LOL…it’s an interesting relationship Yoo Sun has with Seung Yoon, that’s for sure!

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