High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 16 – Episode 70 Link and Recap)

(01.04.12) Episode 70: http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44936/5 or http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/44936/11


I tried to limit myself on this episode to under 20 screencaps. The resolution on the video link I was watching wasn’t as high quality as the previous episode, so you’ll probably notice the poor resolution. I wish the links I use were consistently high quality, but oh well…I can’t be too picky since I’m not the one uploading them. Anyhow, without further ado, here’s the pictoral recap!


The episode starts with Ha Sun reading Ji Seok’s letter and then going out to buy something at night. She runs into Ji Seok who gives her his muffler and walks away, pretending that he’s not freezing in the frigid Korean winter night.

The next morning, Jin Hee accidentally sees Ji Seok’s letter to Ha Sun and teases him a bit about his boldness. She encourages him to continue in his wooing and wistfully wishes that the older Yoon would take more after his younger brother.

At around the same time, Soo Jung gets a brilliant idea from her brother's friend (can't remember his name right now) to make some spending cash working as an extra for her father's company. She begs and cajoles, but Dad doesn't relent in his refusal to hire her, claiming that there's no need for a young Korean girl right now in the TV industry.
At work, Jin Hee starts to fantasize about Dr. Yoon falling in love with her. (LOL)
In reality, however, Kye Sang is fending off Ji Won's constant badgering for her scooter keys.
As Ji Won leaves the Ahn household, Soo Jung overhears her brother and friend talk about how Ji Won can pass for an Indian. Since an opening for an Indian extra just came into the Ahn Company, Soo Jung negotiates a deal with Ji Won: they work together as extras and Ji Won lends Soo Jung some of the money earned, and Soo Jung will get those scooters keys for Ji Won. Deal!
On her way out, Soo Jung swings by the kitchen for a drink of water and catches sight of the letter that Jin Hee had left on the kitchen table.
Amazed by the fact that Ha Sun received a love letter and that the love letter was full of mistakes that Ha Sun had automatically corrected without thinking, she snaps a photo of it and shows her mother. Both of them get a good chuckle over the poor, "uneducated" chap who wrote the love letter.
Meanwhile, Jin Hee continues her Dr. Yoon fantasy, this time imagining the Ahn/Yoon clan objecting to Kye Sang's wish to marry her. (The parody of Korean dramas is HILARIOUS!)
At one point in her fantasy, Kye Sang tells the family that this is his house, and if they object to his marriage to Jin Hee, they can all leave. LOL
In the real world, the hilarity continues as the rest of the family sees the unfortunate love letter. Ji Seok, just returning home, is freaked out that 1) his family saw his love letter and 2) embarrassed that he made so many spelling errors.
At around the same time, Ha Sun returns home and discovers from Julian that the entire Ahn/Yoon clan have seen her infamous love letter, spelling errors/corrections and all.
Mortified, she runs for the underground passageway, only to find Ji Seok coming to see her. She apologizes and Ji Seok reassures her that he understands the mistake and that since he didn't sign his name, no one knows the letter is from him (except Jin Hee. LOL).
As for Jin Hee, her rampant fantasy continues, this time with her in Paris. Kye Sang apparently follows her there and drags her back with him to Korea. LOL
Meanwhile, the two high schoolers mascarade as Indian and American extras on the set of a Korean drama.
Unfortunately, they end up at the police station after making an illegal U-turn on Ji Won's scooter on the way to the department store where Soo Jung was going to buy that winter coat.
Before getting caught by the police, Soo Jung tells Ji Won to never let on that they are Korean, but Soo Jung crumbles and confesses when her blue contacts fall out. Kye Sang arrives to bail them out of the police station, but Ji Won continues in her charade to act like an Indian, who knows no Korean, by dancing.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

This episode for me was all about Jin Hee’s growing crush/love for Kye Sang. It’s interesting that with Ji Seok now open about his feelings for Ha Sun–at least to Ha Sun–Jin Hee is developing an increasing unrequited love attraction for Kye Sang. O-M-G! The fantasy sequences were simply hilarious, especially as they were starkly juxtaposed with the reality of the goofy Kye Sang. heh heh…You have to hand it to the writer(s) in knowing what buttons to push to get the women viewers’ hearts pittering and pattering just a bit faster as well as poke fun at the hackneyed characterization of the strong, relentless man who’s not afraid to go after his love. 😉

As for the side story, I enjoyed the teaming of Ji Won and Soo Jung. Although they’re both in the same high school class, we haven’t seen them interact and build on their relationship too much. I’m curious to see how their relationship will continue to develop, especially once Soo Jung discovers that her brother likes Ji Won. Will Soo Jung help Jong Seok or torment him? This prospect alone should make for some solid brother-sister moments. 🙂

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