High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 21 – Episode 93 Link and Recap)

Episode 93 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: This episode was definitely worth the wait after that cliffhanger at the end of Episode 92. My only regret right now is that due to the time crunch I’m under, I can’t do as thorough a recap as I would like.

Usually, when I prepare a recap post, I watch it once, snipping screenshots as I watch. I then insert the pictures and rewatch the episode so that I can catch all of the pertinent details to include in the recap as I type.

Unfortunately, I only have about an hour to spend on this tonight, so I shall be attempting to recap from memory. Waiting any longer to recap this episode will play havoc on my schedule…Sorry if the post is a bit more general than normal, but something is better than nothing, right?


The episode resumes with our cliffhanger from Ep. 92. Jin Hee tries to shut the teddy bear up, but she’s too late. The teddy bear spills all its little secrets by the time she’s able to shut it down. However, before either Jin Hee or Kye Sang can really discuss the situation, the two nurses return, preventing any further discussion.

Jong Seok accompanies Seung Yoon to the bakery where Seung Yoon scours the racks for goodies to buy Soo Jung for all her help during the audition. Inspired by Seung Yoon, Jong Seok buys one bag of cookies to give to Ji Won. At the end of their tutorial lesson, he tosses the cookies at Ji Won and tries to nonchalantly pass off the gift as something he got for free on the streets. Of course, Ji Won knows better since no one really gives away gift-wrapped cookies away for free in Korea. Thanking him for the cookies, she then tells him that she won’t be able to tutor him for the next week because she has to visit her aunt down in Daejeon.

Jong Seok goes home, plops himself on his bed, and starts to grumble about why Ji Won has to go visit an aunt…for a week!

Not even halfway through the week, he starts hallucinating, seeing Ji Won’s face in his textbook.

When he asks Seung Yoon for the day and receives verification that he has several more days to wait, he messes up his hair in frustration. Heh heh…so adorable!

Jin Hee enters Kye Sang’s office to deliver some papers and bravely brings up the issue of her confession. She tries to minimize its gravity and reassures Kye Sang that she has a tendency to confession to men quite often. She even makes a pun of a Korean game “Go-Back-Jump” so that the game sounds like “Confession Jump” to indicate that she jumps around, confessing to lots of men. Knowing Jin Hee’s intentions, Kye Sang tells her that he understands and that he will treat her without any awkwardness as she requests.

Having said her piece, Jin Hee quietly closes the door to his office and sighs.

Meanwhile, Jong Seok debates whether to call Ji Won and is excited when Ji Won calls him first. When she asks if his studying is going well and that she feels a bit guilty for simply taking an entire week off from tutorial without consulting him, he tells her that he’s doing fine. However, her question gives him the perfect opportunity to talk with her…on the pretext of asking her academic questions.

Not once…

Not twice…

But at least three times. And on the third time, when Ji Won has a difficult time explaining the problem over the phone, she comes up with the brilliant idea of video recording her math solution. Jong Seok tries to peer upward at the video, though, when he only sees her hands solving the problem. LOL…dork! He contents himself with at least seeing her hands, commenting on how pretty they are. LOL

However, when he sees her face at the end, his expression changes from mere happy to ecstatic. heh

Unfortunately, Soo Jung comes into the room, causing Jong Seok to drop his phone in his panic of being discovered, and Soo Jung goes to tell their mother that Jong Seok is watching erotica/porn on his cell phone.  I seriously love this sibling relationship.

Meanwhile, Kye Sang invites Jin Hee to join him and his sunbae for a meal. Of course, the sunbae doesn’t want to have her along, not after his last encounter with Jin Hee, but he reluctantly agrees. At the restaurant, we learn that the sunbae later sent Jin Hee money for the lunch he skipped out on without paying. He then tries to offer her more money if she needed more to cover the costs. Jin Hee says he sent enough and proceeds to compliment the sunbae, who allows himself to be easily swayed by her praises, especially at the end of the dinner when Jin Hee adjusts his bow tie and calls him James Bond. LOL. As the sunbae drives away, he shoots an imaginary target and pretends to be James Bond. OMG…funny man!

All throughout the dinner, though, Kye Sang solemnly watches as Jin Hee tries to lessen the tension by pouring praise after praise on the sunbae.

Ji Seok comes into the bedroom after washing up for bed. Thinking that Jong Seok is already asleep, Ji Seok quickly turns off the lights when he sees Jong Seok huddled under the covers to avoid the light.

However, Jong Seok is not sleeping. Instead, our little love-sick puppy is watching Ji Won’s video over…and over…and over…again. Who knows how many times he watches the end of her video message? Perhaps the entire night….

The next day as Jong Seok talks with Ji Won, he learns that she’s reading lots of comic books (her relatives own a comic book store) and munching on his bag of cookies, something that delights him more than it probably should. When Ji Won comments that she’s eaten the last of his cookies and that cookies would really complement all the comic books that she has left to read, Jong Seok gets a brilliant idea.

Rushing to the bakery, he grabs several bags of those cookies…

…and drives for several hours to Daejeon…

Meanwhile, Kye Sang finds the mittens that Jin Hee knitted for him and calls her for a late-night talk outside. Once outside, he offers her a warm can of coffee or tea, and at her question of why he doesn’t have one, he replies that he doesn’t need one becaue her mittens will keep him warm. Awww….He then reiterates that he will neither forget nor lose her mittens. He will always treasure them. Mentioning that it might be because he never had a younger sister, Kye Sang explains to Jin Hee that he’s always thought of her as a younger sister, wanting to help her with things. He never intended on giving her mixed signals that ultimately misled her about his intentions.

Jin Hee tells him that she understands. As he leaves and asks her if she will be all right, she brightly salutes him in answer. They both try to resume their former light-hearted relationship.

And so Kye Sang leaves first while Jin Hee opts to remain at the park bench to sort through her feelings, recalling all her moments with Kye Sang…her way of saying goodbye and sorting through her feelings for him.

Likewise, Kye Sang sits for a long time in the solitude of his car, thinking.

Jong Seok finally makes it down to Daejeon and calls Ji Won. He tells her to come outside, inwardly pleased by her look of surprise when she finds him outside her aunt’s house in Daejeon of all places. Jong Seok flippantly mentions that he was in the neighborhood–asking does she honestly think he came all this way just to see her?–and some street vendors were passing out free cookies again. heh

Completely not believing him, Ji Won thanks him for the cookies and invites him inside. However, Jong Seok, ever the “cool” sunbae, tells her that he has to get back and flashes her a I-am-not-going-to-look-back-at-you-so-that-I-can-look-cool wave as he scooters away.

However, as soon as she goes inside, Jong Seok walks the scooter back–doesn’t want to alert her to his presence with the motor sound–and snaps a photo of her eating his cookies. With a smile of contentment, he then–and only then–scooters back to Seoul. Geesh, he drove all that way in the frigid Korean winter…definitely love-sick. We’re talking about six hours round trip!

Meanwhile, Jin Hee finally calms her aching heart, tears welling up in her eyes, for the end to her “love.”

Returning home, she drowns her sorrows in a big bowl of bi-bim-bap, swiping at the tears that are now falling freely from her eyes.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

This episode had so much heart–bursting with both the sad kind and the happy kind. Thank goodness the writers had the foresight to balance the Jin Hee – Kye Sang with the Jong Seok – Ji Won story, or I would have been one seriously depressed twinkie.

We still have a good number of episodes left, so I’m hoping against the reality that my brain tells me is going to happen that Jin Hee and Kye Sang eventually do get together.

My only concern is the sunbae. In one of the earlier episodes, he narrates that he met his future wife while visiting Kye Sang’s house. I don’t think Ha Sun is “it” since she’s nicely aligned with Ji Seok, and Soo Jung and Ji Won are just too young for him. This only leaves Yoo Sun, who is already married to Nae Sang, and Jin Hee. Ugh…as much as the sunbae makes me laugh with his silliness, I truly hope the writers aren’t going to go down that route.

Please. Please. Please…No! I want Jin Hee with Kye Sang!

However, as we have many more episodes left, there’s a good chance that, if this is what the writers have in mind for her, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the sunbae…and less of Kye Sang.  *sigh* 🙁 Seriously, writers, I would not complain if you gave me a hackneyed happy ending. Really….

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  1. “We still have a good number of episodes left, so I’m hoping against the reality that my brain tells me is going to happen that Jin Hee and Kye Sang eventually do get together.”

    Seriously…this is also my wish…and please please please..i’m begging the writers No Lee Juck for Jinhee….!!!!I would accept Jinhee & Kyesang not ending up together but don’t make her marry Lee Juck…(nor having someone for Kyesang which is quite impossible)…that’s also my biggest worry now coz the closest possible wife for him so far is her…

    But there’s still hope for our couple, right?

    As usual, i loved ur recap Twinkie…i’m beginning to be a big fan of ur blog..hehe…thanks…really appreciating all the efforts and time you’ve been spending to make this one worth reading… =)

  2. i am loving the jong-seok/ji-won couple SO, SO much. i swear, if they don’t end up together, i won’t watch dramas for a year! (okay, i’m totally bluffing, but i’ll be furious!!!)

    1. Hi Meru,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know…However, if you’d like, I can ask around and see if any of the Twinkles know. 🙂
      If this is your first comment, welcome to our community! 🙂

        1. Oh, good news! I’m glad to hear that you were able to find it! Thanks for letting me know, Meru! 🙂

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