High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 16 – Episode 72 Link and Recap)


(01.06.12) Episode 72 Link: http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44987/5 or http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44987/11 or http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44987/12 or http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/k72wR3CvP50

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

After such a great previous episode focusing on Jin Hee and Kye Sang, I was disappointed that the show shifted to Kye Sang and Ji Won’s storyline. I guess expecting TWO back-to-back episodes centered on Jin Hee’s relationship with Kye Sang would be too much to expect. However, I did appreciate how the tone of Ji Won and Kye Sang’s relationship now seems more rooted as one between a physician and his patient. The brief–waaaay too brief–moments of playfulness between Kye Sang and Jin Hee left me wanting more. 🙁 However, I’m encouraged that the writers are still keeping that storyline alive and developing, albeit at a turtle’s pace for my taste. LOL.

Pictoral Recap:

The episode starts with Nae Sang bragging to his family about his great decision-making abilities and how he's definitely back on the road to success with his foresight of hiring foreign extras.
Meanwhile, Kye Sang receives a framed photograph from an alumnus from school and shows Ji Won, who tells him that although the photograph is well shot, the figure in the photo seems sad, as if she has lost something and is searching for it in the snow.
When Kye Sang takes the photograph to hang on the wall of his office, Jin Hee gushes over it and comments that the girl seems to be looking forward to a future love relationship. Kye Sang notes that each viewer seems to interpret the picture differently.
Back at the Ahn household, Nae Sang decides to give a lecture on wise decision-making. Jong Seok and Seung Yoon listen attentively while Julian wonders why he has to attend such a lecture.
At the clinic, as Jin Hee prepares to step outside for a brief moment, Kye Sang tells her that she should secure her shoelaces because the outside is slippery with snow. As she bends down, he playfully places a fluffy snowball inside her hood and tells her that she should make sure to cover her head, too. LOL (so adorable!)
Sputtering in indignation, Jin Hee threatens revenge, and Kye Sang confidently replies that he doesn't plan on going outside today. heh heh
Upon coming home from work, he sees Ji Won coming down the stairs. He invites her to go outside and play in the snow with him. She unexpectedly and harshly jerks her hand away and tells him she doesn't want to play in the snow.
Several days later, he meets with Ha Sun and asks her to tell him anything that she might think helpful to treating Ji Won's medical condition. Ha Sun begins to tell him about how Ji Won's father died...
Nae Sang, on the other hand, goes overboard as usual and takes the two boys hiking through the mountains, extolling the virtures of wise decision-making.
Kye Sang visits Jin Won in her room and admires all her photographs. When she claims that her hobby has been limited by his scooter restriction, he invites her to view the countryside with him on his next visit to a rural clinic.
Meanwhile, Nae Sang loses his way in the mountains and starts to panic. Slowly but surely, all of his three key points in wise decision-making crumble in his irrational and unnecessary panic.
Kye Sang notes Ji Won's tightly clenched hands on their drive to the country. His hope is to help treat Ji Won of her fear of the snow.
As he drives, Ha Sun's narration of how Ji Won lost her father is slowly revealed.
While vacationing together overseas, their car breaks down. Unable to reach anyone for days, the father hugs Ji Won and tells her to stay inside the car while he goes to find help. It is only after several days passes that she is discovered, during which time she has had to combat fear, starvation, cold, etc. This was also the last time she saw her father.
The day her father left was also the day a huge snow blizzard hit the area, which is the main reason why her father expressly told her to stay put inside the car. However, for Ji Won, the long and uncertain wait alone did just as much damage.
Kye Sang watches from afar as his patient takes pictures of the snowy scenery despite her fear and trauma related to the snow.
The gravity of the Ji Won storyline is offset by the levity of Nae Sang's increasing spiral downward. He uses up the last of Jong Seok's cell phone battery to urgently tell his wife and daughter that he loves them, and when the boys leave to get help, he collapses on the ground, all his lecture notes blowing up in a grand billow of gray smoke. LOL
Kye Sang drops Ji Won off at her house, and although she thanks him brightly for the excursion, he knows that the trip has taxed her. Returning to the clinic, he stand before the photograph again, tears welling up in his eyes as he imagines Ji Won as the girl desperately and forlorning searching for her father. Jin Hee, who crept up beside him to scare him, simply watches, all thoughts of playful revenge forgotten.
The episode ends with a close-up of the photograph and Ji Won superimposed into the picture. Her tearful gaze outward expresses her immense longing for her father.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

This episode, despite my desire for more Jin Hee/Kye Sang time, surprised me with its depth. Developing the medical relationship between Ji Won and Kye Sang reminds the reader that Kye Sang also views Ji Won as a patient, not just as an adorable younger neighbor that he can treat as a sister. And we finally get to hear the full story of Ji Won’s father’s death. The sheer terror and psychological trauma Ji Won must have experienced, endured, and “overcome” explains a lot about her current personality–independent, unconcerned about the smaller things in life, etc.

As for the Nae Sang storyline…sigh…need I say more? The man is such a complex bundle of humanity. LOL. Just when you think he’s a responsible, mature head of the household, he descends into irrational silliness that’s great for viewing at the end a work day. LOL. Yes, Nae Sang…Please continue to entertain us with your silliness!

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  1. this episode made me more jealous for my JinSang ship..though i know that Jinhee had much more scenes with Kyesang than Jiwon, i wanted theirs to have these kind of moments,,just like the time when Jiwon saw him crying when the grandma died in the earlier episode..the vulnerable side of him (which others don’t see) was seen by Jiwon…(but the episode where KyeSang was forced to see a dentist coz of Jinhee, and never left him, even held her hand was really cute..)maybe i wanted to see a different reaction from KyeSang aside from teasing JinHee with those “just joking” lines,,,i’m hoping the writers are saving some touching scenes with my OTP…They’re my favorite pairing in this show among others.. thanks for the recap,,i’m glad we’re on the same ship…i really squeal whenever i see those two on the screen..they have so much chemistry..love their funny scenes,,i’ll just wait for some progress in their relationship.. =)

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