High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 16 – Episode 69 Recap)

(01.03.12) Episode 69: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44892/5 or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44892/11 or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44892/12


I’m trying something new with Ep. 69 and depending on how long it takes and how I like the final product, I may continue posting more of these. In any case, I like the idea of recapping these short episodes with lots of pictures and captions that explain the plot…my truncated version of watching the episode. LOL. So…I hope you enjoy~Recap of Episode 69:

The episode starts with Ji Seok continuing his plan to woo Ha Sun by asking her to carpool to work.
While in his office waiting for work, Nae Sang receives a phone call telling him that Kim (the embezzler) has been spotted and rushes out to apprehend him.
Once at the "hideaway," Nae Sang discovers that the culprit has already escaped.
Meanwhile, Ji Seok sees Ha Sun struggling with some boxes at school and takes them from her despite her protests that she is strong enough.
Nae Sang's solution to the disappointing hunt? He brings home whatever he can find that has value: goat, chicken, rabbit, and dog. OMG - LOL
Back at home from work, Ha Sun agonizes over the dilemma with Ji Seok. She doesn't want to risk his friendship by dating him.
Meanwhile, Soo Jung has befriended the animals and jokes around with Kye Sang, telling him that her family has been magically transformed into these animals, Jong Seok being the dumb chicken, of course!
To work off her frustration and angst, Ha Sun goes rock climbing. Whoa~the woman is one serious rock climber (started in college apparently...who knew?).
Ji Seok hears from Jin Hee that Ha Sun has gone rock climbing and joins her, making a bet that if she wins, she can do whatever she wants, but if he wins, she has to have dinner with him.
Ha Sun comes home after winning. Ji Seok lost the bet because he froze and fell while halfway up the rock.
Ji Won reveals that Ji Seok has a fear of heights and is amazed that he went rock climbing.
Stunned by the news, Ha Sun asks Jin Hee to come to the bedroom, and once there, asks Jin Hee how long Ji Seok has liked her.
On hearing that Ji Seok has liked her for quite some time, Ha Sun gets lost in her thoughts as she reflects upon her recent interactions with Ji Seok.
Unaware of any of this, Ji Seok goes home and tries to nurse his disappointment.
He abruptly sits up in bed, though, when he unexpectedly receives a phone call from Ha Sun.
Finishing the conversation out in the hallway, Ji Seok celebrates when Ha Sun invites him out for dinner the next day. He dances for joy, offers his nephew and niece allowance money, and then grabs them in headlocks. LOL
The next morning, the family tries to decide what to do with the animals since they can't indefinitely keep them.
Soo Jung freaks out and emphatically declares that they CANNOT eat a single one of those animals. (I love the graphics. LOL)
When the family is unable to reach a concensus, Kye Sang tries to organize reasons why certain animals should or should not be eaten.
Meanwhile, Ji Seok and Ha Sun arrive at the restaurant and mistakenly sit side by side. (Cute misunderstanding as Ji Seok pulled a chair out for Ha Sun and she thought that he was going to sit in the chair himself.)
As they finally sit across from each other, Ha Sun can't help but laugh at bit at the misunderstanding. (This is a good sign that the date will not be awkward. LOL)
Soo Jung, on the other hand, has more serious matters to deal with as the family has decided to eat the "eatable" animals that Kye Sang has designated. She barely convinces the family to forego eating the goat and/or chicken if they can respond to their names, thus indicating that they are pets and NOT food.
After having repeated the goat's name to the goat, she goes over to the chicken and does the same thing.
She gets 5 seconds to call the goat and have it respond to her by turning in her direction...or death for the goat!
Leaving only 28 seconds to spare, the goat turns its head, much to Soo Jung's delight. Goatie is saved!
Unfortunately, the chicken (living up to its reputation for being a "dumb" animal) does NOT respond to its name even when it is given 10 seconds. Death! oh no....
So while the rest of the family enjoys the delicious chicken soup, Soo Jung mourns the death of her beloved "Chicken."
While all this drama is occurring in the Ahn household, Ha Sun enjoys her drive back with Ji Seok, commenting on the beauty of their surroundings.
However, she then tells Ji Seok that in much the same way as the beauty around them is fleeting, she doesn't want their relationship to disappear as well, which is what she fears will happen if they date. Ji Seok tells her that he has faith that their relationship will last, but Ha Sun remains firm in her doubt.
When they arrive back home, Ji Seok asks to see Ha Sun and gives her a letter. Since he is a man of few words, he tells her that he tried to write his thoughts on paper.
As she reads his letter that reasserts his resolve to love her despite her decision and fear, Ha Sun automatically reaches for a red pen and corrects his spelling. LOL! How typical of a Korean language teacher.


I love the continuing development of everyone’s relationships. However, in this episode, I especially appreciated Ji Seok’s resolve to live 2012 without any regrets–a complete contrast from his 2011 approach–by not being discouraged by Ha Sun’s repeated rejections. Despite her numerous no’s, Ji Seok boldly tells her that he will love her and remain by her side at all times. And in true comedic form, the writer has Ha Sun liven up the mood by correctly Ji Seok’s spelling. LOL.

The other point of this episode that I enjoyed was the reversal of Ahn Nae Sang’s role. Once a persecuted debtor, he is now the one persecuting the embezzler, determined to go after what is rightfully his. The irony of the situation is not lost on anyone, and the drama of the situation is then lightened up again by his insistence on at least recuperating some of his losses with the animals.

Overall, this was a solid episode that furthers the plot. 🙂

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