High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 21 – Episode 90 Link and Recap)

Episode 90 Link: http://www.dramabada.net/drama/High-Kick-3/EP-90/

Pre-Recap Thoughts: How is it that this drama just keeps getting better and better?! Although I’m officially entering into final exams mode, I just couldn’t get myself to not watch High Kick 3 or put aside recapping the episodes this week. They are just that good. Today’s episode really hit the spot for me, but with a pairing that I didn’t expect. The other pairing–each episode typically deals with two pairs, right?–was one that I wholly adored. The significance of Korea’s March graduation for Jong Seok takes on a layered meaning as he not only graduates from high school but from his other issues as well.

Before I spoil everything, I give you the mini-recap…so worth the loss of sleep, although this week’s recaps will be extremely abbreviated. Better something rather than nothing, right? LOL 😉

Recap: The episode opens with a television news report of families everywhere celebrating graduations. The Ahns discuss Jong Seok’s upcoming graduation, and mom laments the fact that their financial problems had such a huge adverse affect on Jong Seok’s life. Had Nae Sang not lost his business, Jong Seok would have graduated as a star athlete and now be on his way to college. As it is, he will be studying for a year in order to retake his college entrance exams.

As the family gathers around for a meal, the adults ask him what he would like as a graduation gift. Jong Seok happily answers that he would like a new suit to wear now that he’s an adult and a number of other things that he’s written down on a list. When Kye Sang joins them and offers to buy Jong Seok a netbook, Jong Seok’s good mood vanishes and he gruffly declines the offer, one that Soo Jung is only too quick to try to take.

Later that evening, the two Yoon brothers run into Ha Sun and Jin Hee coming out of the convenience store. Ji Seok hand signals to Ha Sun, asking if she would like to get some coffee afterwards, but Ha Sun signals back that it’s so late…perhaps another time. Meanwhile, Kye Sang notes that Ha Sun is wearing those infamous shorts–the one that split open when she slipped on a patch of ice–and delights in teasing her. Wanting to share, Jin Hee offers the two men a snack, but Ji Seok passes on the treat due to high cholesterol.

When the girls return home, Jin Hee comments that Ji Seok seems a bit dumb because he kept pronouncing cholesterol incorrectly, and instead, she praises Kye Sang. Offended on her boyfriend’s behalf, Ha Sun then attacks Kye Sang, saying that the older Yoon is the weird one, not knowing when to stop joking when there’s nothing funny about what he is saying. Both women go to bed with resentment towards the other and engage in a silent tug-of-war with their blanket that night.

Graduation day arrives and the Ahns and Yoons go to congratulate Jong Seok on finishing high school.

Unfortunately, Ji Won, who is supposed to take pictures for Jong Seok, falls asleep on the bus and misses the event entirely.

Meanwhile, as Jong Seok receives warm wishes from Ha Sun and the other adults, Soo Jung keeps teasing her brother by covering his head with a plastic bag…so odd, that girl!

Taking a quiet moment for himself, Jong Seok goes up to a quiet area of the school and contemplates his diploma and all that it is supposed to represent. Kye Sang later joins him there and tries to impart some words of wisdom: Even though it may feel like he’s behind everyone by a year, in the grand scheme of life, that one year is insignificant and can actually be helpful.

Jong Seok goes home and meets Ji Won returning from the bus stop. She apologizes profusely, and Jong Seok teases her by telling her that “Short Legs” can apologize by going inside and dressing warmly, for they have somewhere to go. Their little nicknames for each other are so cute. 🙂

As Ji Won turns to do as he asks, she assesses his outfit and tells Jong Seok that he looks quite good in a suit. Not one to let an opportunity pass by, Jong Seok teases her again and tells her that of course, he looks fine in a suit; he has long legs, something that Miss Short Legs will never know since she has short ones. LOL

Jong Seok then drives them to a beach on Ji Won’s scooter, and Ji Won snaps beautiful graduation photos for Jong Seok.

Jong Seok dramatically sighs and tells her that he came here so that he can die. Dropping that announcement, he then runs into the ocean, causing Ji Won to follow after him in fear and panic.

Symbolically now graduating from his childish thoughts and emotions, Jong Seok turns around and embraces a shocked Ji Won.

And in that moment, Ji Won experiences a new feeling, one that she cannot name. All she knows is that she is now furious with him for having pulled such a stunt.

Later, Jong Seok borrows a wet suit from a woman because he’s so cold and attempts to tell Ji Won his thoughts. Unfortunately, Ji Won can’t keep a straight face and keeps breaking out in laughter at the silly sight of Jong Seok in a wet suit. LOL

Meanwhile, Ha Sun and Jin Hee have been fighting all day long, causing Jin Hee to finally pack her bag and leave the house. Ha Sun, her common sense finally getting the better of her anger, goes outside to look for Jin Hee, who is crouched near their house in the winter cold with nowhere to go. Ha Sun apologizes to her and then confesses why she reacted the way she did; she’s dating Ji Seok and was offended by what Jin Hee said about him. Jin Hee likewise apologizes and admits that she has a crush on Kye Sang, so she, too, reacted in anger. They reconcile, and Julian, who had been trying to help them reconcile all day long, witness the tearful reunion, brief as the separation may have been. 🙂

The episode ends with Jong Seok driving back to Seoul–a dying fire left on the beach the only symbol of his epiphany–and silently tells Ji Won that he brought her out today to tell her that he’s finally graduated from his childish feelings for her. With a broad smile of anticipation for the now hopeful future, Jong Seok drives back to Seoul “an adult.”

Post-Recap Thoughts: We often hear about bromance this and bromance that, but I absolutely rejoice when there is a strong bond of sisterhood forged and refined. We had that today with Jin Hee and Ha Sun.

I especially find it significance that the first person Ha Sun tells of her ultra-secretive relationship with Ji Seok is Jin Hee; likewise, Ha Sun is the first person to hear about Jin Hee’s one-sided crush on Kye Sang. The deepening of already existing relationships is something that the writers of this series do so well, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they continue to enrich the relationship between these two women. Jin Hee finally has a confidant, and Ha Sun also finally has someone with whom she can share all of the new joys of having a boyfriend. And isn’t the irony that they are both in love with brothers simply too delicious to ignore? I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers do with that connection. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Ha Sun and Jin Hee end up sisters-in-law? And then Ji Won can also marry Jong Seok, and the two households will be infinitely entangled together. LOL  😉

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  1. i’ve been waiting for ur recap for this episode…now i understand all the happenings in it..ur a lifesaver..thanks..!it’s so cute how the two pairings often run to each other outside…i just thought jiseok-jinhee & kyesang-hasun also have a chemistry.. whenever kyesang is teasing hasun & the episode where jiseok was found out by jinhee about his love on hasun & helped him…but of course my OTP will still be kyesang & jinhee…hehe =)

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