High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 17 – Episode 73 Link and Recap)

(01.09.12) Episode 73 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/UBnlQeulkqU

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

This episode has two main plots and a slew of minor ones, all of them enriching the already existing relationships. This ensemble show continues to shine by not fixating on one or two stories but endeavoring to develop the overall picture–the web-like relationships that define family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. But what I appreciate most is the show’s continual attempt to deal with a serious issue that is nicely balanced by a silly story.

Pictorial Recap:

The episode begins with Seung Yoon filming a scene, but the film shoot is stopped for the day when Seung Yoon is unable to say his lines with a Seoul accent.


Because Seung Yoon was filmed in a previous episode, he has no choice but to get his dialogue down; the drama can't replace him with another extra. In addition, the Ahn Art Company risks developing a bad reputation. So Nae Sang cajoles Soo Jung with money to teach Seung Yoon how to speak in a Seoul accent.
Meanwhile, Kye Sang sees Ha Sun looking for a taxi and offers her a ride home.
Still unwilling to accept the reality that he must speak Korean with a Seoul accent, Seung Yoon tells Jong Seok that he's going to establish a television channel one day that only uses the country accents.
As Kye Sang and Ha Sun drives home, inebriated Ha Sun entertains him with her cat imitations.
Soo Jung starts her first lesson with Seung Yoon and ends up frustrated...until she discovers a way to get him to correct his country accent.
The next morning, Ha Sun is mortified to hear that she was carried into the house by Kye Sang and then further embarrassed when she recalls her cat imitations.
Ashamed to properly meet Kye Sang's eyes when she runs into him on her way to work, she slips on a patch of ice and rips her pants right down the middle. She runs away in humiliation when Kye Sang points out that she has a rip in her pants.


Returning home to change, Ha Sun grimaces in embarrassment at how Kye Sang must have clearly seen her butt.
While Ha Sun is at home changing into suitable clothes, Julian informs the teachers that Ha Sun will be late. This leads the teachers to speculate on how Julian seems to know Ha Sun's business so well.
On the walk home from work, Ha Sun and Ji Seok run into Kye Sang and Jin Hee (love the couples image! Perhaps a foreshadowing of the future?! I can only hope!) As Ji Seok offers Kye Sang and Jin Hee a goldfish pie/bread, Kye Sang mentions that he has a funny story about a person slipping on a patch of ice.
Fearing that the story is about her recent fall, Ha Sun shoves a goldfish pie into Kye Sang's mouth, shocking everyone.
Ha Sun later goes over to Kye Sang's house to ask him to not mention her fall to anyone. Kye Sang reassures her that he wasn't planning on telling her story but a different story. However, he confesses that Ha Sun has a funny expression on her face when she's panicked.
Meanwhile, Seung Yoon is told to only speak in a Seoul accent now that he's finally learned how. Soo Jung had taught him to practice speaking in much the same way that he sings since he doesn't use a country accent when he sings. Unfortunately, he receives a phone call from his sister, who scolds him for selling out to the city pressures and forgetting his roots.
Ha Sun drops by the Ahn household to ask for some big containers to make kimchi. Kye Sang returns home around the same time with his alumnus and can't resist teasing Ha Sun because of her over-the-top reactions.
The next day, Seung Yoon is complimented on his Seoul accent and given a new script to learn. However, facing the bathroom mirror, he beings to question his identity due to his Seoul accent now. He panics and is further confused when even his thoughts are now spoken with a Seoul accent. (poor thing!)
Kye Sang, the ever incorrigible jokster, decides to continue in his teasing. As Ha Sun and the rest of her household make kimchi, Kye Sang drops by to give Ji Won some books as a gift and then teases Ha Sun about her...but before he can finish his sentence, Ha Sun panics and shoves a large leafy kimchi section in his mouth, causing him to fall backwards. (Ha! Serves him right for mercilessly teasing her. LOL)
Later that night, Seung Yoon visits the Ahns in a drunken state, miserable that he doesn't really know who he is anymore. Is he now a Seoul Seung Yoon? Or he is still Seung Yoon from his hometown?
The following day, Ha Sun receives an apple from Ji Seok at school. But as she walks down the hallway, the window-sitting teacher mentions to her that he knows about her living situation with Julian. With Miss Park asking her what he's talking about, Ha Sun panics again and shoves the apple into his mouth, causing him to fall backwards and onto the ground.
The episode ends with Ha Sun freaking out that she has unthinkingly pushed a fellow teacher off of a second-story building.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

The serious issue for me that was explored with this episode is Korea’s insistence that all Koreans learn to speak with a Seoul accent. Seung Yoon’s misery and puzzlement about this need echoes a growing concern that the Seoul accent is valued over any other provinces’ accents. It’s definitely a sad state of affairs if one feels pressured to bury one’s hometown accent simply to survive and make a living in Seoul. Where’s the diversity and the celebration of Korea’s diversity here?

On a lighter note that unexpectedly had a deeper meaning, Kye Sang’s playful teasing of Ha Sun conveys a life lesson: know when to stop. At first, Kye Sang starts to tease Ha Sun because he enjoys her over-reactions in much the same way that Jin Hee always rises to his baits/jokes. However, he doesn’t realize that Ha Sun is of a different nature than Jin Hee, who has never really retaliated in a mean way. With Ha Sun, she demonstrates no control over her actions when she’s in a panic state and reacts without thinking…much to his detriment and ultimately to hers when she pushes her fellow teacher out of the window in her attempt to silence him from revealing that she and Julian are living in the same house.

Overall, the episode left me fully entertained and with some nice little nuggets of life lessons to mull over. 🙂

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