High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 21 – Episode 91 Link and Recap)

Episode 91 Link: http://www.dramabada.net/drama/High-Kick-3/EP-91/

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Today’s two couples were Ha Sun-Ji Seok (comedic) and Kye Sang-Ji Won (dramatic). As much as I appreciate Kye Sang’s dedication as a physician, I wish he weren’t quite so caring…his concern can be so easily misunderstood by the other party, namely Ji Won in this case. Oh, how I wish these poignant moments of vulnerability were shared more with Jin Hee than with Ji Won. *sigh* I have to keep telling myself that good things come to those who wait, right? 


The episode starts with Ji Seok buying Park Ji Sun, Ha Sun, and Julian all cups of coffee so that his cup of coffee to Ha Sun doesn’t register any comments. When Park Ji Sun asks how he knew she likes Americano coffee, he glibly comments that he made a note of her coffee preference as a fellow colleague.

Kye Sang receives a phone call from his doctor sunbae, who asks after that narcolepsy patient Kye Sang mentioned a while back. Kye Sang tells him that Ji Won isn’t open to starting any sort of treatment, and his sunbae reminds him that her symptoms may seem innocuous now, but one never knows when they might worsen. Meanwhile, the particular patient in question falls asleep as she waits for Jong Seok to bring her a cup of orange juice during their tutorial.

Later that night, the principal takes his staff out for yet another dinner of Korean pork/bacon BBQ, and Park Ji Sun starts to suspect that Ji Seok likes her because he calls her “our Teacher Park” and gives her a few pieces of meat as he cooks. Unbeknownst to her and the rest of the staff, Ji Seok and Ha Sun are communicating silently with their own little language as they each tell the other to “eat a lot.” 

Kye Sang visits Ji Won with a present of two very-difficult-to-find books on Chagall–Ji Won’s favorite artist–that he was able to obtain through a publisher sunbae. At her pleasure over the unexpected gift, Kye Sang tells her that the books are a gift, yes, but also an incentive to convince her to go see that doctor sunbae of his for her narcolepsy. Ji Won tries to keep her emotions in check; she pretends to happily refuse his offer while thanking him for the books.  

After the dinner, Ji Seok waits for Ha Sun to come out, but before she can come out, Park Ji Sun walks out through those doors and slips. Ji Seok grabs her and prevents her from falling, but his concern and quick reaction become just another event that makes Park Ji Sun suspicion that Ji Seok might like her. LOL…oh dear.

The next day at school during one of their breaks, Park Ji Sun reveals to Ha Sun her suspicions that Ji Seok seems to like her. At this unexpected announcement, Ha Sun chokes on her drink and spits some of it out at Ji Sun.

Kye Sang tracks Ji Won walking along a street and greets her as “Miss,” a title that prompts a huge smile from Ji Won. He then coerces her into going to “see a Chagall exhibit.” When Ji Won claims that she can’t go with him today since she’s meeting some friends, Kye Sang tells her that the offer is only open for today and that she has to the count of ten to accept this invitation. Torn, Ji Won makes up her decision at the last minute and plops herself in the car just as Kye Sang reaches 10. However, when Kye Sang fails to drive to the museum and Ji Won tells him that he’s missed the turn, Kye Sang confesses that he’s lied to her in order to take her to his doctor sunbae for a consultation.

Back at Ha Sun’s house, Ha Sun tells Ji Seok that he shouldn’t be so nice to Park Ji Sun. However, when Ji Seok asks why, Ha Sun can’t get herself to break Park Ji Sun’s confidence by telling Ji Seok that Ji Sun thinks he likes her. Instead, Ha Sun lets Ji Seok tease her about her jealousy. Then out of the blue, Ji Seok comments that he has large hands and asks Ha Sun to see how small hers are by putting them next to his. Self-conscious, Ha Sun gingerly places her left hand against his right, and Ji Seok fingers her ring finger, commenting how a woman with such small hands can possibly survive in this harsh world. Oh, brother…how obvious can he be? LOL

At the sunbae’s clinic, Ji Won walks out without much word to Kye Sang, and the sunbae tells him that she’s completely closed to treatment.

Kye Sang catches up with Ji Won, who is royally upset with him, interpreting today’s actions and trickery as a betrayal of her trust. She then tells him that from here on out, she plans on doing exactly the opposite of what he suggests. She was going to take the bus home, but since he suggests otherwise, she’s not going by bus now but will instead take the taxi. And with the pronouncement, she quickly hails a taxi and speeds off, leaving Kye Sang flabbergasted at this unexpected turn of events.

The next morning, Ji Sun asks to borrow something from Ji Seok, and in the process of looking through his drawer, she catches sight of the couple rings Ji Seok has recently purchased to commemorate his relationship with Ha Sun. However, Ji Sun completely misunderstands and assumes that the rings are for his upcoming confession of love to her.

Ji Sun once again consults Ha Sun, this time with “proof” that Ji Seok is about to confess his love for her. At the mention of a couple ring, Ha Sun realizes that Ji Seok was measuring her fingers that time in the bathroom while Ji Sun assumes that Ji Seok was doing that when she slipped at the restaurant. He had examined her fingers to see if they were broken or sprained.

At the Ahns, Jong Seok and Ji Won finish with their tutorial and are relaxing when Kye Sang returns home. Ji Won continues to do the very opposite of what Kye Sang suggests, ultimately leaving the house when Kye Sang tells her to take her time and enjoy her time with the boys.

Later that night, Ji Seok presents Ha Sun with the couple ring. Not wanting to ruin his joy, Ha Sun pretends that she is genuinely surprised, but Ji Seok can tell that she knew about the ring beforehand and confesses that he’s not very good at surprises like this. Ha Sun admits to him that she knew of the couple ring but only because Park Ji Sun had mentioned it earlier that day, thinking the ring was for her. At this piece of news, Ji Seok exclaims his surprise and disbelief that Ji Sun could even suspect he could like her. Ha Sun tells Ji Seok that she just didn’t have the heart to tell Ji Sun about them, not when Ji Sun was being vulnerable with her by telling her that having Ji Seok like her made her feel like a woman again. Ji Seok then gets a phone call from Park Ji Sun, asking him to meet her.

Meanwhile, Kye Sang spots Ji Won on the streets and says hello. She, however, coldly continues to play her “game” and does the opposite of what he suggests, even if it means walking recklessly across a busy street with oncoming traffic. Exasperated by her stubborn stupidity, Kye Sang then tells her that he’ll play her game. He’s going to fall backwards and ask her to catch him. Then closing his eyes slowly but with resolve, he proceeds to fall backwards, trusting that Ji Won will care enough about his safety to catch him…

…and she does, barely making it in time to break his fall. Kye Sang then tells her that since she followed his suggestion, her little game of opposites has now ended.

When Ji Won goes to tutor Jong Seok later that night, she overhears Yoo Sun and her friend talking about how Yoo Sun’s mother passed away and how Kye Sang used to spend a great amount of time playing with his mother. One of his favorites was the very same game he played with Ji Won that night. Unfortunately, the mother wasn’t well enough to catch him towards the end of her illness, causing Kye Sang not only physical hurt but also emotional when his beloved mother passed away soon thereafter.

At this unexpected revelation, Ji Won now realizes just exactly what Kye Sang’s game meant to him and how difficult it must have been for him to even trust her to catch him.

Jong Seok goes to meet Ji Sun, who politely tells him that although she appreciates his affections, she is simply not interested in him. She then thanks him for making her feel like a woman again because she was starting to question her femininity after all the rejections and hurts that she recently endured. She tells him to forget her quickly but stops him before he can actually leave to emphasize that if he tries and can’t forget her, he should ask her again and she will reconsider his proposal then. LOL

The next morning at school, Ji Seok arrives to a series of condolences for his being dumped by Park Ji Sun. Ha Sun takes him outside and shows him Ji Sun’s message on the Korean “twitter” in which she tweeted that she had just refused Ji Seok. LOL. Ji Seok angrily comments that everyone on Ji Sun’s phone list must have received this tweet. At that moment, the principal walks by and tells him to hang in there…heh heh…talk about adding insult to injury. Poor Ji Seok….

As a means of a peace offering, Kye Sang takes Ji Won to that Chagall exhibit. Ji Won brings up his mother and the game that he played with her and asks why he did it, not knowing that she would catch him. Kye Sang then tells her about his pain, especially when he was her age at 19…he felt so alone as if no one in the world could understand his pain. He tells Ji Won that although he knows that no one can possibly understand what she went through during that horrific time in New Zealand, he hopes that she remembers that she is not alone and that he is here if she wants to talk.

And so, on the ride back home, Ji Won finally opens up about her experience so many years ago: “I was really scared….”

Post-Recap Thoughts: We finally have a breakthrough in Ji Won’s treatment after what she had to endure back in New Zealand so many years ago as she waited in the solitude of that car for her father to return, uncertain if he, or even she, would survive. The episode did such a great job of not only exploring her pain but also that of Kye Sang’s, which could explain why Kye Sang has never let another woman get close enough to him. I just wish that these moments of vulnerability were with Jin Hee and not with Ji Won. However, perhaps these two can serve to provide healing in each other so that they can individually move on with their lives and allow other people into their hearts.

I just hope the writers don’t opt for a weird and tragic ending as they did in High Kick 2. I would be soooooooo royally upset if they did. This little Twinkie can only handle one such ending. She refuses to tolerate a second. Hopefully, my telepathic messages to the writing staff get through–loudly and clearly–this time.

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  1. thanks again for the recaps…here goes the episode again..another side of kyesang which was seen by Jiwon….not Jinhee…!!!!i know it’s not something to be jealous about but these kind of scenes are something i want for Jinhee & Kyesang…not that i’m complaining about their sweet & funny moments…i’ll just wait for another episode,..maybe Kyesang should also think Jinhee’s serious sleepwalking right?haha…

    1. Brilliant suggestion! Sleep walking can be just as dangerous as evidenced by Jin Hee’s earlier scenes with the gangsters.

          1. it’s particularly jinhee’s moment…the ending scene was such a cliffhanger…now i just need a recap to fully understand the whole episode though i get some of it…it’s heartbreaking for me…hope you can make a recap of it if ur not that busy..hehe… =)

          2. Ack!!! I just got done watching Ep. 92 as as break from grading/treat to myself. O-M-G…cannot wait to recap tomorrow. He knows! He finally knows!

  2. Aww, I still kind of ship Kye-sang and Ji-won, because of moments like these which showcase their connection. I don’t see it actually happening within the drama, but I think theirs is a sweet relationship.

    I do love Ji-won with Jong-seok (though the previous episode has me worried that he’s going to give up on his feelings for her) and think that Jin-hee and Kye-sang have potential and are cute together… but I’m not wholly convinced (yet).

    Thanks for the fantastic recap! 🙂

    1. I’m hoping Jong Seok doesn’t give up on Ji Won…and that his “graduation” trip was to say goodbye to his immature jealousy.

      1. yup!he already knows!i can’t wait to read ur recaps..jinhee’s confessions were beautifully made.based on the pics i’ve seen on soompi just now ep93 would also be a heartbreaking episode for our couple…but it’s just my guess… okay..enough said…i just can’t stop this fangirling…haha…thanks in advance for the recap.. =)

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