High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 21 – Episode 92 Link and Recap)

Episode 92 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: We finally have progress in the Jin Hee – Kye Sang storyline. I cannot wait to see how Episode 93 resolves this cliffhanger. You’ll soon see what I mean by cliffhanger…read on!


The episode opens with Jin Hee struggling with some shopping bags for the clinic. Kye Sang happens by and helps her carry two of them. He tells Jin Hee that he’s just returning from training–training for Rwanda. Uh-oh…Jin Hee asks if he’s decided to go then, and Kye Sang confirms her worse fear: he will probably be leaving by the end of March. He offers to buy her a delicious dinner before he leaves. A fat lot of good that’s going to do for her.

At the clinic, a little girl records a love message for her boyfriend using her teddy bear: “I’m really glad that you are my boyfriend. When we get older, let’s get married!” When Jin Hee comments that the little girl must be happy to have a boyfriend, the little girl replies that Jin Hee unni must be jealous/belly-aching because Jin Hee doesn’t have a boyfriend…heh, this is only acceptable from the mouths of babes. LOL. She then goes to see Dr. Kye Sang with her mother.

Meanwhile, Soo Jung gets a craving for steak and decides that Seung Yoon is just the man to buy her that coveted steak dinner. As soon as he returns from an audition–he wants to try to make it as a singer–Soo Jung tries to sweet talk him into buying her steak. However, the other three ignore her, and Jong Seok and Ji Won congratulate Seung Yoon on passing the first round of auditions.  However, for round two of the audition, Seung Yoon plans to sing “Piano Man” but doesn’t have a pianist. Ji Won would like to help but has a previous engagement. Soo Jung tells Seung Yoon that she can be his accompanist…as long as he buys her a steak dinner tonight. OMG, this girl is so one-track minded. LOL. Excited to have found a pianist so quickly, Seung Yoon agrees on the spot.

While cleaning up for the day, Jin Hee finds the little teddy bear that the girl was planning to give to her boyfriend. Hugging the bear tightly to her chest, Jin Hee confesses to Jin Sang after everyone has gone home for the day: “Jin Sang…I really like Dr. Yoon. But bcause he’s going to be leaving soon, I have to give up on him…It’s hard to get over him, though. I’m such a dummy, huh? *sigh* I don’t like this me either. I’m so frustrating, and I hate myself.”

Soo Jung finally gets to eat that steak, and she does so with gusto and relishes each bite. Seung Yoon tells her that this audition is really important to him and that he’s counting on her. Soo Jung tells him to not worry. She’s that good.

She then demonstrates on the table. LOL. Seung Yoon is unconvinced by this and suggests a rehearsal session, one that Soo Jung rejects because she already has plans with her friends that night. When Seung Yoon voices his concern, Soo Jung frostily tells him to focus on his singing; she’ll worry about her piano playing. Once they return home, she thanks him for dinner and then declares the music to “Piano Man” a piece of cake when Seung Yoon hands her the music. She tells him to not worry.

However, Jong Seok gives Seung Yoon plenty to worry about when he tells Seung Yoon that Soo Jung just conned Seung Yoon out of a steak dinner. Soo Jung never learned the piano. Jong Seok then reminds Seung Yoon of Soo Jung’s personality, although Seung Yoon tries to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

He finally goes to talk with her when Jong Seok mentions a valid point: how is Soo Jung to practice when their family doesn’t even own a piano. Soo Jung tells Seung Yoon that she has a paper version of the piano keys with which to practice. O-M-G! This girl slays me with her logic. LOL. She then reassures Seung Yoon that a famous pianist taught her while she was in LA working to earn some spending money; the pianist used to eat cheeseburgers everyday at the store. At Seung Yoon’s continued skepticism, she shoves him out of her room and tells him that he can trust her.

Later that night, Ha Sun wakes up to find Jin Hee gone and searches for her. She doesn’t have to go far because Jin Hee is sleeping on the couch…if one calls slung over the couch sleeping. LOL. At the return of Jin Hee’s sleep walking, Ha Sun asks if Jin Hee is stressed from Kye Sang’s impending departure. Jin Hee lies and tells her it’s nothing.

The next day, Seung Yoon starts to wonder if Soo Jung can really play the piano. Even her father and Julian think that she’s taken him for an idiot and taking advantage of him.

So he does what any normal human being would do; he asks for proof. The deal? Soo Jung proves to him that she can play the piano, and Seung Yoon gives her $100 for a ski trip she wants to go with her friends. The only problem is that the piano store Soo Jung picks is closed for the day, and she refuses to go to Kang Nam where she can play at the nightclub where Seung Yoon performs. Completely doubting her truthfulness about knowing how to play the piano by now, he calls the entire thing off, accusing her of conning him.

Meanwhile, Ha Sun offers to treat Jin Hee to a nice dinner to cheer her up. However, Jin Hee asks her for drinks instead.

And as the two women proceed to get drunk, Ha Sun asks Jin Hee what she sees in Kye Sang to which Jin Hee replies that she likes everything about him, even his dorky “I’m joking” comment. Ha Sun tells her that Jin Hee should just confess her feelings for him; that’s how things started for her and Ji Seok. Then on cue, Ji Seok calls, and Ha Sun excuses herself to talk with him. As Jin Hee waits and drinks some more, she hears the radio DJ asking listeners to send in their requests/confessions so that they can broadcast the message over the air.

As Seung Yoon prepares for his audition sans a pianist, he wonders if he’s bothering Jong Seok while he tries to study. Jong Seok encourages Seung Yoon to keep practicing and reassures him that he’s not a bother at all. Then when Seung Yoon resumes practicing his guitar playing and singing, Jong Seok discreetly inserts ear plugs. Aw…what a sweet friend.

Leaving the bar, Jin Hee tells Ha Sun that she’s going to go to the clinic and confess her feelings for Kye Sang. With the strength that alcohol has given her, Jin Hee confidently declares that she can do this. And so, the two women stumble/walk towards the clinic chanting, “Confess, Baek Jin Hee! Accept her heart, Yoon Kye Sang!”

The next morning, Jin Hee wakes up and realizes the horror of the previous night: she had confessed to Kye Sang! In utter humiliation and embarrassment, she rolls around in the bed, grabbing at her hair while Ha Sun tries to wake herself up. Jin Hee frantically asks her what she should tell Kye Sang to minimize last night’s confession.

Ha Sun suggests that Jin Hee just let the confession stand and deal with the consequences, but Jin Hee says that she can’t, not when she knows Kye Sang is headed for Rwanda. What right does she have to confess love to a man determined to go abroad in a month? She then gets off the bed to plan her strategy and blames Ha Sun for suggesting they go drinking last night. Ha Sun mutters that Jin Hee was the one who suggested the drinking, not her. Poor Ha Sun…Is this the adage “No good deed goes unpunished” in action? LOL

At around that same time in another part of the city, Seung Yoon prepares to audition for round two of a reality show to find the next great singer (spoof on his real experience as a reality star who entered a similar contest). When the judges express surprise at his playing “Piano Man” without a piano, Soo Jung bursts into the audition room and says there is a piano. Telling Seung Yoon to sing well, she sits down on the piano, loosens her fingers, and then begins to play…much to Seung Yoon’s pleasant surprise.

He is furthered surprised when Soo Jung pulls out a harmonica and plays that as well. Go, Soo Jung! 🙂

Afterwards, Seung Yoon thanks Soo Jung, who tells him that he shouldn’t have doubted her. She reminds him that since she played the piano for him, he’ll send her on that ski trip plus tack on an option since she added the harmonica part. Seung Yoon asks if the harmonica wasn’t a “service” because he never asked her for that. Soo Jung insists on his paying for both the ski trip and the option. LOL…yup, that’s our Soo Jung.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee tries to excuse her inebriated condition and awkward confession the previous night to Kye Sang. Kye Sang reassures her that he understands what she’s trying to say and that she doesn’t need to concern herself with last night.

Unfortunately, Jin Hee drops the teddy bear and inadvertently steps on it. And in the silence of that clinic, the potentially awkward moment that both of them were trying so hard to avoid is forced upon them as Jin Hee’s voice emanates loudly and clearly from the bear’s tummy: “Jin Sang…I really like Dr. Yoon.”

We then see an earlier scene (two days ago) when Kye Sang returns to an empty clinic to find the teddy bear the little girl left behind. He squeezes its tummy and is surprised to hear Jin Hee’s voice confessing her love for him.

Later that night–the night that Jin Hee slept slung over the couch–we see her waking up Kye Sang to tell him that she likes him. Then having confessed her feelings for him, she sleepwalks out of his bedroom.  

Then we continue to view last night from his perspective as he hears Jin Hee’s confession over the airwaves while he works the night shift: “If not now, I don’t think I’ll ever find the courage, so even though it’s cowardly of me, I’m going to borrow the strength that this alcohol is giving me to bring up this story. At the clinic where I work, to the man I always tease as having the manners of a dog, Dr. Yoon…

…Dog manners are fine; just please don’t leave. You can tease me. You don’t have to like me. It’s all right if you don’t do anything for me. Please, just don’t leave. I don’t expect anything, so please don’t leave.”

And then just as Kye Sang barely registers this news, Jin Hee drunkenly walks into his office and confesses her feelings: “Dr….I…like you.  I really like you. So, don’t go to Rwanda.”

We then return to the present as the teddy bear repeats Jin Hee’s confession to Jin Sang, the plant:  “Jin Sang…I really like Dr. Yoon…

…But bcause he’s going to be leaving soon, I have to give up on him…It’s hard to get over him, though.”  Whoever said a look can say a thousand words was right.

The episode ends with the two of them forced to acknowledge Jin Hee’s feelings for Kye Sang.

Post-Recap Thoughts: OK, I admit that I was squealing through various places in this episode…All right, I’ll be more honest: I was squealing, albeit silently, during the last five/ten minutes of the show.





The truth is finally out, and it’s out in such a way that neither of them can deny having heard it or the longing and despair behind Jin Hee’s words. *sigh* Oh, Jin Hee, my heart breaks for you right now…From Kye Sang’s somber expression, we can already tell her confession is not welcomed news for him. 🙁

I would love to do a proper “post-recap thoughts” analysis of the show, but it’s past 1am, and I really need to go to sleep now. I think the translations of Jin Hee’s feelings suffice, wouldn’t you say? *sigh* Oh you awful writers! Why must you lead us down this road?

Here’s hoping that the dreadful end I’m glimpsing isn’t the actual ending. Stay positive. Stay positive. Stay positive….

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  1. hi twinkie!i’ve been waiting for this recap.thanks so much…!i’ve already watched ep93 and it’s also a heartbreaker one even though i don’t really understand what they’re saying…their expressions say it all…*sigh*.. =( btw, i really loved the song played at the end of this episode…they said the title’ “Love starts at confession”…it has a really touching melody…im still hoping for this couple..i won’t lose hope…hahaha!thanks again…ur blog’s really a big help..awesome!

  2. Ah, poor Jin-hee. 🙁

    But, on the plus side: as the drama is 120 episodes in length, even if things seem angsty right now, there’s still time (25 episodes!) for their relationship to change and progress – they could still have a happy ending. 🙂

    1. yup!i’m still hoping kyesang would feel the same way…he could still develop some feelings for jinhee..or maybe he might have already felt something for her but still unknown to him, thinking of it as a sisterly love..i would want kyesang to also suffer if he finds out he also loves her…hahaha!!!if only the writers would hear these..but even if they don’t end up together (i hope they would, and please no Lee Juck for Jinhee!) i still want them to have that special kind of closeness for the remaining episodes ..more sweet & funny scenes for them(though i also love those angst these past few days with them),,,whatever happens i’m still on the ship.. =)

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