High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 22 – Episode 95 Link and Recap)

Episode 95 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: It looks like another one of the Season 2 stars has decided to make an appearance as Daniel Choi guest stars in today’s episode! 🙂 He and Kye Sang compete as  long-time rivals, providing for some outrageous comedy as the two argue about almost everything. Using dramatic music and equally dramatic “moments,” the show does what it does best–it spoofs. LOL

Meanwhile, Jong Seok works hard to maneuver Soo Jung into helping him out…tsk tsk…bad brother! LOL


The episode opens with Soo Jung leaving for school and asking Jong Seok what he’s going to do now that school is back in session. He can’t stay home all day and do nothing. He should at least go to a prep center to get ready for college. Nae Sang overhears the conversation and goes to talk to Jong Seok about his future plans, suggesting perhaps that Jong Seok return to the high school and take senior level classes since he spent his senior year taking junior level classes. As expected, Jong Seok adamantly refuses to return, citing how embarrassing that would be for him when he just graduated from that high school. He argues that his tutorials with Ji Won should be enough, and if they aren’t, he’ll simply spend more time studying with her. heh…

Unfortunately, as he and Ji Won tutor later that day, Ji Won cuts their lesson short after a mere 45 minutes. At his surprise, she explains that since today was the first day back at school, she’s tired and has a lot of work to do. When Jong Seok tells her to make up the time then at their next tutorial, she tells him that now that she’s a senior, she probably won’t be able to spend as much time tutoring him. She modifies their schedule to once a week on a weekend but promises him that she’ll really prepare her lessons well so that what she teaches him will enter his brain easily. She uses Season 2’s “dragon tail” comment to refer to key concepts. LOL

A few days later, Ji Won runs into Jong Seok leaving for his first day at a prep center. With Ji Won unable to tutor him as often as he needs, Jong Seok has opted to go the prep center route. Ji Won wishes him luck on his first day and reminds him of the importance of putting his best foot forward, especially on a first day.

Meanwhile, it’s someone else’s first day…at the clinic. Lee Joon (Daniel Choi) arrives in a shiny car and looks upon the clinic with resignation.

He makes his appearance in the clinic by questioning Kye Sang’s choice of treatment for a little crying girl, thereby reigniting their age-old rivalry.

Shocked by Kye Sang’s cold reaction to anyone, Jin Hee asks the nurses about the two men’s history during their lunch hour.  

The nurses explain that back in medical school, there were two great doctors, and Kye Sang was in “line” with one doctor while Lee Joon was in “line” with the other…Love the spoofing of medical dramas here as interns and residents follow their attendings (a medical term for senior/teaching doctors). LOL

Even in the operating room, their rivalry doesn’t stop as they bicker over what procedure is best. The nurses conclude that once a rival, always a rival.

Back in the present, Kye Sang goes to see Lee Joon and welcomes him to the clinic. Lee Joon deliberating ignores Kye Sang’s handshake and snobbishly tells Kye Sang that he’s only here on temporary assignment as a favor to the clinic director before he heads over to Johns Hopkins (one of the world’s premier medical facilities).

While the two doctors battle each other, Jong Seok deals with another type of battle.  As he surveys the classroom at his prep center, he is discouraged by all the students who are not studying…nor are they paying attention to anything the lecturer is saying.

At the clinic, a grandmother comes in with a complaint of an achy knee. Kye Sang leads her into his office but not before Lee Joon shows up and again questions Kye Sang’s plan of treatment. The two argue over how best to treat the grandmother, causing her to panic and asking if she’s going to die. The poor grandmother…! Kye Sang loses his temper and yells at Lee Joon to go to Johns Hopkins then if Lee Joon is so keen on practicing there and interfering with Kye Sang’s patient.

Stunned by the outburst, Jin Hee asks the nurse what Kye Sang’s “local NSAID” is and what Lee Joon’s “ice pack” is. She’s deflated to learn that “local NSAID” is just the medical term for a medicated bandage and “ice pack” is just an ice pack in Korean. She reaffirms with the nurse their loyalty to Kye Sang in this “war” between the rivals. LOL.  

Meanwhile, Jong Seok goes to school on an errand for his mother. Apparently, Ji Seok left some papers that he needed.

Using this opportunity at school, Jong Seok roams the school grounds and recalls how he first met Ji Won…

…on those steps so many months ago.

In real time, Ji Won says the exact words she uttered back then: “Hey, you’re in my favorite spot.” At her question of what brings him to school, Jong Seok explains that he had to do an errand for his family. Unfortunately, the bells signals the start of another class session, and Ji Won bids him goodbye when Jong Seok obviously wanted to spend more time with her.

With time to spare on his hands, Jong Seok follows Ji Won to her classroom and gazes into the classroom window, soaking up the view of Ji Won studying and even mimicking her motions. LOL…so cute!

When he gets caught by Soo Jung, who waves him away because he’s embarrassing her, he quickly ducks out of view.

At the clinic, the rivalry continues, this time with Kye Sang as the head doctor leading his team and Lee Joon with his team. The “usual” dramatic medical scene music plays loudly in the background as the two competing teams approach each other and then pass…without a single word of acknowledgement to the other.

Having been to school, Jong Seok decides upon a scheme: get Soo Jung to tattle on him so that his parents will force him to go back to high school. After seeing what the prep center is like and what spending all day with Ji Won might be like, Jong Seok needs to find a way to save face and go back to school, something he swore to his father that he would never accept. So, he fills his backpack with an empty bottle of soju, gambling cards, etc. and positions himself right under Soo Jung as she climbs down her ladder. His plan? To stage bumping into her and spilling all his “bad” contents out on the floor so that Soo Jung will tattle on him, forcing his parents to insist on his returning to high school. Apparently, Ji Seok can arrange special permission with the principal to allow Jong Seok to audit the classes.

As Soo Jung spies his “secret” and rushes away to snitch on him, Jong Seok smiles and silently urges Soo Jung on: “Go tell Mom and Dad! Hurry! Hurry!” OMG…the lengths this boy will go to in order to save face. 

Unfortunately, his plan backfires. Soo Jung, with pity for her brother who must be going through a difficult time, decides to give him one chance to do what’s right and stop his destructive behavior. heh…this is what happens, Jong Seok, when one has an unpredictable little sister who secretly cares for her brother despite all her outward actions…heh heh.

At the clinic, another secret is about to be revealed…Lee Joon has a boil on his back that requires excision, and the nurse walks in on him as he tries to squeeze the pus (discharge) out of the boil.

At around the same time, Jong Seok, having failed once, steps into Plan B: pretend to accidentally send a text message to Soo Jung. What was the message? A text telling a guy that Jong Seok finds the environment at the prep center unconducive to studying and that he will be joining the guy for drinks and billiards…just like yesterday. After sending the message, Jong Seok sends a message to Soo Jung, apologizing for sending her a text by mistake. He then prays earnestly for Soo Jung to tattle on him. LOL

However, his ever loyal little sister tries to help her brother out again by still giving him the benefit of the doubt. She fires back a text message: “Stupid. Are you going to keep doing stupid things? I’m going to give you one more chance. You had better be nice to me. You.”

Kye Sang hears about Lee Joon’s boil condition and offers to help him. Self-treating a boil that’s on the back is near impossible. It could turn into a huge carbuncle…just like when Lee Joon was an intern. Lee Joon dramatically demands that Kye Sang leave him and his boil alone. In equally dramatic mode, Kye Sang tells Lee Joon that their rivalry is a rivalry but treating a boil is treating a boil. The two are completely separate issues. He then calmly asks for the instrument so that he can help Lee Joon. OMG…the writers are hilarious in having these two men treat nothing as if it’s something.  

Back at home, Jong Seok asks Soo Jung if she’s going to tattle on him. Soo Jung reminds him that she never goes back on her word. Desperate now, Jong Seok grabs Soo Jung’s cheeks and pinches them in an effort to push her to go back on her promise to him. As she warns him to let go, Jong Seok pinches harder, saying that she’s just so sweet and cute for not telling on him.

Kye Sang and his two staff members prepare for Lee Joon’s treatment. Taking meticulous steps to prep the boil–swabbing the area with betadine, applying gauze to the surround area, wearing protective eye gear, etc.–Kye Sang then proceeds to excise the boil as though it were a major surgery. heh heh…

With Jong Seok’s vicious pinching of Soo Jung’s cheeks, Soo Jung’s resolve to help her brother breaks, and she rushes to tell her parents. Their response? Just what Jong Seok wants: he’s going back to high school! Jong Seok even feeds them solutions to certain problems like what he’s going to wear to school since Mom donated his high school uniform. He loudly protests that they had better not ask Seung Yoon for his high school uniform. Dang! I had forgotten that Seung Yoon had purchased one long ago so that he could be “classmates” with Jong Seok. LOL

With his plan now finally proceeding as planned, Jong Seok lowers his head in “disappointment” and “frustration,” only to sneak in a smile of victory. When Soo Jung catches a glimpse of it and asks if he’s smiling, Jong Seok vehemently denies doing such a thing. LOL 

With their rivalry somewhat lessened, Lee Joon tells Kye Sang that he’ll be leaving the clinic now that a replacement has been found. He thanks Kye Sang for excising his boil and leaves to assume his position at Johns Hopkins.

Meanwhile, Jong Seok resumes his high school education in Soo Jung’s class. His sister, completely embarrassed by her brother, mutters that the family should really disown Jong Seok.

However, Jong Seok is not at all embarrassed, although he pretends to be. He lowers his head so that he can smile his little happy victory smiles. LOL

Especially when Ji Won looks back at him to encourage him not to be discouraged. She’s glad that she’ll be studying with him once again.

The episode ends with Kye Sang sending Lee Joon a flower arrangement of congratulations and reconciliation. The location? A plastics surgery clinic in Korea called “Johns Hopkins.” LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts: I really love how the writers are such masters at playing with the viewers’ expectations and overturning them for a good laugh. Nicely done!

Now that the “drama” with Jin Hee and Kye Sang has been resolved, the show shifts to developing Jong Seok’s continued pursuit of Ji Won, no matter how unnoticeable his pursuit may appear to Ji Won. There were definitely some classic moments in this episode, but more than any development–or non-development as the case may be–what I am appreciating more these days is the deepening of Soo Jung’s character. We already know that she’s loyal and maturing a bit (her sensitive with Seung Yoon when he was duped by Cassie), but this episode really showcases her efforts to help her big brother out…in Soo Jung fashion, of course.

As for Daniel Choi’s guest role, I’m glad his role wasn’t a meaningless guest appearance but one that served to bring out an aspect of Kye Sang that we’ve never seen before: his competitive, cold nature. 

All in all, it was quite the enjoyable little episode. 🙂 

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