High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 22 – Episode 96 Link and Recap)

Episode 96 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Ah, Valentine’s Day…that much-touted day of love and more importantly, chocolates! LOL. Something to note for those of you who are unfamiliar with Valentine’s Day in Korea…For some reason, the Korean culture has girls giving guys chocolates on Valentine’s Day. When do the women receive chocolates from the men, you ask? On this Korean holiday called White Day. Ummm…yeah, don’t ask. I have absolutely no idea how that came about. LOL

The episode centers around chocolates, and these lovely–albeit fattening–delights to the taste buds help to develop some very poignant moments for us. Be prepared to sigh and sniffle–for those of you who easily do so–as our characters take us on their journey of love…or un-love. 

On that note, let’s commence with the recap! 


The episode opens with two female students leaving chocolates for Ji Seok so that he’ll see it first thing tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Park Ji Sun wonders if she should give Ji Seok a box of chocolates in the name of friendship. At this, Ha Sun raises her voice and asks why Ji Sun should do that!?! LOL. When Ji Sun comments that Ji Seok seems weak and with more wrinkles these days, perhaps because of her rejection of his feelings, Ha Sun mutters under her breath that Ji Seok has a lot of wrinkles to begin with. heh

Meanwhile, at the Ahn residence, Soo Jung cooks up a storm melting down chocolates for the men in her life. The reason? She plans to sweeten them up on Valentine’s Day so that they’ll want to give her bigger and better presents and allowances down the line. LOL. However, when she tastes the chocolate mix, she is rudely surprised by the weird taste. However, since she is unwilling to spend time and energy fixing the problem, she continues with the cooking, stating that it’s all right since she won’t have to eat them. OMG! 

Ji Seok invites Ha Sun to a Valentine’s Day dinner at a friend’s restaurant. When he receives a phone call from a friend, Ha Sun comments that he has changed his ringtone. Ji Seok tells her that it’s the singer IU’s song, but he thinks Ha Sun is much cuter than IU. At this compliment, Ha Sun tells him that her fingers are curling up at his obvious exaggerations. I guess IU is the “undisputed” cute girl in Korea right now. LOL

At the end of his tutorial session, Jong Seok asks if Ji Won is going to make chocolates like Soo Jung. Unfortunately for Jong Seok who was hoping to receive chocolates from her, Ji Won objectively explains the origin of Valentine’s Day and how it’s really a marketing ploy by the cookie/candy industry to generate profits. Yeah, that’s one way to take the idealism/romance out of the holiday, Ji Won…you tell him! LOL. Jong Seok consoles himself with the fact that it’s probably better Ji Won not give chocolates to anyone than give chocolates to uncles. Hmmm…I can guess one uncle who will be getting something….

Ha Sun returns home from her date with Ji Seok and is surprised to find the house overflowing with chocolate gifts from Julian’s female students. Julian jokes that his popularity knows no end. LOL. Ha Sun realizes that the small box of chocolates that she purchased for Ji Seok simply won’t do, especially not for their first Valentine’s Day together.

So rather than sleep, she searches the Internet for a spectacular idea that is guaranteed to surprise Ji Seok…

…and spends the entire night baking, cutting, frosting her first Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend.

First thing the next morning, Soo Jung passes out her gift-bagged bundles of Valentine’s chocolates, something that pleasantly surprises all the men in the family.

When Jong Seok jokingly asks Soo Jung if she put poison in his candy, she abruptly changes her expression and asks how he knows. LOL 

But when the men actually taste the chocolates, they start to wonder if she did. LOL. Kye Sang asks how the taste of kimchi can emanate from chocolates and wonders if Soo Jung spilled some kimchi while she was making her batch of chocolates. Nae Sang is able to barely swallow his and suggests that they think of it as kimchi and proceeds to eat some rice. LOL…love his expression. LOL

As expected, Ha Sun oversleeps and calls Ji Seok from her taxi in a panic. Ji Seok teases her at first, telling her that the principal keeps asking for her, but then quickly reassures her that she’s in the clear because the principal isn’t at school right now.  

Ha Sun rushes out of the taxi…and leaves the carefully and beautifully gift-wrapped present in the taxi.

Of course, she doesn’t realize this until she’s inside the school and starts to hit her head in frustration. She explains to Ji Seok that she spent all night preparing this wonderful present for him because it’s their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple. Ji Seok tries to reassure her that it’s all right and that just knowing she went to all that trouble is enough; it’s almost as if he’s already received the gift. 

Meanwhile, Jin Hee discovers that the two nurses have banded together and gotten Kye Sang a box of chocolates as a way of thanking him for all the things he does. Thinking back to their Christmas gift, Jin Hee goes out on her break and buys a small box of delicious chocolates, commenting that this should be the perfect size to thank him properly without causing him discomfort/burden.

However, she sees the small box of candies the nurses prepared and sigh over hers. One of the nurses comments that they are not his girlfriends so this small box of chocolates should suffice. Jin Hee, not wanting Kye Sang to misunderstand her gift, starts to take some of the chocolates out.  Poor little Jin Hee….

The principal asks after Ha Sun, who has disappeared from school. She was supposed to submit her lesson plans to him. Ji Seok calls her to find out where she is and is surprised to hear that Ha Sun is waiting for the taxi driver in her attempt to recover her gift. Oh dear…dereliction of duty…tsk tsk. LOL. She asks Ji Seok to hand her lesson plans to the principal for her. When he looks inside her bag, however, he also sees her elaborate cake plan and decides to do something for Ha Sun. Such a smart man, knowing that Ha Sun will most likely not recover her gift. 

Ji Seok then “borrows” Julian’s chocolates and adds them to his and rushes out of the teachers’ lounge. 

Seung Yoon and Jong Seok discuss how Seung Yoon is recovering from his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal. Seung Yoon says he’s fine now and wonders if he should date Soo Jung. At Jong Seok’s protest, Seung Yoon then suggests Ji Won, which causes a greater and louder reaction from Jong Seok. LOL. However, Seung Yoon merely points to Ji Won inside a chocolate store and comments that Ji Won must be buying chocolates for the person she likes. Not wanting to entertain such a possibility, Jong Seok tries to believe what she told him, that she doesn’t believe in nor celebrates Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok bakes like a mad baker, even burning himself in the process…poor baby. He momentarily wonders about “W” and “C” that’s written on the roof of the cake/house and if it’s “WC” for bathroom (“water closet”).

When the two boys return home, Soo Jung welcomes Seung Yoon and gives him a bag of chocolates as well, reminding him to buy her something nice in return. LOL. Oh, Soo Jung. Not giving Seung Yoon a chance to try the chocolates, though, Jong Seok grabs it: “Don’t eat it. Throw it away. Throw it away. It’s trash.” However, Seung Yoon takes it back and eats it…against Jong Seok’s advice.

While Seung Yoon goes to brush his teeth to wash away the foul taste of Soo Jung’s chocolates (heh, should have listened to his friend), Jong Seok thinks back on Ji Won at the chocolate shop and tries to convince himself that she was probably just buying chocolates for herself.

Finally done with the cake, Ji Seok celebrates with a little dance and then fields a phone call from Ha Sun.

She tells him the bad news that the present was taken by another passenger. However, she quickly brightens up when Ji Seok tells her that the passenger must have seen her enter the school and brought the present inside…because the cake is now at the school. Immensely relieved, Ha Sun comments on the gift-wrapping, and Ji Seok, not knowing what the wrapping looked like in order to duplicate it, tells her that the box was crushed and so he had one of the kitchen staff transport it into another box…without his seeing it since Ha Sun wants to be there when he sees it for the first time. Aw…what a great boyfriend. He tells her that he’ll bring the present, so she should head over to the restaurant directly.

He then prepares to gift-box his cake.

Meanwhile, Jong Seok sees Kye Sang come home with two big shopping bags of chocolates and stops himself from speculating whether Ji Won’s chocolates are among those boxes. He firmly reminds himself not to resort to his previous immature ways.

Unfortunately, when he sees Ji Won later that night come out of Kye Sang’s room because she needed to “give” Kye Sang something, he hesitates–for about a second–before succumbing to the temptation to check if she gave his uncle some chocolates. One after another, Jong Seok opens them all…except the last one. He stops himself from spiralling down into that immature jealousy mode again and forces himself to walk out of the room…without checking that last box.

When he meets Ji Won later that night at a convenience store, he plunks down a chocolate bar and asks her to buy it for him. And as soon as she pays for it, Jong Seok grabs it, opens the wrapper, and takes a big bite. So sad…he wants chocolates from Ji Won so badly that he maneuvers to have her “buy” him chocolates this way. *Sigh* Jong Seok, you break my heart, you really do.

At the restaurant, Ha Sun spots Ji Seok and joins him at the table. OMG, I just have to say that Ha Sun is so adorable in her mannerisms…she’s like a little kitten the way she waves her hands in hello to Ji Seok. LOL. Spotting the box, she immediately hugs it and tells it that she’s been looking for it all day long.  LOL. She wistfully mentions that the gift-wrapping was really pretty, too, and Ji Seok quickly replies that he did see it. Aw…such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Then in anticipation, she watches as Ji Seok opens the present, who makes the appropriate ooohs and ahhhs…only Ha Sun’s face doesn’t reflect the satisfied look of a woman watching her man enjoying her surprise gift, one that she labored over the entire night.

And then we discover why. The “WC” on the cake house design signified “white chocolate” for the roof…and Ji Seok’s cake house has a brown roof!

Realizing what Ji Seok must have done to help make her Valentine’s Day a happy one, Ha Sun thanks Ji Seok, who asks her what for…he’s the one who received the present. Then choosing a moment during dinner, she discreetly excuses herself to “go to the bathroom” and instead arranges to sing a song for him at the restaurant, the only gift she can think of to give him from her on such short notice. As she begins to sing, she says that this song is dedicated to someone whose warm heart she can never follow. Motioning “I love you,” she then commences to sing…

…and boy, does she sing! LOL. The entire restaurant erupts in laughter as she belts out her love song to Ji Seok, wrong notes and all. LOL

Overwhelmed with love for his girlfriend, Ji Seok stands up and yells “Bravo!” Then in what is soon becoming his anthem confession, he pounds on his chest: “I love you!”  

Post-Recap Thoughts: This episode gave me such an extreme range of emotions. I was thrilled for Ji Seok and Ha Sun, awwwwing and ooohing over Ji Seok’s efforts to please and protect Ha Sun’s feelings while equally delighted that Ha Sun’s level of love for Ji Seok is slowly starting to match his.

However, Jong Seok’s one-sided love left me with a gnawing sadness for our recent high school graduate. He wants so much to receive chocolates from Ji Won that he worms his way into getting her to buy him chocolate, and a cheap, convenience-store-quality chocolate bar at that. *sigh* Jong Seok, my heart bled a little for you today. I hope you don’t suffer any more…I don’t know how much my usually tearless heart and eyes can handle this unrequited love of yours. 

*Sigh…* I have a growing suspicion that with Jin Hee’s hopes with Kye Sang dashed, the writers will have no hesitation in doing the same with Jong Seok’s. Oh, you cruel, heartless writers! 

And yet, despite my growing resentment of the writers, this little twinkie will again be tuning in for the next episode…her bright eyes brimming with hope that perhaps this next episode will bring Jong Seok happiness. LOL. Hope you enjoyed the recap! I sure did! 😉

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