High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 17 – Episode 75 Link and Mini – Recap)

(01.11.12) Episode 75 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/SJrZrks1wMk

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

I love how this drama franchise continues to weave references and parodies of other dramas, as well as its own, into its storyline. Today was no different as it brought in one of its stars from High Kick 2 (Shin Sae Kyung) and basically revived her previous character and offered us a different alternative ending, one that I’m sure many viewers would have preferred to the actual ending of High Kick 2.

My apologies ahead of time for the truncated recap. I only have a limited time today and wanted to at least provide the skeletal outline of the episode for you before my crazy weekend starts. For those of you wishing for a much more detailed recap, I believe www.dramabeans.com uploads a weekly recap of the show by Saturday evening.

Without further ado then, I present to you my extremely mini recap…


The episode starts with Sae Kyung guest starring in the episode, and it’s pretty much a parody of the original Season 2 storyline: the doctor (Kye Sang this time) helping her out at the Chinese restaurant by paying for her meal; her staying at his house, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry (hilarious revision of the Panty scene but this time with Nae Sang LOL), making a delivery to his clinic, going to the dentist, receiving a red scarf from Kye Sang (an updated round scarf that is currently popular in Korea), sitting in on a lesson with Jong Seok and Ji Won (appreciated the “dragon-tail” reference for marking important points), etc.; and of course, the imfamous (Yes, imfamous) car scene to the airport, although this time she’s taken to Incheon Harbor. The writers, however, conclude this storyline happily (unlike the original in which Sae Kyung dies) with Sae Kyung sending Kye Sang a letter from Taiwan a month later, thanking him for all his help. In the letter, she tells him that she was able to meet up with her father and younger sister and that she is hoping to return to Korea one day and take her high school equivalency exam and everything else the original Sae Kyung from Sesason 2 did not get to do.

Meanwhile, the second story revolves around Jong Seok, who has difficulty remember his English words, until Kye Sang tells him to get interested in it a bit more in order to remember things better. (Bascially the idea that we spend lots of time/remember things that are related to our interests). Previously in the episode, Ji Won had tried to play games with Jong Seok in an attempt to help him memorize English vocabulary, but all that happened was that Jong Seok was the recipient of many smacks to the head. LOL.

Armed with this sage advice, Jong Seok starts to look up English words that interest him, which works out perfectly for him since he has decided to attend Julian’s free English lectures with a group of other foreigners wanting to learn English. Once the lesson is over, the students ask him if he has a girl that he likes. Jong Seok is able to “fluently” tell them about this girl he is interested in–Ji Won–and how his heart “flutters” whenever she is near him. Ack! Ack!! Ack!!! The boy has finally confessed! 🙂

Post-Recap Thoughts:

I loved the allusion to the previous season’s High Kick  and am amazed at how well this short little episode was able to encapsulate the gist of the events surrounding Sae Kyung. It definitely gave the revised storyline from Season 2 a different perspective and a nice, happy closure to the shock and disappointment that many fans felt when she had died in the original. This way, the viewers get to relive Season 2 and experience a happier ending, one that many of us were expecting and wanting.

As for the Jong Seok story, I am so excited that he finally verbalized his growing affection for Ji Won. Hurray! And he did so in English, no less. 🙂 Double hurray for our struggling but diligent student! 🙂 The only sad thing that I noticed is that Ji Won is still in the Kye Sang camp as evidenced by her adopting Kye Sang’s “blanket-thinking” method. *sigh* Here’s hoping that she eventually starts to see Jong Seok in the same light that he sees her…can’t wait for that day!

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