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Episode 86 Link: http://www.joykdrama.com/drama/High-Kick-3/EP-86/

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Who knew that jealousy and insecurity could look so adorable? Obviously, we needed Jong Seok to show us how they are supposed to be expressed. heh heh. I enjoyed how this episode resumed from yesterday’s episode with the story line featuring the two winsome couples: Jong Seok-Ji Won and Ha Sun-Ji Seok. As much as Ha Sun and Ji Seok’s story is sweet and funny, it is really Jong Seok and Ji Won’s story that made today’s episode completely worthwhile for me.

With that said, let the teenage angst begin!


The episode starts with Ji Seok and Ha Sun having a “date” in her bathroom and Ha Sun asking him to keep their dating a secret from everyone for the time being. At this Ji Seok asks if she is ashamed of him, to which she quickly says “no.” She just wants some time to date quietly for a while. When Jin Hee pops into the bathroom unexpectedly, Ha Sun rudely shoves Ji Seok down the underground tunnel and then tells Jin Hee that she’s looking for her lost earring. (Oh dear, why do I have a foreboding sense that Ji Seok is going to be at the receiving end of many more physical mishaps?)

At the Ahn household during their tutorial lesson, Jong Seok teases Ji Won for not being able to solve a problem…finally! However, his friendly teasing abruptly disappears when Kye Sang enters the room to retrieve his laptop and then helps them solve the elusive math problem at Ji Won’s request. As Ji Won gushes over Kye Sang’s brilliance, Jong Seok’s attitude beings to sour, and he starts to develop an inferiority complex.

This sense of inadequacy is furthered by what happens after the lesson. Ji Won, having refused Jong Seok’s offer of medicine during the lesson, readily accepts medicine from Kye Sang, explaining that he is a doctor and hence her compliance to his suggestion. With each interaction between Ji Won and Kye Sang, Jong Seok beings to experience the stirrings of jealousy mingled with a sharp sense of insecurity.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok and Ha Sun go out on an actual date, and the ever-popular milk moustache makes its appearance on Ji Seok’s upper lip. LOL. I guess the writers really love the Secret Garden milk moustache. When Ha Sun motions to her lips as a way to tell Ji Seok that he’s got milk on his lips, Ji Seok demonstrates a comical combination of shock and excitement over the prospect that Ha Sun wants to kiss him there in the middle of the coffee shop. (LOL)

Later that night, as Jong Seok falls asleep, he once again enters into his fantasy world and dreams a sweet dream in which he and Kye Sang have reversed roles, and Ji Won’s affections are directed at him.

His dream duplicates the recent past events, only this time, he is the one teaching Ji Won while his uncle is miserably and hopelessly studying for the 15th straight year to get into college.

Ji Won gives him two thumbs up and exclaims that he is “jjang!” Jong Seok tells her that she should ask him for help whenever she has questions and only him. (LOL) He wakes up mutter “only me.”


Ha Sun comes by the house to give Mrs. Ahn a dish she made, causing the older Ahns to comment on how Ha Sun is such a good catch and that any man would be lucky to snag her. Hearing this, Jong Seok smiles and inwardly tells them that he is that lucky guy.

However, when his sister wonders if she should try to set Kye Sang up with Ha Sun just one more time, Ji Seok’s complacency shatters, and he quickly tells his sister not to do such a foolish thing since both of them aren’t interested. heh heh

At school, Ji Seok and Ha Sun send each other text messages about what to eat for lunch.

But sharp-eyed Miss Park grumbles that both Ha Sun and Ji Seok are texting in stereo and asks if they are dating. They quickly and vehemently deny such a thing. LOL

Ji Seok brings lunch for Ha Sun in an empty classroom and an intimate moment ensues as Ha Sun gently wipes Ji Seok’s mouth. Unfortunately, the principal and Teacher Yoon show up to the classroom, causing Ha Sun to butt her head against Ji Seok’s and storm out after yelling at him for fear that they might be caught dating. Poor Ji Seok is left with double nose bleeds.

Back at the Ahn residence, Seung Yoon comes to visit Jong Seok, who is sulking in his bed. Seung Yoon compliments Jong Seok on his fan club website in which 200 high school girls left messages of adoration and devotion to Jong Seok during his glory days as an ice hockey jock. Although the fan club has now been disbanded due to the girls finding out that Jong Seok is in essence repeating his second year in high school, listening to Seung Yoon read the messages to him helps mend his wounded ego and heart just a tad bit, finally bringing a smile to his face. heh heh

As he brushes his teeth, he mentally gears himself up for the silent battle to win his uncle in the competition for Ji Won’s affections. He pumps himself up by reminding himself that he is so much better at so many things than his uncle. However, before he can finishing mentally girding himself for the battle to come, Soo Jung barges into the bathroom and kicks him out for taking so long. LOL…gotta love the brother-sister relationship.

Back home now from work, Ha Sun texts Ji Seok and invites him over for dinner. This is her way of trying to make amends for giving him a double bloody nose, and the timing is perfect since no one will be at her house tonight during dinner time. Ji Seok, who was feeling a bit down from the day’s events, immediately brightens up and agrees to come over. His mission from Ha Sun? To bring over some large green onions and radish for a soup that she plans to cook for him.

Searching in the kitchen for the necessary ingredients, he finally spots them in his sister’s hands. Thankfully, Nae Sang calls his wife away to help him find some nail clippers.

As soon as she leaves the kitchen, Ji Seok rushes in for the prizes vegetables and makes a run for it before his sister returns. LOL

Unfortunately, just as Ha Sun and Ji Seok are about to cook, Jin Hee and Julian unexpectedly return to have pizza with Ha Sun, forgoing their plans to eat out that night because they didn’t want to leave Ha Sun all alone at home. Oh, if they only knew….In panic, Ha Sun tries to stuff Ji Seok into several cupboards before finally settling upon the one in the above picture.

When Jin Hee and Julian try to have dinner in the kitchen, Ha Sun suggests in that loud, panicked voice of hers that they should eat while watching some TV in order to get them as far away from Ji Seok’s hiding place as possible.

With only one slice left, Ha Sun tries to clear the food so that she can at least give the remaining slice of pizza to Ji Seok, who by now is probably starving in his hiding place. But to her dismay, Julian claims the last slice, saying that throwing away food will only ensure that you have to eat food through your nose in the afterlife. (OMG! heh heh) Ha Sun can only watch as the piece she was hoping to give Ji Seok slowly but surely disappears inside Julian’s mouth.

When Ha Sun is finally able to extricate herself from the others, she finds Ji Seok nibbling away on the radish for lack of anything else to eat. When Ji Seok asks again if she’s hiding him because she’s ashamed of him as a boyfriend, she quickly tries to reassure him that it’s not that at all.

She then demonstrates how much she is NOT ashamed of him by tenderly kissing him as a way of thanking him and apologizing to him for putting him through all this trouble.

Once kissed, Ji Seok has no qualms about staying inside the cupboard for a longer period of time and tells Ha Sun that he’s all right. LOL. Yeah, I’ll say by his expression that he’s more than just “all right.” LOL

Later that night, another type of food situation arises, this time with Jong Seok, who goes over to Ji Won’s house to return a frying pan for his mother. Before entering her house, he once again mentally girds himself, even hitting himself in the head with the frying pan, to give himself courage to win her over. When he sees her in the kitchen, she is just pulling out a sheet of freshly baked cookies and offers him a cookie. His entranced/enamoured looks whenever he has a private moment to simply watch Ji Won is touching and oh-so-very telling.

He compliments her on her baking skills, but when he discovers that she is baking the cookies as a thank-you gift for his uncle Kye Sang, his mood sours and the ugly, green-eyed monster called Jealousy starts to rear its head. As Ji Won leaves the kitchen to take the phone call, Jong Seok starts to eat cookie after cookie, sometimes taking them two at a time…anything to prevent his uncle from receiving this type of love from Ji Won.

Ji Won returns mere minutes later to find a solitary little cookie left on the cookie sheet. At her exclamation of shock that he ate almost all of the cookies, Jong Seok barely manages to explain through his tortuous chewing of the cookies that he was hungry…terribly hungry. LOL.

Fearing that she might give Kye Sang the last remaining cookie, Jong Seok nabs that one as well and takes a huge bite out of it. Once the very last of her cookies are no longer presentable as a gift, he exclaims to her that his hunger is now under control. LOL. Dang, this boy cracks me up with his jealousy. LOL

At that moment, the oven bell pings, and Ji Won walks over to pull out another sheet of cookies, leaving Jong Seok with a priceless expression on his face. Ah, all those cookies…forced down his throat…all in vain. LOL. She comments that it’s a good thing this batch of cookies is just as nice while Jong Seok seriously seems to internally weigh the chances of his eating this batch, too. LOL

 After that disastrous attempt at a dinner date, Ji Seok devises a secret meeting place for him and Ha Sun. He calls her down to the underground tunnel and tells her his plan. When she comments that this is a highly traveled place, he reassures her that he has taken measures to escape detection.

Having installed a trap door with a bell attached to it over the entrances of the underground tunnel, Ji Seok and Ha Sun can hear if anyone is attempting to come down to the tunnel. And when they do? Ji Seok and Ha Sun can hide behind a brown blanket that camouflages them against the background of the tunnel. The episode ends on their smiles of triumph at having finally found a meeting place where they can “date” in peace without fear of detection.

Post-Recap Thoughts: The more our little Jong Seok acts out his jealousy, the more endearing he becomes in my eyes. Is that weird to anyone? LOL. 

I appreciated today’s theme of insecurity that was weaved into both Ji Seok’s story and Jong Seok’s story. For Ji Seok, even though he finally has the girl, there’s still a part of him that can’t believe she would choose him. So this underlying disbelief in his good fortune at having snagged such a great catch causes him to wonder repeatedly if Ha Sun is trying to keep their dating a secret because she’s ashamed of him.

Fortunately for him and his “‘angst,” Ha Sun dispels his concerns with that one kiss in the kitchen. Ah, who knew a kiss could be so powerful? 😉

And if only we can get Ji Won to kiss Jong Seok and put the poor guy out of his teenage, angst-ridden misery, then all would be right with the world. heh heh….

As for Jong Seok, he’s competing against his “perfect” uncle who is already established in his career. Plus, he’s competing to win the affections of a bookworm of a girl who sees intellect as more of an attractive trait than athleticism, something Jong Seok has in spades. However, none of his physical prowess matters when Ji Won is more attracted to the brain than the brawn, although I don’t suppose it hurts that Kye Sang is easy on the eyes. heh.

*Sigh*…poor Jong Seok. However, I know that this difficult road he is traveling to win Ji Won’s heart will only make the eventual victory that much sweeter, so trudge on we must.

The only question is how much battering will Jong Seok have to endure? Poor Jong Seok…one-sided love sucks…but a one-sided teenage love sucks even more. And Jong Seok, at age 19 (20 in Korean years), is certainly living out his last year as a teenager mired in teenage angst.

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