High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 21 – Episode 94 Link and Recap)

Episode 94 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: I know this recap of Ep. 94 is uploading out of order–yes, before Ep. 93’s recap–but I thought that since the episode is noticeably lighter on the various love relationships and instead focuses on developing the friendship bonds between Seung Yoon – Soo Jung and Ha Sun – Jin Hee, a quick recap would be feasible to do before I really got started with the day.

Although today’s episode didn’t really provide anything new in terms of the existing love relationships, I really appreciated the writers’ exploration of friendships and how in each set, one friend seeks revenge on behalf of the other friend. 🙂 Love the loyalty that we get to see in Ha Sun and Soo Jung, especially Soo Jung who is proving that she may be a brat at times, but when it matters, she’s always upfront about her intentions and loyal to the bone. I’m really liking the interesting depth they are giving her. And the comedic moments certainly don’t hurt. LOL  


Today’s episode starts with the Ahns thinking that the bags of gifts  that Seung Yoon brings into the house are for them. Imagine their surprise when he says that all those gifts are actually for his girlfriend. Girlfriend?

Later that day, Seung Yoon tells Jong Seok about how he met his new girlfriend, Cassie, at the audition. She doesn’t speak a lick of Korean because she grew up in the States and only speaks English, but they are still able to communicate via the “language” of love–in his case, hand gestures, Konglish and guesses. So when Cassie calls him on the phone, all he says is “Yes…Yes…Yes…Yes.” Jong Seok asks if he understands what she’s saying, and Seung Yoon replies no, but “yes” sure beats having to keep saying “I don’t know.” LOL. He asks Soo Jung for English help so that he can communicate with Cassie.

Ha Sun offers Jin Hee two complimentary musical tickets that she received from her school for Jin Hee and Kye Sang to attend. Ha Sun and Ji Seok are going to use the ones Ji Seok received. Jin Hee explains to her that she’s sorted through her feelings for Kye Sang, and Ha Sun is saddened to hear that Kye Sang didn’t return Jin Hee’s feelings.

When she sees Jin Hee later in the kitchen crying, she assumes that Jin Hee is crying because of Kye Sang.

In actuality, Jin Hee is crying because she’s chopping onions. Julian comes into the kitchen and tells Jin Hee a secret: If she turns on the gas stove and chops the onions right next to the stove, she’ll cry less. What on earth?! I’ve heard of soaking the onions in water or vinegar a bit before chopping, but this? Interesting….

Meanwhile, Seung Yoon wakes up Soo Jung with the offer of donuts to ask her for some English phrases to use on his date today with Cassie. What are these phrases that he just had to wake up Soo Jung for? “What do you want to eat? What presents do you want?” Yeesh…the boy really is asking to be used. He asks her why “What do you want to eat?” is so long, and Soo Jung can’t believe his stupidity and tells him that she told him both phrases together.

When Soo Jung demands that Seung Yoon buy her pizza since he has so much money to spend on Cassie, Seung Yoon asks her for a rain check since he’s short on cash right now. Soo Jung cynically comments that he’s pouring cash on Cassie and then asks if Cassie’s not dating him simply to get presents from him. He rejects the idea flat-out, declaring that she’s a very nice girl. Then he asks Soo Jung for another phrase: “Don’t worry about money. Just choose whatever you want.” Oh yeah, the boy is asking to get his heart broken…Poor little thing. The only consolation is that Soo Jung is helping him and will protect him…heh heh.

To cheer Jin Hee up, Ha Sun cooks Jin Hee’s favorite crab stew for dinner that night. However, when Jin Hee comes home from work, she declines the thoughtful dinner because she doesn’t feel so good after the Chinese food she had for lunch. As Jin Hee goes to the bedroom to change her clothes, Ha Sun looks at her pitifully, wondering how big the hurt must be for Jin Hee to refuse her favorite crab stew.

Since there is so much crab stew, she takes some over to the Ahns and is peeved to see Kye Sang eating and laughing on the phone. She throws him laser beams of resentment, which Kye Sang notices and teasingly comments.

Ji Seok comes down at that time and wonders why Ha Sun is glaring at his brother like that, too. As he walks her back to the tunnel, he asks about that, and Ha Sun tells him what she can without revealing too much. Of course, Ji Seok doesn’t really understand and so spends some time praising his girlfriend’s beauty, speculating on how she can have so many different expressions in such a short span of time. He then caresses her cheeks, much to Ha Sun’s embarrassment. LOL

Seung Yoon brings Cassie to meet his Seoul family, and Soo Jung reluctantly acts as translator. In the course of the dinner, she discovers that Seung Yoon has been showering Cassie with gifts so that everything on Cassie–from head to toe–has been purchased by Seung Yoon.

Ha Sun continues to find more things to dislike about Kye Sang as they meet outside randomly and he laughs in front of her. Thinking that there’s something wrong with her, Ha Sun demands to know what he finds amusing. Kye Sang tells her that there’s a bird trying to sit on a telephone wire, but it keeps slipping due to the ice covering the wire. 

Kye Sang returns home with a package of Korean prime beef, something he purchased on discount with a patient who’s also a rancher, and the Ahns invite the neighbors over for dinner as a thank-you for last night’s crab stew. The only two people missing are Ji Seok and Soo Jung, who both have previous engagements. As they all gather to eat, Ha Sun looks upon Jin Hee with pity as Jin Hee barely touches the meat that she would normally devour. 

She looks over at Kye Sang, who is immensely enjoying  the meal, even commenting that the meat just melts in his mouth and that he wouldn’t notice if the person next to him died (Korean expression to signify how good the food is).

At this, Ha Sun’s dislike for Kye Sang jumps several notches. 

Meanwhile, Soo Jung walks with Seung Yoon as they both walk to their respective meetings. She translates for him into English whether Cassie would prefer a desktop or a PC. Earlier on in the day, Soo Jung had suggested that Seung Yoon just date her instead of Cassie since Cassie’s obviously taking him for a ride. At least this way, he can spend his money on her, and not on some stranger. LOL. Seung Yoon had told her that he doesn’t love lightly. When he starts to like someone, he really goes “all in” and treats that woman like a queen.

Unfortunately, his “queen” turns out to be a two-timing, scheming gold-digger who is meeting another guy right before her date with Seung Yoon. He and Soo Jung part ways, and as soon as he starts to cross the street, he sees Cassie with another guy. Shocked, he freezes in the middle of the street, a sight that causes Soo Jung to back-track to see what’s wrong with him. She tells her “Stupid” that it’s dangerous to just stand there in the street.

And that’s when she, too, sees the two-timing. She utters in anger for us what Seung Yoon is too stunned to verbalize.

Rather than leave Seung Yoon in his pain and meet her friends as planned, Soo Jung spends her time comforting Seung Yoon, offering him a drink.

Meanwhile, the two households finish dinner, and Jin Hee excuses herself to retire early from an upset stomach while the rest of them decide to play a game. Ha Sun is selected as the “beggar” having to work her way up the line to challenge the “king, who just happens to be Kye Sang. She vows that she will avenge her dear little friend.

Unfortunately, her first attempt is unsuccessful as Kye Sang not only requests her roly-poly dance–as king, he can demand a favor from any challenger–but he also uses all his strength to apply the punishment “properly.” After all, it’s a game, right? Wait until Ji Seok hears about this, though. LOL

On the second attempt, Kye Sang requests a song in “cat meows” and still wins despite Ha Sun’s focused concentration.

And this goes on for several more attempts until Ha Sun is left in some serious pain.

At the evening’s end, she goes home and tearfully apologizes to a sleeping Jin Hee that she wasn’t able to avenge Jin Hee as she had hoped. While she laments her failure, she receives a text from Ji Seok who has just returned from his evening.

She receives sympathy from her boyfriend, who huffs and puffs that his older brother could hurt his girlfriend like that. He then offers to avenge her. Slightly soothed by Ji Seok indignation on her behalf, Ha Sun tells him that she will seek her revenge on Kye Sang at another time.

But Ji Seok doesn’t operate that way. He tells her that revenge is sweetest when she strikes in the peak of her anger. He then drags her into Kye Sang’s room in the middle of the night–Kye Sang really does sleep with a smile on his face LOL–and tells her to strike his brother on the forehead. He even parts the hair for her and reassures her that one hit is justified after all the hits that she’s had to endure.  O-M-G. I guess girlfriend comes before brother. LOL

Swayed by his logic–not that she needed much convincing–Ha Sun aims and fires! At Kye Sang’s yelp of pain, both of them scurry out of the bedroom.

And returning triumphantly back to her bedroom, Ha Sun tells Jin Hee that she was able to avenge Jin Hee. Her only regret? That she didn’t hit him harder and with her knuckles. LOL…who knew Ha Sun could be so blood-thirsty?

The next morning, Seung Yoon brings Soo Jung the promised pan of pizza and thanks her for all her help. Soo Jung tells him cheekily that it’s her turn to be his girlfriend and get showered with presents. When Seung Yoon mentions that Soo Jung doesn’t even like him in that way, Soo Jung just smiles and tells him that since Seung Yoon plans to eventually become president of Korea, she will date him then. LOL…so cute, these two. He then tells her to eat without any thought of money, and Soo Jung replies that she never does.

As she walks outside, Soo Jung serendipitously runs into Cassie and her new boyfriend. Seeing her chance, Soo Jung runs and puts the offending gold-digger in a vicious headlock.

With her mission of vengeance completed, Soo Jung runs away…a small, satisfied smile on her face.   

Post-Recap Thoughts: I simply adored how the two friends scheme to protect their vulnerable, hurting friends. When those they love are wounded and weak, these two women stepped forward and sought vengeance in the names of Seung Yoon and Jin Hee.

I don’t know about you all, but when others seek revenge on the wounded party’s part, I find it so much more satisfying than if the person himself/herself had sought revenge. It shows a depth of friendship and love for the hurting party that simple revenge doesn’t do. If anything, I often find the revenge-seeking victim to be unsympathetic because of how the desire to inflict harm on the offender transforms the victim’s original sweet demeanor into one that’s distasteful.

This way, when Soo Jung and Ha Sun step in as Seung Yoon and Jin Hee’s champions, this plot development works to endear the characters to us more and enriches the already existing friendships.

In a word, I liked. I liked very much. Today’s episode on friendship was a nice change of pace from the sadness surrounding Jin Hee’s rejection.

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  1. Hasun and Kyesang’s relationship reminds me of Minyoung and Hae mi from the first season. Hopefully that means Kyesang will become her brother-in-law. HAHA they would attack each other everyday.
    LOL Jiseok’s reaction is HILARIOUS! He’s all like..”that’s okay you can hit my brother..as long as you feel better.” That cracks me up.

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. wow..really nice episode…it changed my mood from a very angsty ep93..i’m starting to like Seung Yoon & Soo Jung’s friendship..And Hasun’s really funny…LOL while she’s doing the roly poly dance & cat meows song with a serious face…it’s really funny when i see kyesang smiling while sleeping…hahaha!!!this episode was hilarious… ^_^

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