High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs Special and Series Review

Post-show Special

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Although there were no interviews with the actors this time around, this short “Special” to close out the 123-episode series was a concise yet sweet touch, one last “hurrah” before retiring this much beloved series to our memories and occasional re-watches.


Lee Juck greets the audience and reveals that for this final special “episode,” the 126 crew and cast of High Kick 3 have compiled the best 20 scenes of the entire series for the audience’s viewing pleasure, a few which feature him. LOL

So without further ado, below is the list of scenes:

20. Yoo Sun’s “spring fling” with Jae Hyung

19. Ha Sun vs. Kye Sang (Ha Sun avenging Jin Hee)

18. The Ahn Civil War (the fight between Jong Seok and Soo Jung for her room)

17. The fake Indonesian Girl Kim Ji Won (Soo Jung and Ji Won dress up as foreigners for a show)

16. The school’s 20th Anniversary (Ha Sun and Teacher Yoon’s musical collaboration for the school’s 20th anniversary, a song that becomes famous)

15. Yoo Sun and Nae Sang’s Moonlight Dance

14. Demure Soo Jung (her ploy to return to the U.S. as a nanny)

13. Park Ha Sun’s Mad Cow stint (she dresses up as the “Mad Cow” character from Gag Concert, I think, in an effort to get her students to enjoy her lectures)

12. Nae Sang’s memory method

11. The women who drive Lee Juck crazy (Lee Juck’s episode with the three women LOL)

10. Ha Sun’s paranoia that she has rabies

9. Yoo Sun beating Nae Sang after his erotica blunder

8. Ji Hee’s push-up bra debacle (LOL…Can you imagine having part of your bra catch on fire? And in front of the guy you like?!)

7. Ha Sun’s efforts to close the mouths of two men: Kye Sang with his secret about her pants splitting and Teacher Yoon with his knowledge of Julian living at her house

6. The birth of the “bbooing bbooing” (Jong Seok is so adorable eventually using that to get Ji Seok’s laptop)

5. Lee Juck’s dislike of the “analog” games LOL

4. Ji Seok and Ha Sun’s cupboard kiss while hiding from Julian and Jin Hee

3. “Disciple” Seung Yoon’s following of Kye Sang’s philosophy LOL

2. The many misfortunes of Nae Sang 

1. Ji Seok trying to help Ha Sun find a bathroom during her stomach ache. LOL

Lee Juck returns and  gives his final comments:

“Did you enjoy the scenes? I don’t know how close these selections came to your picks. I think it would be safe to call viewers a true High Kick fan if you’ve seen all of these scenes. I hope that the time you’ve spent watching High Kick was just as wonderful and memorable as it was for us. Although the cast, crew, and audience of High Kick now return to their own lives, I suspect that this world of High Kick will remain. To the viewers who have journeyed with us, I sincerely thank you.”

And as he waves goodbye and backs up, he stumbles on the stairs to provide us with one last little chuckle.

Musings: I never got around to watching Season 1, but I did catch Season 2 and even purchased a copy of the box set…yes, despite the unsettling ending. I think that a copy of Season 3 will soon find its way into my permanent collection as well. 🙂

As I mentioned before, the beginning was a bit slow for me–what can one reasonably expect in a 25-minute episode? So, it took several episodes to get me on board the Season 3 train–but the little world of High Kick 3 soon found its niche and enveloped me in its cozy community of misfits and survivors. More than anything, I appreciated that the series was an interconnected story of individuals just trying to find purpose in and value to their lives. From Nae Sang losing his business to regaining not only his professional footing again but also a closer tie with his family to Ji Won, the ever “perfect” student, discovering for the first time something she wants to do, the series explored the many facets of life and the individuals that populate one small segment of Korean society.

And like all good Korean dramas that I adore, Season 3 masterfully oscillated from the dramatic to the comedic and then back again, reminding us subtly that life’s just like that; it has its ups and its downs. The one thing that can help people survive those deep valleys and celebrate those high summits are good friends and family who will challenge us to not give up, commiserate with us when there is misfortune, and celebrate with gusto over joyous events, whether small or big. 🙂

It’s been a memorable journey, one that dates back to October of 2011, but one that I am infinitely glad I took…Yes, despite the long hours of recapping. 🙂 I hope you feel the same.

In closing, I know that I’ve had a love-hate relationship recently  with the writers at times for their coy little twists, but from the bottom of my heart, I thank them and the rest of the crew and cast. I’ve truly enjoyed every single moment watching, laughing, venting, recapping, and discussing with Twinkles High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs.

Thank you! And may God keep you all safe and healthy!

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13 thoughts on “High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs Special and Series Review”

  1. Aww, I wouldn’t say those were my favourite scenes, but revisiting them did make me smile.

    HK3 was such a great show – despite the frustration and the tears and sometimes the anger (lol), I’m so glad I decided to start watching the series and to stick with it, even when certain storylines or characters bugged me a little.

    And you know, saying ‘thank you’ to you seems such a small thing, considering all of the hard work you put into writing up recaps (and so quickly!), sometimes at the expense of your own much-needed sleep, but it’s all I have, so… thank you. 🙂

      1. I’m actually considering re-watching the series now (or the Ji-won parts at least), because another recapper commented that Ji-won’s so inscrutible that she’s almost unsympathetic to viewers.

        Personally, I’ve always felt more of a connection to Ji-won than any other character, so I might watch her scenes again and write down my thoughts, just for, you know, fun. (because everyone does this sort of thing in their free time, right? ^_~)

        Hee, thanks again for the postcard translation; it really made my day.

        1. LOL. A second viewing, albeit a selective one? Yes, definitely obsessiondevotion. LOL. Happy viewing!

  2. HA ! Would you be surprised if I told you that more than the half of my 20 best scenes concern Jin Hee and Kye Sang ? Actually, they are more than 20…LOL. It seems that I am not completely over concerning this couple, ha ha.
    Anyway, to me, the most touching scene was when Kye Sang runs the marathon and is encouraged by his family at the end…I cried like a baby T_T. I also had tears in my eyes during Kye Sang’s goodbye to Yoo Sun (he is extremely handsome and cute ( yes, that is possible ) when he cries, I was like “OMG, OMG, OMG !” ).

    1. I meant “when Nae Sang runs the marathon”, not Kye Sang. Wow, I clearly need some help to get over the whole Kye Sang/Kye Sang + Jin Hee/Kye Sang/Kye Sang thing…

  3. may I know whats the number episode when Ha sung stomachache and Ji suk tried to find bathroom?I can’t find which episode it is

    1. Hi, Angela! Jules just commented under the July 22-28 bulletin post with the good news: you are looking for episode 47! Have fun watching!

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