High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 20 – Episode 85 Link and Recap)

Episode 85 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/VMEoq3qp8eQ

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Ah, we get to finally see Ji Seok and Ha Sun act like a couple. 🙂 As for Jong Seok and Ji Won, today was a sad but important day in their relationship as well.


The new couple drive to work together, and as Ha Sun rushes to get inside because they are running late, Ji Seok stops her to wrap his muffler around her neck. (Awwww….)

While with Ji Seok, Ha Sun sees Teacher Yoon, who has recently returned from an impromptu trip to Europe, and tries to apologize for her past action: shoving him off the second-floor window. In the privacy of a classroom, she explains the situation with her and Julian and ask Teacher Yoon to keep their secret from the school.

Meanwhile, Jong Seok, impatiently waiting for Ji Won to show up for their tutorial, comes downstairs and unexpectedly sees Ji Won cozily discussing a mystery novel with Kye Sang. Having only just realized Ji Won’s crush on Kye Sang (Episode 84), Jong Seok’s ego is further crushed at this sight, and he angrily tells Ji Won that they can stop tutoring now since it seems as though he’s been taking up her precious time.

Back at the school, Ha Sun tries to encourage Teacher Yoon, who is deflated that none of the teachers seem to appreciate his music. Ha Sun gives him a hot cup of coffee and tells him that she was personally moved by his music when he played a demo tape of his most recent composition.

She then tells him to cheer up and continue in his composing because she is one of his fans. (Why is that woman so cute in her actions? LOL) 

After abruptly terminating his tutorial lessons with Ji Won, Jong Seok then proceeds to ignore all of her phone calls. Seung Yoon, unable to watch his friend go down the wrong path any further (love how Seung Yoon is so supportive of Jong Seok’s education), tells Ji Won where Jong Seok is so that she can coerce him into resuming their lessons. Jong Seok refuses and tells her to scram, a rude reaction that causes her to get mad now and stomp out of the pool hall. 

Later that night, Teacher Yoon calls Ha Sun out to demand what she’s done to him. Instead of composing sad, melancholy songs, he keeps playing upbeat songs, and he can’t seem to get her out of his head. (O-M-G! LOL) He blames her–her encouraging words and warm smile. He was only able to compose those sad songs because he was so alienated from society. Now, thanks to her, he doesn’t feel alone anymore! (Oh, the travesty! LOL)

Depressed about what is happening between him and Ji Won, Jong Seok gets drunk and bumps into Kye Sang on the streets. Thoroughly annoyed with his uncle, Jong Seok scrutinizes his uncle, wondering what Kye Sang has that he doesn’t. He verbally assesses his own strengths: taller, tighter and youthful skin, etc. (LOL) He even asks two women passing by which of them the ladies would prefer. Concerned to see his nephew this way, Kye Sang asks if something has happened. Jong Seok ignores the question and instead suggests that they race to see who’s faster and more athletic. As Jong Seok out runs Kye Sang, the uncle simply looks upon Jong Seok’s disappearing form in growing concern.

Back at Ha Sun’s house, she and Ji Seok share a quiet moment together in the bathroom (What a location for a “date”!) as she tells Ji Seok about Teacher Yoon. Suspecting that Teacher Yoon likes Ha Sun, especially when she receives a text message from him once again telling her to get out of his head, Ji Seok vows to have a word with Teacher Yoon. Their time together is comically cut short by Julian, who asks when Ha Sun is going to be done with the bathroom. LOL

On his way home, Jong Seok stops by Ji Won’s house and yells for her from the street. Once she appears in the window, he proceeds to emphatically express his tumultuous emotions, cautioning her not to look down on him because he’s only twenty right now but who knows what he will be when he grows older. He tells her that he can speak English well and recites his sentence about how Ji Won is sad because of her hurtful memories. In the end, he tells her that she will never see him collapse, but then he promptly collapses and is literally carried/helped by Ji Won home.

The next morning at school, Ha Sun is once again subjected to another rant as Teacher Yoon complains about how he can’t get her out of his head and is instead writing happy songs that are trash in his eyes. (OMG, what a backward way to tell a woman you’re thinking about her ALL the time!)

Ji Seok sees all this and takes Teacher Yoon aside, telling him that Ji Seok will act in Ha Sun’s stead to rid her from Teacher Yoon’s thoughts since Teacher Yoon has asked Ha Sun to be cruel to him so that he can start to write sad songs again.  Teacher Yoon explains that he didn’t mean for Ji Seok to help him…right before Ji Seok drags the poor man into an empty classroom. LOL

Meanwhile, Jong Seok finally wakes up from his drunken stupor and grimaces in humiliation as he recalls the events of the previous night.

When Ji Won comes to resume their tutorial, he pretends to sleep and hesitates on what to do when Ji Won starts counting to five. She threatens that if he doesn’t sit at the desk by the time she reaches five, their tutorial sessions will really come to an end. After a frantic, yet brief, internal struggle as to what to do, Jong Seok jumps out of bed and plops himself in his chair before Ji Won finishes counting five. LOL…they are so adorable together. 🙂

As Ha Sun and Ji Seok walk on the school grounds, they hear the plaintive sounds of Teacher Yoon’s new composition. A solitary tear falls down Teacher Yoon’s face as he plays his new piece, leaving the viewer wondering if he’s crying over what could have been with Ha Sun or his usual state of isolation.

Post-Recap Thoughts: Ah, the growing pains of puppy love. Despite the anguish Jong Seok is going through right now, as a viewer, I’m completely enjoying the process, which is riddled with so many adorable moments. 🙂 And as sappy as this sounds, I liked the clichéd drunken moment outside at Ji Won’s window. He’s starting to verbalize his feelings for her, slowly but surely, even though the comments are still veiled that Ji Won doesn’t realize anything yet. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this week has in store for us! Both Jong Seok and Jin Hee are opening up more about their feelings for their respective crushes! I’m excited to see what develops in the next few days…kyahhhhh!!!

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  1. AWWWW jong-seok and his adorable crush on ji-won!!! I LOVE THIS EPISODE- my two favorite pairings are jiwon/jongseok and hasun/jiseok!!!

    thanks so much for the recap <3

    1. Glad you liked! I was going to pass on recapping this episode due to time restraints but just couldn’t help myself when I saw that it was a Jong Seok/Ji Won episode. LOL. And the Ha Sun/Ji Seok story was adorable; we finally got to see them act as a couple for more than a brief moment. 🙂

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