High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 16 – Episode 71 Link and Recap)

(01.05.12) Episode 71 Link: http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44954/5

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

Today’s episode continues Jin Hee’s penchant for fantasizing, although this one is due to an illness. Also, in true High Kick form, the show parodies the ever-growing trend of reality shows in Korea with a cameo from one of the reality shows’ winners. 🙂

Pictoral Recap:


The episode starts with Jin Hee hearing news that Kye Sang will be gone for a week at a rural health clinic. She goes home and takes out the knitted red mittens, determined to give them to him before he leaves tomorrow.
She wakes up early the next morning and prepares him a delicious homemade lunch, only to arrive at the clinic too late. He had just left.
Perhaps to indicate her longing for him, her body breaks down on her, and she calls in sick the next day.


Meanwhile, in the Ahn household, the family holds an audition to determine who will be the singing extra in a drama shoot.


The competition begins...


The judging commences...


And the oral commentaries begin...Ha Sun conveys how the singing has moved her. LOL


Meanwhile, Jin Hee overhears that Kye Sang is briefly back in town. Despite her weakened state, she crawls out of bed, tumbles down the underground passageway, climbs back up, gets back out, etc. just to see Kye Sang...all to no avail.


After multiple failed attempts, she finally catches up with him as he waits for the bus to go back to the rural clinic. But when she reaches his side, all she can do is slap him across the face and then collapse in his arms. (Poor Jin Hee)


In her unconscious state, she dreams that she is finally able to present Kye Sang with the hand-knitted red mittens, which he treasures.


As he boards the bus and drives away, she flashes him an "I Love You" sign.


And surprises of surprises, Kye Sang returns her heart with a heart of his own! However, in reality, Kye Sang brings Jin Hee home after she slaps him and collapses against him and then asks Ha Sun if Jin Hee is angry with him. Ha Sun inadvertently lets slip the fact that Jin Hee often curses Kye Sang behind his back. 🙁


As the episode draws to a close, the Ahn family and Seung Yoon watch TV and see the competitor, who had rushed out of their house when he lost the audition, win Korea's singer reality show competition. And facing the camera dead on, the guy taunts Seung Yoon, "Are you watching all this?"


The family is simply left stunned speechless.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

As usual, the High Kick franchise does the parodies of other dramas and variety shows so well. I’m constantly astounded by the diversity of their parodies. The writers can go from using melodrama to comedy and then to reality TV show all in the span of a few episodes. 🙂

As for the meat of today’s episode–Jin Hee’s growing affection for Kye Sang–I appreciated how her inner desires are manifesting themselves in her dream. At least in the safety of her dream/unconsciousness, she can present Kye Sang with her diligently knitted mittens and have him appreciate them appropriately. In the safety of her dream, she is able to demonstrate her growing affection for him with an “I Love You” sign. And in the safety of her dream, she feels free to imagine his positive response to her confession of love. 

*Sigh* Such a short episode, but the writers are able to do so much in reflecting the complexities of the human state. In this episode,  Jin Hee aptly demonstrates how so many people long to verbalize their hidden feelings but are unable to do so, and only in the safety of their dreams can they even attempt to “rationally” and “courageously” utter those vulnerable words. Show, I hope you keep getting better and better. 🙂

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