High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 18 – Episode 78 Recap)

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

Today’s reference to Secret Garden (the infamous milk-kiss scene must have proved too irresistible for the writers) had me chuckling on a number of occasions. But more importantly, we have skinship! Hurrah!! And it’s not just the innocuous skinship between Jong Seok and Ji Won that I’m talking about but the long-awaited-I-thought-I was-going-to grow-gray-hairs-waiting-for any-progress skinship between Ji Seok and Ha Sun. 🙂 Woohoo~

I know that the writers have been noticeably quiet regarding the storyline with these two, but now that we have progress in the form of a genuine relationship, I am simply thrilled. The wait was worthwhile. But before I get ahead of myself, I present to you today’s recap….


The episode starts with Ji Won waiting for Jong Seok at a coffee shop. When Jong Seok arrives and asks why they’re having their lesson outside, Ji Won comments that it’s a nice change of venue and that she likes the smell of the coffee house. She then offers to buy him a drink, but Jong Seok holds her back (yes, skinship! LOL) and goes to buy the drinks for them both.

Then in classic Ha Ji Won (Kim Ra Im) form, our High Kick Ji Won takes a sip of milk and gets a milk moustache on her upper lip, one that Jong Seok notices. When he mentions it to Ji Won, she quickly wipes her mouth with her hands, much to Jong Seok’s disappointment. Ha! I bet he wanted to do a Hyun Bin move. LOL 

After the milk moustache incident, though, Jong Seok can’t focus on anything else but her lips. LOL

Meanwhile, at the Ahn residence, Seung Yoon and Soo Jung watch a wrestling match. Soo Jung then asks Julian how to duplicate the head lock so that she can use it in the future…oh dear, why do I get a bad feeling about this? Soo Jung has such a penchant for violence….

Ha Sun drops by Ji Seok’s room to get the folders that Ji Seok carried home for her but forgot to give her. She writes him a note and is about to leave when she notices something in his desk–the cheap necklace that her ex-boyfriend had given her. She thinks back to the time when Jong Seok asked about it, which had prompted her to look again around her desk and find it, and when Jin Hee commented that it was odd Ha Sun was no longer allergic to her necklace.  Realization of what Ji Seok must have done–that he exchanged her cheap necklace for a more expensive one–slowly dawns on her. Yes! She knows now…finally!

Having practiced the headlock, Soo Jung attacks Jong Seok as he returns home from his tutorial with Ji Won. Unfortunately for Soo Jung, Jong Seok easily slips out of the headlock and goes upstairs, leaving behind a baffled Soo Jung, who can’t understand why her headlock wasn’t effective.

Once in the safety of his bedroom, Jong Seok plops himself on the bed and smiles as he reflects back on Ji Won with the milk moustache.

Later that day, Jong Seok goes over to Ji Won’s house to return a pan for his mother when he spots her in her room. Momentarily stunned, he simply stands there gazing at her until she notices him and motions him inside to give his uncle an instant camera for her. As she explains how to use the camera, however, Jong Seok has a difficult time concentrating due to her close proximity. He keeps thinking back to her milk-moustached lips. LOL.

After the tutorial, Soo Jung attempts headlock number 2. Jong Seok gives her a warning, but when she fails to listen to him, he carries her over his shoulders and plops her down on the livingroom couch.

That evening, the school principal invites all the teachers out for a dinner and encourages them to eat their fill. However, he specifies that they should eat the bacon strips/pork rather than the beef brisket slices, which are more expensive, since the barbeque house is known more for their pork. heh…he just doesn’t want to pay more for the dinner. LOL

As the teacher dig into their dinners, Miss Park tells the other teachers that the best thing to look for in a man is patience, loyalty, always staying by his woman’s side, helping his woman quietly without any fuss, etc. As she mentions these qualities, Ha Sun can’t help but look at Ji Seok, who’s diligently cooking the meat for everyone, and realize that he has those very qualities.

Undaunted by her failed attempts with Jong Seok, Soo Jung ambushes her uncle Kye Sang as he walks into the door from work.

However, our cool doctor easily slips out of her headlock and then correctly puts one on her, telling her to learn it properly and then retry on him. LOL…Is it just me or is Kye Sang getting cooler as the series goes on?

After the dinner as the teachers return to their homes, Ha Sun suggests that Ji Seok and she walk back home to enjoy the evening as well as wake up a bit from the alcohol. As she passes by a batting cage, she reminisces with Ji Seok about their baseball adventures in the past and suggest that they hit some balls before they go home. Ji Seok gives her pointers (more skinship) and cheers her on as she bats while she does the same for him when it is his turn. Watching him hit ball after ball, Ha Sun continues to think more upon Ji Seok’s good qualities, remembering specifically the words that Miss Park had said about a good man.

The next day, Jong Seok spots some milk posters with the Mona Lisa and imagines Ji Won’s milk moustache again, unable to stop himself from grinning.

Meanwhile, as Jong Seok gets ready for work, Kye Sang comes into his bedroom and shows him the results of his recent physical exam. Kye Sang discovered a polyp that is probably benign (there’s a slight suggestion in the episode that Ji Seok may have had health problems in the past) but still would like to excise out the polyp, suggesting that Jong Seok take a sick day today and admit himself into the hospital for a quick surgical removal.

When Ji Seok doesn’t show up at school, Ha Sun learns that Ji Seok has called in sick and later decides to go over to his house on the pretext of sharing strawberries with her neighbors. In true Ha Sun form, she distractedly tells Mrs. Ahn that strawberries are good for Alzheimers and that she should eat them so as to not become senile. Dang, Ha Sun can be so random at times. Anyhow, she learned from Mrs. Ahn that Ji Seok has a polyp and that he’s currently at the hospital awaiting surgery.

 Returning home, Jong Seok rests contently on his bed, unable to stop grinning as he reflects back on Ji Won at the coffee house.

He quickly sit up on the bed when Ji Won arrives for tutorial and tells her briskly that she’s late. A bit surprised, Ji Won notes that she’s only 5 seconds late. LOL. As Ji Won starts the lesson, she notices that he’s not paying attention to anything she is saying. Finally deciding to get his attention–oh Ji Won, if you only knew how well you have his attention–she puts him in the headlock that she learned from Soo Jung and Julian. This headlock has an unexpected response, though, as Jong Seok finds that he doesn’t mind the proximity, and his face turns red from embarrassment. However, he soon collapses onto the desk when he can’t breathe well from the headlock. heh. Ji Won, unlike Soo Jung, learns things well. Boys~can’t even tell that he’s actually choking because he’s too enamored with being so close to Ji Won. LOL

The episode concludes with Ha Sun going out to the convenient store for some items and learning that the store owner recently passed away. As she walks slowly back home, she realizes how much Ji Seok has come to mean to her and how lost she would feel if he were to die and never be by her side again. She turns in the direction of the hospital and starts to run, dropping her shopping bag on the sidewalk in the process.

Once at the hospital, she spots Ji Seok, who is getting some “fresh air” in the hallway before his operation. She haltingly and tearfully tells him that she knows what he did. She mentions the necklace and then continues to try to express her feelings towards him. Ji Seok, understanding  that her feelings have now changed, slowly gathers her up in his arms and kisses her.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

Houston, we have lift-off! heh heh. They are now officially a couple! Woohoo!!! Finally….

Although I didn’t particularly like the long wait, I did appreciate how the writers took the time, despite many viewers’ impatience, to develop Ji Seok and Ha Sun’s relationship. The long wait served to emphasize Ji Seok’s willingness to wait for Ha Sun as well as underscore his commitment to and love for her. 

I am content. I think I’ll simply leave the post-recap with that. This episode was long in coming, but now that it’s finally arrived, I find that I don’t have much to say. 🙂 I just hope the writers don’t do anything to disturb this sense of bliss with Episode 79.

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