High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 17 – Episode 74 Link and Recap)

(01.10.12) Episode 74 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/e4gAeDXXmEY

Pre-Recap Thoughts: I don’t know whether to kiss the writers or curse them. This episode centers around two women–Ha Sun and Ji Won–and their respective relationships with the men on the show, which would normally be a good thing IF the writers didn’t back pedal and create some twists in what I had already hoped was a closed chapter. You’ll soon see what I mean.Pictorial Recap:


The episode starts with Ha Sun discovering a flat tire on her car. Luckily, Ji Seok sees her plight and helps her fix the flat.
Meanwhile, Ji Won drops by the clinic to deliver some documents for Kye Sang. There, she meets Kye Sang's female doctor friend.
While driving back home, Ha Sun catches a glimpse of the con-artist who robbed her of Julian's apartment money. She relates the news to Julian who offers to join her on her stakeout to catch the thief.
Ji Seok hears the news of the con-artist and offers to join Ha Sun on her stakeout. Already uncomfortable with all of his help, she forcefully declines his offer. Ji Seok sadly gets the message that she doesn't want his help because she feels burdened by it.
Before retiring for the night, Kye Sang texts Ji Won and invites her to an art showing as a thank you for her kind delivery service.


Ji Won is ecstatc over the invitation and readily agrees.
Meanwhile, Jong Seok receives a pair of sneakers as a gift from Seung Yoon, who received them from his mother. Claiming that they are not his style, Seung Yoon gives them to Jong Seok with a gift receipt to exchange the shoes if he doesn't like them. Jong Seok reflects back on an event earlier in the day when he and Ji Won went to the bookstore and Ji Won ruined her sneakers trying to jumped up the stairs when he taunted her.
Later that night, Ha Sun and Julian are staked out on the streets, looking for the con-artist. Unfortunately, Julian soon falls asleep while Ha Sun continues her vigilant watch.
The next morning, Julian falls asleep at the breakfast table, and Ha Sun confesses that they got in from their stakeout around 3am without a single glimpse of the culprit. After banging his head on the table, Julian quickly excuses himself to get a little bit more sleep before he leaves for work.
In high spirits, Ji Won hails Jong Seok a warm hello and tells him that they're going to have their lesson a bit earlier today due to an engagement she has to attend.
As Ji Won goes up the stairs, Jong Seok quickly tries to measure her sneaker size with his hands.
However, when that doesn't work, he picks up his shoe and marks the length of her shoe with a black pen onto the bottom of his shoe.
Finishing her tutorial with Jong Seok, Ji Won rushes home and picks out an outfit from Ha Sun's closet. Asking permission from an absent/imaginary Ha Sun, Ji Won takes the outfit...makeup...and high-heeled shoes.
While Ha Sun goes out on her second night of stakeout, she mistakes a man for Ji Seok. She follows him to his car and tells him that he doesn't have to help her. However, she is quickly mortified when she discovers that it is a stranger. (Her expressions are seriously priceless!)
At the art show, Ji Won gets complimented on her sophisticated and beautiful look as she mingles with Kye Sang and his friends. Kye Sang's female friend comments that she almost didn't recognize Ji Won as the high school student she met in the clinic.
While Ji Won takes in the art show, Jong Seok goes to a shoe store to exchange the sneakers Seung Yoon gave him for a pair for Ji Won. When the sales clerk asks for the size, he takes off his shoe and shows her the shoe length. LOL
Ha Sun's diligence pays off as she spots the con-artist. Without any thought, she chases after him, only to find herself alone and in the midst of the con-artist and his accomplices.
Thankfully, before the criminals can do her any harm, a pig appears on the scene and fights them, keeping her safe.
As the criminals leave, Ha Sun tries to unmask the pig, saying that she knows the pig is Ji Seok. However, because Ha Sun had so forcefully told Ji Seok to not help her anymore, he holds on tightly to the pig's head and limps away (he was hit in the leg with a stick during the fight).
Once he is a safe distance away, Ji Seok takes off the pig's head, trying to catch his breath as well as recuperate from the physical and emotional hurt.
With the evening drawing to a close, Kye Sang's friends invite him for a drink at a nearby bar. Ji Won asks if she can come, too. Finally realizing that Ji Won may have a crush on him, Kye Sang considers her for a moment and then tells her that although she looked beautiful tonight, she looks best in her school uniform right now. With that comment, he sends her on her way home.
As Ji Seok limps home, he receives a text message from Ha Sun, who tells him that she just came from his house and found that he hadn't returned. She thanks him but asks him not to help her like this again.
Exhausted, Ji Won stops by a bench to give her aching feet a rest. Jong Seok happens to see her and stops by her bench.
Seeing her blistered and torn feet, he berates her for foolishly wearing such high heels and then slips onto her aching feet the new pairs of sneakers that he had just exchanged.
Ji Won wistfully tells Jong Seok that she wishes she were already 20 like him.
Then getting up from the bench without another word, Ji Won breaks out into a run. As Jong Seok chases after her, asking her why she's running, she shouts back that she's running so that she'll perhaps hit 20 sooner.
Meanwhile, Ha Sun is on her way to visit a friend and gets stranded on the side of the road when her car abruptly stops. When she tries to call roadside service, her cell phone battery dies. In the quiet of her car, she imagines what might be happening back at her home.
In her imagination, Ji Seok comes rushing into the house, asking after Ha Sun since she still hasn't returned home. After learning from Jin Hee that Ha Sun was on her way to see a friend in a particular town, Ji Seok quickly ascertains that she must have gotten stranded while on State Route 37 and rushes out again to drive to her rescue.
Now firmly believing that Ji Seok will again come to rescue her as he always does, Ha Sun waits for him on the road, asking every car that passes by, "Teacher Yoon?"
Kye Sang's alumnus narrates in voice over that Ha Sun is eventually rescued by Teacher Yoon...but a Teacher Yoon from a math prep center around 3am.
Still believing that Ji Seok has come to her rescue, she brightly asks, "Teacher Yoon?" When an older man replies that he is Teacher/Mr. Yoon, her face falls as she finally accepts the fact that Ji Seok will not be coming for her.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

I love the development of Ha Sun and Ji Seok’s relationship. We get to see Ji Seok come to Ha Sun’s rescue, ultimately getting hurt in the process of protecting the woman he loves. We also get to see Ha Sun finally realize that she’s come to rely on Ji Seok more than she has expected. After rejecting Ji Seok’s help so many times and making him feel as though his attention and help were definitely unwanted at the beginning of the episode, by the end, she comes to the startling epiphany that she’s come to rely upon his help and that she doesn’t find it burdensome after all. In some ways, she finds it a relief and comfort to think that he will always be there to protect her. Her expectant face as she calls out for him is telling enough.

As the episode ends on Ha Sun’s disappointed face, my hope is that the writers won’t back pedal in tomorrow’s episode and have Ha Sun think nothing about her disappointment. That would just kill me. 🙁

What else would kill me? If Ji Seok starts to sort through his feelings for Ha Sun because she was so adamant about not receiving his help and works to distance himself from her…just as she starts to develop feelings for him. 

Ugh…that would just slowly kill me with frustration. LOL

Now, onto the storyline that actually had me shaking my head today: the Ji Won and Kye Sang plot. 

Ack! Ack!! Ack!!!

I was so pleased that Kye Sang seemed to be seeing Ji Won as a patient and that Ji Won was spending more time with Jong Seok, perhaps developing the beginnings of an age-appropriate attraction. But nope! Ji Won, encouraged by Kye Sang’s foolish/thoughtless invitation to the art show, dresses up as an adult and tries to go on a “date” with him. 

Kye Sang, you silly man! How are you so wise in certain areas of life but so absolutely clueless in others?! I don’t know how I’m going to handle watching the show if he ends up breaking both Ji Won AND Jin Hee’s hearts. Thank goodness that Ha Sun totally dislikes him as a potential male interest. Episode 73 had me a bit worried with all the time that Kye Sang was spending teasing Ha Sun.

In any case, I hope the writers don’t make this a case of multiple unrequited love relationships: Ji Won –> Kye Sang, Jin Hee –> Kye Sang, Ji Seok –>Ha Sun, and Jong Seok –>Ji Won. That would just make me…FRUSTRATED…enough to post another image of “Little Miss Frustrated.” LOL 

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  1. aww thanks so much for the awesome picrecaps! i have to say, your picposts are whats keeping me hooked on high kick 3 due to lack of my resourcefulness in finding subs so thanks heaps for them! i thiink ultimately jiwon x jong seok should be together..right? i mean honestly they just seem like they should be a pair hehe and with ha sun and ji seok i have faith they’ll eventually find each other on the same page 🙂 im not tooo sure about jin hee and kye sang though to be honest but like you, i really hope he wont be breaking too many hearts

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