High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 20 – Episode 89 Link and Recap)

Episode 89 Link: http://www.joykdrama.com/drama/High-Kick-3/EP-89/

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Rather than recap later tonight, which is usually when I blog, I thought I’d take advantage of my day off and get today’s episode recapped before heading off to church. Besides, tomorrow is ATK Ep. 49, and I really don’t want High Kick 3 Ep. 89 hanging over my head, distracting me from ATK as it winds down to the final two episodes. 😉

I’m surprised by how quickly Ji Seok and Ha Sun’s relationship is progressing…already a confession of love. Granted, it’s a variation on the usual public love confession with only Ji Seok and Ha Sun knowing what’s transpiring, but still…their story development is moving along quite nicely. 🙂 Now, if only the writers would do the same for my favorite couple….

OK, I’ll stop fixating on Kye Sang and Jin Hee. The good news is that today’s episode included the entire cast, no matter how brief the camera time. So without further ado, I present to you Ep. 89’s recap…


The episode starts with Seung Yoon and Nae Sang who are both planning on traveling to China for a drama shoot. When Soo Jung finds out about their trip, she bugs her father to take her along, claiming that she wants jja-jang mien. Her father says the Chinese don’t make that particular dish because it’s a Korean concoction. As they walk downstairs, Yoo Sun asks Nae Sang to help her carry the two big bags of rice into the kitchen. Unfortunately, as Nae Sang begins to lift the heavy bags, his back muscles spasm, causing him to freeze in place.

Meanwhile, the principal at the high school announces that one of their teachers has been awarded the distinguished teachers award: Teacher Park! Thinking that it is her, Park Ji Sun celebrates, only to be embarrassed when it turns out that it is actually Park Ha Sun who is the recipient of the honor.

After the announcement, Ji Seok congratulates Ha Sun and tells her that he is thrilled because his girlfriend just received an award. When Julian overhears the comment, Ha Sun quickly shushes him and tries to do damage control by telling Julian that Ji Seok was talking about a friend in another city that sounds like “girlfriend.” LOL. Oh dear, they should just stop and make the announcement already. LOL. 

Nae Sang and Yoo Sun go to see Kye Sang about his back, and while he’s there, Nae Sang gets smitten by Nurse Im.

As she takes him to another room to give him a shot for his back pain, he compliments her on her beauty and tells her that she belongs on film. Since he owns a talent agency, he asks her to contact him any time she wants to give the entertainment industry a try. He even pretends to know Song Joon Ki, her favorite actor. OMG…this man is just intent on making trouble for himself…first, the porn viewing in a public civil office and now this? heh heh…can’t wait until Yoo Sun finds out about this. LOL.

Back at the school, Ha Sun and Ji Seok text each other, much to Park Ji Sun’s irritation. Grumbling that they are texting each other with oddly coincidental timing, she asks if the two of them are dating. Ha Sun and Ji Seok overreact and deny the suspicion.

While the Ahns watch an episode of The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Nae Sang comments that Nurse Im reminds him of Han Ga In. Oh dear…Yoo Sun doesn’t see the resemblance and starts to look at her husband suspiciously.

At the growing suspicion being thrown their way, Ji Seok suggests to Ha Sun that they should have a secret language of their own, much like the secret signs in baseball. Ji Seok goes home and devises diagrams of secret signs. When Jong Seok asks what he’s doing, Ji Seok covers his work and tells his nephew that he’s writing exam questions. LOL. 

However, no one smiles and expresses delight because of test questions…no matter how brilliantly they are written. Jong Seok watches his uncle suspiciously, knowing something is up.

The next day, Ji Seok proudly demonstrates some of the signs to Ha Sun, but Ha Sun politely declines using them since the body motions will actually attract more attention to them than the text messages and phone calls. Deflated, Ji Seok accepts her decision, and the two of them go to watch a movie.

However, once at the movie theater, as Ji Seok is retying his shoes after asking Ha Sun to hold their popcorn and soda, Ha Sun spots Park Ji Sun at the same movie theater with her friends. In panic, she shoves Ji Seok out of sight with her butt and tries to get Teacher Park as far away from them as possible. When asked if she’s here all by herself, Ha Sun completely lies and says that she loves watching movies alone and that she has no idea why the person at the concessions stand gave her two straws.  LOL…she’s got to come clean about dating Ji Seok soon…before Ji Seok really gets hurt. LOL.

As soon as Park Ji Sun leaves, Ha Sun quickly rushes downstairs to where Ji Seok is nursing his bruised ankle. OMG! The woman butt-shoved her boyfriend down a flight of stairs?! Realizing that Teacher Park is in the movie theater, Ji Seok suggests that they forget about watching the movie at this theater.

Several days later, Seung Yoon arrives back from the China trip and goes to see the Ahns…without Nae Sang. And where is the head of the Ahn household? None other than at Kye Sang’s clinic, giving Nurse Im two authentic tiger balms from China on the pretext of thanking her for introducing him to a senior citizen program. Not just one, but two!?! Yeah, Yoo Sun is going to have a field day with this.

Meanwhile, our two diligent students are hard at work, Ji Won teaching and Jong Seok learning. When Jong Seok gets another question correct, Ji Won is duly impressed and teasingly asks him what his secret is. Jong Seok tells her that she’s been underestimating him; he really is that good. LOL.

Ji Won takes a notebook from Jong Seok’s room to write down some notes for him to study, and she inadvertently takes Ji Seok’s notebook with all the secret hand signs. When she discovers this, Ha Sun is in the room and offers to take the notebook to return to Ji Seok. Then in the privacy of her bedroom, she reads all the signs that Ji Seok has devised for them to use.

There’s even one for “I love you,” which causes Ha Sun to blush.

Yoo Sun discovers from Seung Yoon when she complains about a sore wrist that Nae Sang has purchased two tiger balms from China and that she should make sure to use it. When Yoo Sun asks her husband later that night for the tiger balms since she didn’t see them as she unpacked his bags, Nae Sang initially pretends that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Then in characteristic Yoo Sun fashion, she pulls the truth out of Nae Sang and demands that he retrieve the tiger balms back from Nurse Im immediately. Nae Sang tries to reason with her and tells her that it’s past clinic hours and that Nurse Im has probably gone home for the day. Unfazed, Yoo Sun reiterates that he is to retrieve those balms first thing in the morning then. heh…gotcha!  The errant husband has been caught before any real damage could be done.

Completely embarrassed, Nae Sang is barely able to ask Nurse Im for the tiger balm gifts the following morning.

At around the same time, Ha Sun is dealing with the opposite spectrum of emotions–pride–as she speaks to Ji Seok, who wants to leave his teacher training session early to come to her awards ceremony. She firmly tells him that he is not to leave his training early just for her. Heh…I wonder if he’ll actually listen. LOL

Nae Sang returns home and delivers one vial of tiger balm to Yoo Sun. However, Yoo Sun is not satisfied and demands to know where the second one is since he purchased two. Nae Sang explains that Nurse Im gave the first vial to her parents who live in the country. Ignoring all protests or reason, Yoo Sun shrilly yells at her husband: Bring. Back. That. Second. Tiger. Balm. Incensed, she punctuates her request by throwing something at his head, which momentarily knocks him unconscious. She, of course, just thinks that he’s faking it. When he finally wakes up, she continues in her demands for that second tiger balm. OMG…very persistent wife. But then again, she’s had to deal with so much embarrassment on his behalf with the erotica, this is probably payback. 🙂

At the awards ceremony, Ha Sun is the first teacher to give her speech, and as she begins, she spots Ji Seok entering the auditorium with a bouquet of flowers and a great big smile. Ha Sun continues to give her speech, but as she does so, she incorporates the secret signs that Ji Seok created, actions that cause the audience a bit of bewilderment. LOL 

As they continue their “secret” conversation, Ji Seok motions, “Teacher Park! I love you.” hee hee…first confession of love! Ha Sun, at first taken aback by the declaration, signals back that she loves him, too. Awww….

At her declaration of love, Ji Seok can’t contain himself and stands up at the back of the auditorium, loudly and repeatedly pounding on his chest the secret sign for “Teacher Park! I love you!” This is definitely a novel way to declare one’s love “loudly from the rooftop.” LOL

The episode ends with Nae Sang, who sees no other alternative but to ask Nurse Im for her parents’ address in the countryside, buy a bus ticket, and then ask her parents for the tiger balm back. LOL…dang! Yoo Sun is really making sure that Nae Sang never even thinks about straying into infidelity. Nice job!…but poor Nae Sang. LOL.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

Today’s episode centering on the issue of suspicion was enjoyable. I can’t wait to find out when exactly people will start to find out about Ha Sun and Ji Seok. After all, how will they explain away their little charades display at the awards ceremony? Heh heh…it will definitely be interesting to see what type of excuse Ji Seok and Ha Sun come up with to explain all their gestures! 

As for Nae Sang, although his story is a bit more sobering, it is reassuring to note that his possible philandering eyes are quickly refixed on the family and Yoo Sun by the ever-vigilant wife. In all honesty, this new development was a bit sad for me to watch when Nae Sang had just rediscovered his wife’s beauty in the previous episode. Is this a commentary on the fickleness of man? I hope not, for that would be an insight I’d rather not learn through this drama. 

This “suspiciously” apparent lack of Kye Sang and Jin Hee story line makes me wonder what the writers are devising for my favorite couple…one can only hope…Ep. 90 airs in just a few days, and I’m hoping the story will center around KS and JH. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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