High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 22 – Episode 97 Link and Recap)

Episode 97 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: YES! The proverbial cat is out of the bag. heh heh…and in more ways than one. Double “heh heh” for double the secrets. LOL 

The previous episode hinted that Ha Sun’s feelings for Ji Seok were deepening to rival his, but never did I imagine that the writers would develop them this quickly. *happy humming* At least one relationship is progressing as we hoped.

The other pairing in today’s episode is an interesting one, a couple I hadn’t thought of before but now that the connection has been made, makes perfect sense. I’m talking about Jong Seok and Jin Hee who commiserate together over their unrequited loves and even form their own L-O-V-E club. LOL. You’ll see what I mean by that soon.

So without further ado, I give you Ep. 97’s recap…


The episode opens with Ji Seok buying his colleagues a round of coffee. He signals to Ha Sun: “Enjoy your drink.” Ha Sun responds: “Teacher Yoon, you’re the best!” Unaware of this, Ji Sun takes the time together in the bathroom to confide in Ha Sun that she feels guilty for rejecting Ji Seok, especially since he can’t seem to get over her. LOL.  

As the two teachers leave, two students come out of the bathroom stalls, uttering “Dae bak!” (Translation: Big News! or Awesome!)

At the clinic, Jin Hee looks on the Internet for jobs and Kye Sang teases her about using work time for personal purposes. Wary of getting in trouble by her “boss,” Jin Hee tells him that it’s her break time, to which Kye Sang says he’s only joking. Jin Hee replies back that he’s not funny. Hmmm…I guess their relationship is back to normal. Kye Sang then offers to cast a spell of good luck on Jin Hee to wish her success. 🙂

At school, Ji Seok barges into Soo Jung’s classroom to quiet the class down and is rudely shocked to hear the students encouraging him in his pursuit of PARK JI SUN. Soo Jung, who was sleeping during the commotion, later wakes up and hears the “big news” from a classmate.

When she returns home from school, she tells her mother that Uncle Ji Seok is in love with her English teacher. The mom, curious as Ji Seok’s noona, asks what the English teacher is like. However, when Nae Sang listens attentively to whether Park Ji Sun is pretty, Yoo Sun attacks him with her green scallions, demanding to know if he plans on buying the teacher tiger balm as well. LOL…love how the writers bring up these small reminders of past episodes…I guess Yoo Sun isn’t over that little incident yet. LOL 

Meanwhile, Ha Sun apologizes to Ji Seok and asks him for a little more time when Ji Seok suggests they simply tell the school of their dating status. Ji Seok tells her that he can wait until she’s ready to announce the news. When he asks if she’s ready for her teacher’s training trip, Ha Sun excitedly mentions that she’s looking forward to eating all sort of delicious foods. At her excitement, Ji Seok tells her wistfully that he’s sad that he won’t be able to see her for the next few days. Ha Sun tenderly holds his hands at that comment.

Jin Hee goes to a public library/study place to prepare for her job search and sees Jong Seok there as well. She goes to say “hi” and comes up from behind Jong Seok just as he’s looking at Ji Won’s picture on his cell phone. She observes matter-of-factly: “That’s Ji Won’s picture.”

This causes Jong Seok to look at her in horror as he realizes his “secret” is now out. Oy~took soooo long for me to get this exact picture but definitely worth it, wouldn’t you say? 😉

Gasping and shrieking out his horror, Jong Seok promptly falls backwards. LOL…what a reaction! She then takes him into the lounge and buys him a drink. She tells him that she understands him when he tries to tell her that she’s misunderstood the situation. How can she understand him? Because she’s also been in his shoes, pining after someone who is not interested in her. She offers to buy his a drink after their studying is over.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sun goes to see Park Ji Sun on the pretext of conferencing with Soo Jung’s English teacher. However, she ends up praising Ji Seok to Ji Sun.

Jin Hee and Jong Seok console each other in their unrequited love difficulties, ultimately wondering why the objects of their affections can’t see their good qualities. Jong Seok is tall, handsome, etc. and Jin Hee is cute, perky, etc. Jin Hee tells Jong Seok that he reminds her of Jo In Sung (OMG!), and Jong Seok returns the favor by telling Jin Hee that she reminds him of Wonder Girls’ Sohee (OMG! *chuckles*). They then decide to make a club, just the two of them, and greet each other with L-O-V-E.

And to cement their new bond, they greet each other right then and right there using the motions for their club…

…while the inebriation continues as Ji Seok returns home, softly crying that he misses Teacher Park. Of course, the family and Julian assume that he’s referring to Park Ji Sun. Soo Jung and Julian plot to help Ji Seok with Park Ji Sun.

Meanwhile, these two new buddies take their L-O-V-E body motions and singing out into the streets…

…getting into Jong Seok’s car, a shopping cart…

…and whizzing around the neighborhood until Jong Seok’s feet slip off the shopping car and Jin Hee goes careening into a lighted sign. Damage: several hundred dollars. Value: Priceless! LOL

The next day, Ha Sun calls Julian because she can’t reach Jin Hee or Ji Won, and she needs to have one of them pay a bill. Julian tells her that he’ll take care of it. Then as a passing comment, Ha Sun asks if anything in particular is happening while she’s not there, and Julian tells her that the teachers are planning a surprise event to help Ji Seok and Ji Sun.

At this unexpected–and unwelcomed–news, Ha Sun tries to tell Julian not to do that, but he hangs up with the excuse that he has a lot more planning to do. Ha Sun rushes out of her meeting, muttering what kind of school she works at where the teachers keep planning events to get people to date. LOL

Soo Jung does her job and cajoles Ji Seok into driving her back to school because she left her wallet there. Using all of her cuteness, she finally convinces him to drive her to school…just as Ha Sun calls his cell phone.

Unable to reach Ji Seok, Ha Sun then tries Ji Sun as a way to reassure herself that Ji Sun is not interested in Ji Seok. She raises her voice at Ji Sun, though, when she learns that Ji Sun is now wavering in her rejection of Ji Seok.

Ji Sun confesses that although she normally doesn’t like uneducated men, she’s finding Ji Seok a bit more attractive these days. Ha Sun freaks out and demands that Ji Sun live up to her identity as a woman (OMG! *chuckles*) and stand firm in her previous stance against Ji Seok. When Ji Sun hangs up without giving Ha Sun confirmation in order to answer a phone call from the school, Ha Sun shrieks her frustrations, presses down hard on the gas and drives like a maniac all the way to Seoul from Choong Chun, a city that’s several hours away from Seoul.

Screeching to a halt in front of the school, Ha Sun races out of the car, only to stumble in her hurry. However, this doesn’t stop our panicked Ha Sun as she flips herself forward into running form again…all without missing a single beat.

Inside the school…the teachers surprise Ji Seok with their event to help him win Park Ji Sun’s heart. LOL. The look on Ji Seok’s face is priceless.

Before Ji Seok can protest, Ji Sun walks in and hurries to accept the bouquet of roses one of the teachers has thrust into Ji Seok’s hands.

However, before Ji Sun can fully claim the bouquet as hers, the entire room is stunned to hear an unholy shriek. They turn to see…Ha Sun in all her disheveled glory. Ripping the flowers from Ji Sun’s hands, Ha Sun spits out that Ji Seok is “her man!” heh heh…I seriously could not have asked for a more dramatic and emphatic announcement from the very woman who was trying so hard to keep the relationship a secret. LOL

The teachers go out to dinner to celebrate, and the teachers all congratulate the two. Even Ji Sun, pretending that she’s all right, congratulates them before quietly excusing herself for some fresh air.

Julian sees her retreating form and follows her out, offering her words of comfort…and his warm coat. Aw…I guess this is the beginning of the long-awaited, projected relationship between Julian and Ji Sun. 🙂

Back at home and in clearer state of mind, Jong Seok goes to visit Jin Hee and gives her his half of the money for the sign repairs. Jin Hee apologizes, saying that she should have acted more responsibly as the adult of the two. She expresses reluctance to take his half of the repair money but does so because she could use the money and because Jong Seok tells her that he wouldn’t feel right if he didn’t help with his half.  

And when they meet again in the streets later that night, Jin Hee awkwardly motions that she and Jong Seok had promised to greet each other with L-O-V-E. However, she concedes that the motions are really awkward to do in a sober state of mind. heh…I’ll say. 🙂 She offers to buy  him dinner if he hasn’t had any yet, a bowl of noodle soup to ward off the cold.

And with that one little offer of dinner, the two enter the tented, impromptu eatery (po-jang-ma-cha) and come out motioning and singing their little club cheer: L-O-V-E!

Post-Recap Thoughts: How absolutely adorable was this episode?! First Ha Sun with all her craziness and then Jong Seok and Jin Hee with their cute little club song and dance. LOL.

As I mentioned before in the pre-recap thoughts, I’m liking this pairing of Jong Seok and Jin Hee. These two understand each other. The only down side is that they seem to have fun–way too much fun–only when they’re drunk. *Sigh* I hope they have more bonding time outside of several bottles of soju.

Odd as it is, Jin Hee seems to be a good confidant to a number of people. She was like that for Ji Seok…perhaps she’ll be a good one for Jong Seok. Hmmm…I just hope the writers are positioning her into becoming a match for Jong Seok. But with the series more than halfway through, and with the introduction of a possible Julian-Ji Sun love line, anything is possible.

We’ll just have to see….

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  1. awww ha sun and ji seok are adorable!! love that their secret is finally out

    i’m a tad bit sad about jong seok and ji won though, honestly thought they’d be a match and as cute as his interactions with jin hee are, i just cant see them two together sighh these writers are a little frustrating

    thanks so much for all your effort with the high kick recaps! i eagerly anticipate every one of them 🙂

  2. i enjoyed the connection between jinhee and jongseok…they’re so funny singing while drunk..they understand each other just like kyesang and jiwon(well in a more fun way)…hasun’s confession at last…and the start of julien-jisun romance is one i’m also looking forward to… =)

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