High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 18 – Episode 79 Recap)

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

Ugh…what I feared at the end of Episode 78 has happened in Episode 79. Although my disappointment–no, more specifically my disbelief–didn’t last long, I have to admit that I was NOT at all pleased with this episode. Sigh…You’ll soon see what I mean…so NOT pleased, no matter how artistically creative this episode may have been in some people’s view.


The episode starts with a replay of the previous episode’s ending–Ji Seok and Ha Sun kissing. Then we see Ji Seok recovering from his polyp removal surgery. The family–at least the adults–are anxiously waiting for him to wake up from the anaesthesia. He was supposed to wake up one hour post-surgery but slept for over three hours, an anomaly which worried his family. The first thing he asks is if Ha Sun is still at the hospital, a question that surprises his family.

Once discharged from the hospital, he goes to see Ha Sun and embraces her. Much to his surprise, Ha Sun recoils in disgust and reminds him that she told him before and she repeats now that she only wants to be friends and colleagues with him. Baffled, Ji Seok asks if she didn’t come to visit him at the hospital and if they didn’t kiss, both of which Ha Sun vehemently denies.

Ji Seok goes to his bedroom to process the new developments and grabs at his hair in frustration, realizing that his breakthrough with Ha Sun the night before was simply a dream he had due to the anaesthesia.

Meanwhile, Ha Sun receives a phone call from her father in the United States, who tells her that her mother is not feeling well and that Ha Sun should make plans to return and live with them in the States. He reminds her that it’s not good for family to be apart from each other for too long.

As Ha Sun leaves to discuss the logistics of her move with Ji Won, Jin Hee comments to Julian that she’s envious of Ha Sun, who gets to live abroad in the States for the next few years. Realizing that Jin Hee doesn’t realize what this new development means, Julian proceeds to tell her that with Ha Sun gone, Ji Won won’t have any need for a big house like this. If Ji Won decides to move, both he and Jin Hee will have to look for new living arrangements.

Jin Hee and Julian are not the only ones upset by the news. Ji Seok hears from Soo Jung that Ha Sun is planning on leaving for the States. He immediately seeks Ha Sun out and asks how she can even think about leaving everyone she knows behind to go to America. She apologizes for the abrupt news but then relates to him the news of her mother’s health and her plans for continuing her education and career in the United States.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee seeks Ji Won out and asks her about the living situation. When Ji Won tells her that she, too, is thinking about following Ha Sun to America, Jin Hee turns her efforts at acquiring housing to Soo Jung, asking her if Soo Jung would share her attic room with her. She promises that she can be silent and invisible so that Soo Jung won’t even notice she’s there. However, Soo Jung declines the offer, telling Jin Hee that Jin Hee’s a bit noisy and smelly, so she’ll definitely be noticeable. LOL

With no other way to change Ha Sun’s mind, Ji Seok invites Ha Sun out for a late night drive and takes her to the Han River. Reaching in the back seat, he pulls out a bouquet of red roses that he had wanted to give her way back then when they were supposed to meet for that dinner cruise. Presenting them to her, he tells her that he often wonders what might have happened if he hadn’t stopped to buy her the roses and been able to meet her for that cruise. How different might their circumstances be now?

With preparations to leave all completed, Ha Sun leaves for the airport, and Ji Seok rushes to catch her before she leaves, his last chance to see her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see the oncoming car and gets hit. He crumbles to the ground as bystanders crowd around him, and with his last dying breath, he sees through the crowd Ha Sun entering the airport. He had been trying to call her on his cell phone when the car hit him. As he silently cries in pain and agony, his cell phone connects with Ha Sun’s phone, and her voice is heard asking, “Hello?”

The camera focuses on Ji Seok’s eyes as a tear rolls down his face. However, instead of lying on the ground, he is back at the hospital recovery room with Kye Sang, his sister, and his brother-in-law anxiously waiting for him to wake up from the anaesthesia. He then realizes that the past events since his “waking up” from the anesthesia was a dream and that Ha Sun really did come to see him.

Repeating the earlier scene of this episode in front of her house, Ji Seok greets Ha Sun, who asks after his health. Walking up to her, Ji Seok gently but firmly embraces her in his arms. She protests at first because they are in a public location and she’s concerns with what the neighbors might think, but Ji Seok simply tightens his hold on her. He gravely tells her that he was so afraid that he wasn’t going to be able to see her again. He then thanks her for being by his side, and the episode ends with him rocking her slight to and fro in his arms.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

I know that in the past, I’ve appreciated the writers’ efforts to integrate references of movies and other k-drama moments into their episodes, but I was NOT amused or appreciative at all over this episode’s attempts to create a dream sequence. I felt like I was being toyed with, and frankly, I didn’t appreciate the rushed feel of the scenes, although I suppose the writers were trying to convey the sense of disjointedness that one usually experiences in a real dream. But still…Snoopy’s Twinkie does NOT like being jerked around when she was oh-so-happily in her “contentment” zone after Episode 78.

On an artistic level, I suppose I can grudgingly admit that this dream sequence serves to help solidify Ji Seok’s deep feelings for Ha Sun. After all, it’s only fair that he experience the same desperation and anguish over the possibility of losing Ha Sun that she had to go through in the previous episode when she thought he might die.

*Sigh…* But still….

…this little Snoopy’s Twinkie likes things sweet and simple. Sweet. Simple. Sweet. Simple. I hope the writers keep this in mind as this series progresses.

LOL. In all honesty, though, I’m relieved that this episode was merely a dream and that Ha Sun and Ji Seok are still a couple. Whew~I admit that I was a bit freaked out for the first five minutes or so until I realized that the episode was moving way too fast and the scenes just were too ridiculous to be “real.”

All in all, I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers develop this relationship now that both Ji Seok and Ha Sun have “experienced” what life might be like without the other.

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    i agree with your thoughts! the scenes were going way too quickly 🙂


    Byeeee Twinkieeeeeeee~ lolol

    1. I probably got busy and didn’t recap that episode. It has only been recently that I started recapping all the episodes despite the lateness of the recap post.
      Dramabeans.com has a “weecap” of the episode if you want to check her site.

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