High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 20 – Episode 87 Link and Recap)

Episode 87 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/NrYxWQkgRkE

Pre-Recap Thoughts: OK, let’s get one thing straight here before I start to recap: I do NOT do fangirl squeals. Now, having said that, I squealed internally like the youngest, loudest fangirl I know. LOL. To say that I adored this episode would be an understatement.

After the last Jin Hee – Kye Sang episode, I patiently waited to see what the writers would cook up next for my favorite pair, and my wait was not in vain. *happy sigh* There were oh-so-many wonderfully romantic moments between the two that weren’t overtly romantic. Why? The scenes were “romantic,” but because the love is only one-sided on Jin Hee’s part, what could have been romantic moments between the two simply wasn’t. And oddly enough, that fact alone made the scenes all the more poignant for me.   


The episode starts with Jin Hee waiting in the cold for the morning bus. Kye Sang joins her and offers her a warm can of coffee. He then jokes that he wasn’t giving her the can, but instead asking her to hold it for him. At her surprised look, he breaks out into his characteristic, “It’s a joke!” (Nong dam im in dah!). He then comments that he hopes the warm spring will come soon, a statement that causes Jin Hee to reflect sadly on what he said about going to Rwanda in March.

Meanwhile, Nae Sang hears about an election for tong jang, a council member who represents and takes care of a subdivision or district of a city. He decides to try out for the position, especially when there are perks–a small income, tuition waivers for the kids, free trash bags, meeting new people who could possibly work as extras in his company, etc.–associated with the job.

At the clinic, Jin Hee  sees a notice for the deadline (Feb. 1) for renewing contracts and asks the nurses if Kye Sang has renewed his contract. They reply that he hasn’t yet. Jin Hee then pours out her concern to Jin sang as she ties our little sprout to the stick so that it can grow straight and strong. Jin Hee decides that she’s just going to focus on the present and enjoy what she can.

Ha Sun tells Ji Seok later that day that she almost told Jin Hee about their relationship. Jin Hee had asked her if she could borrow Ha Sun’s water-proof mittens for a sledding trip to which Kye Sang had invited the staff; he had been given several free tickets.  Ha Sun had responded by saying that it might be fun to go with Teacher Yoon, and at Jin Hee’s surprise that she would go with Ji Seok, Ha Sun barely managed to make an excuse of going with another Teacher Yoon, not Ji Seok. Resolving to be more careful, Ji Seok and Ha Sun, inspired by Jin Hee’s sledding trip, make reservations to go skiing together.

At the appointed time and day, Jin Hee is all dressed and ready to go when Kye Sang gives her the bad news that the other nurses, who hadn’t seemed too thrilled when they realized the trip was a sledding trip and not a skiing trip, all had to cancel. However, when he hears that Jin Hee is all ready, he suggests that the two of them go and have enough fun for the four of them. Hanging up the phone, Jin Hee falls back on the couch in utter joy at the thought of a “date” with Kye Sang. 

Once there, Jin Hee notices that Kye Sang doesn’t have mittens and offers her water-proof ones to him. He declines, telling her that he has an infinitely better pair–designer Jin Hee mittens. He then proceeds to wear them and cutely tells her that they are awfully warm. Ummm, yeah…so adorable. LOL 

As Kye Sang walks ahead for a second ride down the hill, Jin Hee gets a mischievous thought and surprises Kye Sang with a snowball and then tells him that he looks like a human snowman. In retaliation, Kye Sang asks if she, too, would like to be a human snowman.

A joyous moment of snow play ensues, one that is reminiscent of the snow scenes in Winter Sonata and Secret Garden.

At the conclusion of their sledding fun, Kye Sang buys Jin Hee a hot drink, and they sit around a fire warming themselves after their time in the snow. While they share a quiet moment together, Kye Sang receives a phone call from a professor who is coordinating the volunteering efforts to Rwanda. He asks to see Kye Sang, and Kye sang invites Jin Hee along so that they can have dinner together afterwards.

Once there, Kye Sang discovers that he may not be able to leave for Rwanda as planned due to a Dr. Kang postponing his return to Korea for a few more months. Apparently, Kye Sang is scheduled to replace Dr. Kang in Rwanda. When Kye Sang mentions his concern with the contract renewal at the clinic, the mentor comments that waiting another year might not be a bad plan since it would allow Kye Sang more time to further prepare for Rwanda. The mentor concludes that going in March and starting a new clinic since Dr. Kang is still there will be quite difficult.

Having overheard this bit of conversation, Jin Hee continues on her way to the bathroom and talks aloud to Jin Sang–her confidant. She tells it that there’s a good chance that Kye Sang may NOT be going to Rwanda as planned. Her expression says it all: She’s thrilled at this new development.

Meanwhile, Nae Sang goes to his first meeting at city hall, and as he waits to meet with the rest of the council, he asks to check his email. When he receives a pop-up for an erotica movie, he clicks it out of curiosity but panics when the computer freezes due to a virus that came along with the movie link. In growing fear of discovering, he unplugs the computer and hopes that no one notices. However, while he conducts the meeting, someone from the technology department comes to fix the computer and discovers that the computer has been infected by a virus associated with an erotica pop-up. The city employees ask Nae Sang if anyone used the computer besides him, and Nae Sang stutters that the computer was working fine when he was using it.

The employees tell him that’s all right; they’ll just consult the CCTV and verify who the last user was. As Nae Sang starts to squirm in his seat, he starts to sweat and probably imagines how all the praises he had been receiving as the new tong jang will drastically turn into ridicule and contempt at this embarrassing turn of events. Yoo Sun realizes with dawning horror that Nae Sang was the one responsible for the computer, which now requires a total reformat. In an effort to save her husband, an elected official, public humiliation, she interrupts Nae Sang and confesses that it was she who clicked on the pop-up out of curiosity. Everyone is simply stunned that the wife would look at erotica…and in a public environment. When thanking her would not have been enough, Nae Sang joins the other people in the room in their condemnation and asks why she did it. OMG…this man is going to get a beating from his wife soon…LOL  

And just as they leave the meeting, Yoo Sun turns her anger and humiliation on Nae Sang, beating him with her handbag all the way out of the building.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee and Kye Sang leave the meeting with the mentor and are about to cross the street for dinner when Jin Hee spots the gangsters from earlier on in the series. In panic, she grabs Kye Sang and urges him to take another route. When she stumbles and slightly sprains her ankle, Kye Sang lifts her in his arms and carries her to safety. (*Squeal* Fangirl moment!)

Once safely hidden from the gangsters, Kye Sang bends down to check on her ankle. (*squeal, squeal*)

Later that night, Yoo Sun drops by a convenience store to buy some items and is humiliated by the women who loudly whisper that Yoo Sun is a disgrace to her upstanding and distinguished husband, watching erotica like that.

Completely embarrassed yet unable to defend herself because she is protecting her husband’s image, she goes home and takes out her frustration on Nae Sang, who tries to avoid her wrath by saying that the situation is over. This foolish statement further fuels her ire, and she increases the force of her attacks.

As Jin Hee and Kye Sang get off the bus on their return home, Kye Sang coerces Jin Hee into a piggyback ride since she has a bad ankle. (*happy sigh*) As they make their way back home, Jin Hee asks him in wonder if she’s not dreaming. She confesses to him that she’s been dreaming a lot these days. (LOL. I’ll say….) She sadly comments that all the good things  lately have been dreams for her. Kye Sang joking tells her that she’s right–this is a dream. (OMG! What a tease!)

After getting dropped off at home, Jin Hee can’t fall asleep and reexamines all the events of the day and how Kye Sang may not be going to Rwanda for another year. He had told her that he’ll have to make his decision by tomorrow before the contract renewal deadline. Unable to sleep, she takes a walk in the night, despite her sprained ankle.

For a long time after Nae Sang’s erotica incident, Yoo Sun attacks him whenever her anger gets the better of her. And Nae Sang? He eventually gets good enough to anticipate her attacks just by the look in her eyes and takes action to evade them.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

So incredibly happy at this turn of events. I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers do tomorrow, although from the preview, it looks like the Jin  Hee – Kye Sang story line may be on hold while the writers explore Ha Sun and Ji Seok’s story a bit more by introducing Ha Sun’s first love. Yoon Shi Yoon of High Kick 2 is set to guest star as her first love.  I will grudgingly admit that it should be interesting to see how Ji Seok reacts to Ha Sun’s first love.

*exasperated sigh* But why? Why must you writers rain on my excitement and make me wait to find out that Kye Sang will renew his contract. I mean, we all know that he will and that this renewal will allow us many more happy months of High Kick 3. So why prolong the inevitable?

But then again, who knows? The writers have been known to jerk the viewers around a bit (think Ji Seok’s weird dream while under anesthesia), so…I’m not holding my breath.

I’ll simply look forward to tomorrow’s episode and wait–ever so patiently–for the next development…when my inner fangirl can resume with her squealing. 😉

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  1. i’m loving Jinhee & Kyesang more as their relationship progresses…i squeal whenever i see them on screen together…fangirling moment…!!!!be it funny or sweet scenes…i know the writers are saving some more moments for this pairing, just want to see another side of Kyesang with JinHee aside from teasing her with his famous “just joking” lines,,..just like in ep72 (where he sheds tears while looking at the painting seeing the girl as Jiwon after knowing her story about his father, which i admit made me really jealous for JinHee, though i know it’s just a feeling of sympathy for the little girl..) & also in earlier episode where he cried after the grandma died in the hospital, Jiwon saw a different side of Kyesang which others don’t see…can’t help wishing these kind of episodes would be better if he’s with JinHee,,,but the episode where JinHee takes Kyesang to a dentist, even held his hand to gain some strength & Kyesang did also held hers made me smile…only Jinhee could do that to him…i mean Jiwon saw him cried but never comforted him the way Jinhee did..it’s so sweet….nonetheless, JinSang couple had much more cute & funny scenes & i know there’s still more in store for them & for us to watch..can’t wait to have another episode with them on it… =)

    1. Great recap of many good KS and JH moments! What a nice walk down memory lane…even though those episodes weren’t that long ago. LOL

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  3. i love this episode of the jinsang couple, does anyone know what the name of the song that was playing when it was showing flashbacks of the jinsang couple’s day together???

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