High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 17 – Episode 77 Link and Recap)

(01.13.12) Episode 77 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/a9MsVfhz3sA

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

What can I say? I love this episode! Why? Althought it doesn’t really advance any of the relationships, the episode touches upon Kye Sang + Jin Hee and Jong Seok + Ji Won. heh heh. I’m such a sucker for sweet romantic moments. And I must admit, Jin Hee’s enamored expressions are priceless! LOL


Kye Sang receives an invitation from a thankful patient to come try out a boxing gym that the patient owns. In turn, Kye Sang extends the invitation to Jin Hee, and the two of them check out the facilities after work that day.

Seeing Kye Sang in a form-fitting undershirt, Jin Hee gets all googly-eyed and can barely string a complete thought in her head, much less respond intelligently to any of Kye Sang’s questions or boxing tips.

Unfortunately, Kye Sang assumes that Jin Hee is listening and proceeds to punch her…

causing her to topple backwards. Racing to her aid, Kye Sang quickly takes off her protective head gear and conducts a brief examination of her head.

But all Jin Hee can do is smile broadly at the object of her affection as he gently cradles her head in his hands. LOL. Oh, Jin Hee…you do my heart good. LOL

Meanwhile, Kye Sang returns home and extends the gym invitation to the rest of the family. Soo Jung wants to go boxing with Jong Seok, but he declines, saying that he already fights enough with her at home. As Jong Seok walks Ji Won to the underground hole, Ji Won asks if she can box with him instead. She feels that she can do quite well, even though she’s never boxed before. Jong Seok agrees. Ha! More time to spend with his crush! LOL

Undaunted by the fact that no one in the family wants to go boxing with her, Soo Jung checks out the place all on her own. Spotting the owner, she asks him to box with her. However, when they get into the ring, she specifically tells him that she only wants to punch him and that he is NOT allowed to touch her, much less punch her. When he lightly taps her on the head, she becomes angry and starts to pummel the owner with punches. Oh dear, Soo Jung….

Later that day, Jong Seok and Ji Won make it down to the boxing gym and engage in a mock fight. Of course, Jong Seok totally takes it easy on Ji Won, who enjoys the new experience of boxing.

However, when Jong Seok teases her and pretends that the judges have awarded him the victory, her mood turns sour and she protests that Jong Seok is being unfair. LOL

Wanting to prolong the fight and his teasing, Jong Seok continues to box with Ji Won and then pretends to get knocked down, even prompting her to start counting how long he’s down on the floor. LOL The boy is enjoying this WAY too much. LOL

Just as she is about to reach the KO countdown, he springs back up and quickly ends the round and fight. Then pretending to read all the judges scores, he declares himself the winner. When Ji Won protests this win as well, he rereads the imaginary Japanese judge’s score twice, once counting himself the winner and the second time counting Ji Won the winner.

Once declared the winner, Ji Won swiftly punches Jong Seok in the stomach and then trips onto the ground in her attempt to quickly get away from him before he can retaliate. Jong Seok sees her trip and tries to help her but ends up falling awkwardly on top of her.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ahn keeps an eye out for Seung Yoon, who goes back to his house to reclaim the mink stole that he gave Jong Seok’s mother but one his mother took back from her, claiming that Seung Yoon gives things to people too easily. Knowing that she shouldn’t really accept Seung Yoon’s extravagant gift, Mrs. Ahn, nevertheless, waits for Seung Yoon to return with the mink stole so that she can wear it to a gathering to show off to her friends.

The episode ends on Seung Yoon as he walks toward the Ahn’s house, swinging a bag that could potentially hold Mrs. Ahn’s coveted mink stole. Despite all her “protests” to the contrary, the woman is hoping that he was able to wrestle it away from his mother to bring back to her. After all, a gift is a gift. One shouldn’t take back a gift that’s already been given and received. LOL, Oh, Mrs. Ahn…you’re greed and materialism is showing. LOL

Post-Recap Thoughts:

Today’s episode felt extremely short to me, perhaps because I was hoping for more Kye Sang + Jin Hee interactions. Nonetheless, I’m pleased that Jin Hee was more open in her adoration of Kye Sang. Now, if only the good doctor would be so good (and observant) to notice her affections and then return them! LOL

As for the younger pair–Jong Seok and Ji Won–I found Jong Seok’s teasing of Ji Won to be heartwarming. Hopefully, he’ll gain the courage to confess his feelings to her at some point in the future, AND Ji Won will have resolved her crush on Kye Sang before Jong Seok’s confession so that she will be open to accepting Jong Seok’s feelings.   

The only real development in anyone’s character would have to be Seung Yoon. We always knew he liked to give, but today’s episode really explored the extent to which he likes to give, even to the point of jeopardizing the integrity of his house’s structure for a friend by attempting to saw off one of its pillars. Yikes! I’m curious to see what the writers do with this characteristic…It should be interesting.

On a side note, this week’s episodes seemed to be light on the Ji Seok + Ha Sun storyline. I hope week 18 focuses and develops their relationship a bit more. However, I am, under no circumstances, complaining about all the development I saw with my two favorite couples (Kye Sang + Jin Hee and Jong Seok + Ji Won). I can totally handle another week like week 17 if it means more of these two couples! I hope the writers got my telepathic message just now. LOL. 😀

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