High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 17 – Episode 76 Link and Recap)

(01.12.12) Episode 76 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Hz1C9TtMnbo

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

I absolutely adore this episode. There are so many cute moments, especially of Jin Hee who is fast becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. The fact that this episode primarily centers around Jin Hee/Kye Sang and Jong Seok/Ji Won doesn’t hurt one tiny bit. LOL.


The episode begins with Soo Jung running into the house with a poster announcing that there’s a local badminton contest. The rules are fairly simple: 1) one entry per household and 2) the teams must consist of one man and one woman. The prize? An all-expense paid trip to a newly opened ski resort for the entire family! Soo Jung wants to enter, and her mother suggests she enter with her brother, who is the athletic one in the family. Jong Seok, flattered by the compliment, agrees to play for the family.

When Ji Won arrives for their tutorial, Jong Seok tells her about the contest, and she wonders if she should enter, too. Bragging a bit about his athleticism, Jong Seok tells her that he hopes to see her at the finals round, but ultimately, he will win. (LOL…why do I sense that he’s going to have to eat those words?)

Unfortunately, soon after puffing himself up in front of Ji Won, Jong Seok learns on his way out to practice a bit for the competition that his services are no longer needed. (Yup, didn’t have to wait too long for the reversal of fortunes. LOL) His mother remembered that Ji Seok was called the “Bae Shin” (means “betrayal” but is shortened in this case to mean the “Badminton God”) and has asked Ji Seok to play for the family. Naturally, Jong Seok feels betrayed but mostly embarrassed since he had bragged to Ji Won that his family was counting on him to win them a trip to the ski resort.

In an effort to regain his position as the family representative, Jong Seok demands a qualifying game between himself and Ji Seok to determine who should represent the family.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee bundles herself up to brave the frigid winter weather and pass out flyers around the neighborhood telling people about their free clinic. Kye Sang walks in as she prepares to leave and gives her a pair of adorable earmuffs, saying that these are something he treasures, so she should take very good care of them. (There’s a part of me that wonders if he purchased them just for her. 🙂 BTW, there were so many cute screen shots I could have captured, but the sheer number I would have taken would have scared me from ever recapping again, so I limited myself to about 20, so I hope you all get to watch the episode.)

While Jin Hee leaves, Kye Sang examines an Alzheimer’s patient and becomes worried when the caretaker later returns looking for the elderly man because he has suddenly disappeared. Kye Sang goes out to look for him while Jin Hee, sitting by herself contemplates how long it will take her to pass out and/or post all the flyers. Unaware of the situation at the clinic, she is startled when an unfamiliar elderly man sits next to her.

She becomes even more startled when he reaches over and starts munching on her bag of Korean baked cookies. And although she is sharing her snack with him, he calls her ugly and a child. LOL Ah, the things that the elderly can get away with due to their age. LOL

Meanwhile, the qualifying game to determine who will represent the family commences with Papa Ahn acting as the referee and Soo Jung the score keeper. Ji Seok, when he sees how much Jong Seok wants to compete, suggests that the family just let Jong Seok play since Ji Seok is a bit under the weather anyhow. However, the family is determined to have Ji Seok, the Badminton God, play and win them the trip…and so, the schemes begin to declare Ji Seok the winner. All throughout the game, Referee Ahn judges the game in Ji Seok’s favor, calling clearly in shots, out and such.

Upset about the unfair game, Jong Seok storms out of the gym and meets Ji Won on the way back home. Before he can tell her that he won’t be representing the family, Ji Won tells him that she had planned on giving him a run for his money with Julian but now won’t be able to because Julian had a conflict in his schedule. She tells him that she’ll just go to cheer him on to victory. (Aw…)

Jong Seok goes up to his room to sulk about the unfair game when Seung Yoon comes to visit with a red T-shirt that the family had requested earlier that morning…BEFORE the qualifying game. Realizing that the family never intended to let him play, Jong Seok confronts them with Ji Seok’s red T-shirt and announces that he’s going to play with Ji Won since his own family has betrayed him. Nae Sang declares that an impossibility since Jong Seok is an Ahn and Ji Won is a Kim. (This doesn’t really make sense for the Ahn team, too, since Ji Seok is a Yoon and Soo Jung is an Ahn. Minor detail/mistake?) Jong Seok tells him that he’ll just have his name changed to a Kim then and storms out.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee is ultimately unable to leave the elderly grandfather alone by himself and volunteers to help him find his way back home. The grandfather, like a lost child, slips his hands into Jin Hee’s, and the two commence their quest to find his house.

After what is probably hours, the grandfather enters an empty house and starts to dig. Concerned that they might be trespassing on someone else’s property, Jin Hee cautiously looks around and is surprised when she sees Kye Sang coming through the gate. As the grandfather digs at the frozen ground, Kye Sang explains to Jin Hee the man’s medical condition. When questioned about how he knew to come to this particular house, Kye Sang answers that on a hunch, he returned to the grandfather’s old house since Alzheimer’s patients may sometimes remember their former residences. The two later help the grandfather dig and plant some seeds.

With the crisis of the Alzheimer’s patient solved, the attention turns back to the badminton competition. In his determination to win and seek revenge on his treacherous family, Jong Seok trains Ji Won, telling her that she needs to work harder since Soo Jung is the stronger competitor.

When the caretaker comes to take the grandfather home, Kye Sang and Jin Hee learn that the grandfather’s son was tragically killed in a car accident three years ago in the U. S and is without family. The grandfather, before he leaves in the minivan, comes out to give Jin Hee her earmuffs back. However, Jin Hee graciously gives them to him and receives a handful of old seeds from the grandfather in return as a gift. The grandfather exclaims that she’s pretty, and Jin Hee blushes, thinking that he’s talking about her, but to her chagrin, he corrects her and says that he was talking about the earmuffs. LOL. As the minivan drives away, Jin Hee smiles at the grandfather, and Kye Sang tenderly looks down at Jin Hee. (Kyack! Such a great moment! Please let him fall in love with her.)

The day of the competition finally arrives, and Jong Seok and Ji Won enter in matching polo shirts. (So cute!) The rest of the Ahn family barely acknowlege him and consider him a traitor since Jong Seok actually files for a name change from Ahn to Kim. (OMG…the extreme emotions of youth to change names for a badminton game!)

Back at the clinic, Kye Sang helps Jin Hee plant the seeds in a little pot. When Jin Hee wonders if the old seeds will even sprout, Kye Sang tells her that they will just have to wait and see. Jin Hee lovingly waters the pot and encourages the little seeds to grow strong.

The competition officially begins with Jong Seok and Ji Won competing as the “Long Leg Short Leg” team. (Love their team name!)

And as luck would have it, the Ahn team and Long Leg Short Leg team make it to the final round. The winners? The Long Leg Short Leg team, of course! Jong Seok celebrates his sweet victory over his “treacherous” family.

However, when he returns home later that night, Nae Sang throws him down the underground tunnel, refusing entry to any son of his who would so easily disown his family.

And so, for the next few days, Jong Seok lives at Ji Won’s house…

He files a name change and waves the form through the hole like a white flag in surrender, but his effort at reconciliation is met with a raw egg thrown at his head.

When he is finally allowed to set foot back into the house–a week later!–Jong Seok kisses the ground and shouts in triumph at being accepted as an Ahn again. See, Jong Seok! Names are important. LOL

As the episode draws to its close, Jin Hee is at the clinic, gathering up some files when she takes a look at the pot and notices a little sprout. Excited, she calls Kye Sang.

Together, like proud parents of a newborn child, they welcome it into the world and wish it a long healthy life, whatever plant or flower it may be.  (I hope this closing shot is a foreshadowing of them as a couple.)

Post-Recap Thoughts:

(This is my SECOND time writing this recap…Let’s hope the program doesn’t chew this one up like it did the first one…Arghhhhh! I really feel like Charlie Brown right now. I couldn’t handle going to sleep with this post unfinished like this, so I’m staying up past 1:30am to finish it before calling it a night…ugh)

*Deep breath*

As I mentioned before, I LOVED this episode because it developed the two relationships that interest me most: Kye Sang + Jin Hee and Jong Seok + Ji Won. So far, the writers have been fairly straightforward with these relationships. My hope is that they don’t complicate them by exploring any love triangles that are so prevalent in Korean dramas. I know. Ji Won likes Kye Sang while Jong Seok likes Ji Won and that both Jin Hee and Ji Won like Kye Sang, but so far, the writers have been pretty clear with the situation between Kye Sang: he will never see Ji Won as a woman. Jin Hee, on the other hand, is a different story.

His interactions with her often remind me of a little boy who torments the little girl he likes because he either doesn’t know he likes her or doesn’t know how to express that he likes her. In any case, I’m growing awfully attached to Jin Hee has a character. The immature Jin Hee of Episode 1 has morphed into a caring, mature woman of Episode 76, one who can potentially match Kye Sang in life, especially in his altruistic concern for the poor. And let’s not forget how he simply loves to tease her, although the tenderness he shows her has been growing more frequent in the recent episodes.

I may have mentioned this before, but I like my dramas simple and sweet. Simple. Sweet. Simple. Sweet. Let’s hope the writers of this show received the telepathic message I just sent them.

LOL *happy sigh* I’m feeling much calmer now that the blog is almost finished. 🙂

I’m excited for the next episode, which I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch since 1) I did a full recap rather than a mini-recap and 2) I had to rewrite part of this post due to technical malfunctions.  I hope you enjoyed this recap of Episode 76. I’ll try to post Episode 77 tomorrow (Saturday).

One last thought, or rather question, before I finally finish this post…Would you prefer this format to the pictorial recap format in which I was writing the recaps in the captions of the pictures?

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  1. Hi, love your the High Kick 3 recaps. I recently stumbled on your site trying to find a translation to A Thousand Kisses next episode and found our your doing High Kick 3 recaps. I really liked this episode. I watched 76 without subs and didn’t understand why the Ahns don’t let Jong Seok play. But after reading your recap I understand a little more. But it seems that Jong Seok plays more better than his uncle. Anyways loved the interacts between Ji Wong/Jong Seok and Kye Sang and Jin Hee. I am certainly rooting for them too. =D

    And as for recaps, which ever is easier. I like both. Thanks for recapping. Looking forward for more. ^^

    1. I’m so glad you found my site and are enjoying the recaps. 🙂 Welcome to our “Musings” community!
      Yeah, Jong Seok totally plays better than Ji Seok, although one can say that Ji Seok was still feeling a bit “under the weather” and so wasn’t playing fully at his best. But Jong Seok’s desire to get back at his family for “betraying” him probably helped him play harder. LOL

  2. I prefer this recap, but can you please make the picture smaller because it takes some time to load all of them.
    thanks for your recap, I love it.

    Long live Jin-hee Kye-sang!

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