High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs (Week 27 – Episode 118 Link and Recap)

Episode 118 Link

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Things are starting to finally look up for our two little fighters, Nae Sang and Jin Hee. And as they struggle in this episode to regain their footing in life, they realize that they are blessed with a family that cares and supports them, regardless of the circumstances.


Story #1:

The episode opens with Jin Hee receiving a phone call from the advertising agency (Company #2) that she has made it to the second round of interviews. She and the rest of her household celebrate even though she hasn’t been selected for the job; she’s passed the first round! They’re simply excited that she’s even passed the first round to a company that Jin Hee had thought was near impossible.

However, the reality of the situation starts to sink in, and Jin Hee wonders to Ha Sun how exactly she passed that first round. Her competitors were far more superior than she. And because she becomes so stressed out about her upcoming interview, she later sleepwalks that night, giving Ha Sun and Ji Won a scare.

The next morning, the rest of the household decide to rally behind Jin Hee.

Waking Jin Hee up in the morning, the three housemates tell her that they will each help her prepare for the interview: Julian will be responsible for English, Ha Sun her interview style/outfit, and Ji Won her interview questions.

From then on, the three take turns in preparing Jin Hee for the various aspects of her interview. Their efforts on her behalf are so intense that Jin Hee seeks out the safety of the public library to get away from them as well as to prepare for her upcoming interview. And that is where Kye Sang finds her…asleep at a table. LOL

For the first time in a long while, Jin Hee and Kye Sang share a comfortable meal together as Jin Hee explains to Kye Sang what’s been going on at her house and how her housemates are all working so hard to help her, perhaps trying a little too hard. Hearing about her fears and doubts of passing this final round of interviews, Kye Sang asks her if she wants to buy a dream from him (Korean tradition that people can “buy” each other’s good/bad dreams and transfer the luck to other people). He jokingly asks for $1,000, eliciting a gasp from Jin Hee, and then tells her that she can buy the dream for 10 cents. Jin Hee comments that she’s glad they can have a comfortable time like this again; she never thought that such a time would come when she could look at him comfortably again…so soon. Yup, this confirms our fears/suspicions that she is now “over” him.

The next morning, Jin Hee wakes up to some surprises…

Ha Sun, worried that Jin Hee might sleepwalk the night before her big interview and get into trouble again, handcuffed herself to Jin Hee. Aw…

Then at the breakfast table, Julian prepares Jin Hee her favorite crab stew, citing that studies show people who eat their favorites dishes have good luck/can interview well. Double aw…. Ha Sun then presents Jin Hee with a new pair of shoes with the words, “Passed!” taped to the soles of the shoes, and Ji Won gives Jin Hee her “small” gift of yut, a Korean taffy candy that is culturally one way to wish a person luck. Aw to the infinity…Overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness, Jin Hee can only look at them in gratitude.

At the interview, one of her competing applicants is asked a question about what he thinks about the word “family.” When he answers with a well-known proverb, the interview finishes the rest of the quote in mild disgust and defers the same question to Jin Hee. Startled at first, Jin Hee answers, “To me, family is a pot of crab stew.” This unexpected answer elicits a chuckle from her female competitor, but the interviewers are intrigued. Jin Hee elaborates that the crab stew is made with the crab found naturally in the sea, the spices that are man-made, and the herbs/vegetables found onthe mountainside. Likewise, her family is made of an eclectic group of people, one of whom is not even a Korean, and yet…they comprise for her a complete sense of family. Aw…

The episode ends with Jin Hee fearfully looking at her computer screen for the interview results…

…and the rest of her family crowding around to share this moment with her, whether good or bad. 🙂 I think their expression describes their joy at her acceptance better than any words I can use, don’t you? 😉

Story #2:

Soo Jung and Seung Yoon practice the guitar when Nae Sang comes to join them in the living room. He spots the lottery ticket and belatedly remembers that Woo Young received the lottery ticket while they were waiting at the antique store in Insa Dong. Nae Sang wants to throw it away, but Soo Jung snatches it away and insists that they check the lottery numbers; one never knows…Seung Yoon searches for the winning lottery numbers and matches them with the numbers in Soo Jung’s hands. Amazed, the three celebrate and scream their joy.

The next morning, the family gathers around the breakfast table and asks Nae Sang what he plans on doing with the lottery winnings ($80,000). Knowing that Kye Sang won’t mind a late repayment and instead think of this as an investment, Nae Sang wants to use the money to invest in some equipment to revive his stunt company while Yoo Sun wants him to use the money to repay Kye Sang for part of the money he’s lent them. When the family start to argue about how to use the money, Kye Sang suggests that each family member think carefully about their decision and then meet tomorrow at 8PM for a family vote.

In the privacy of his office, Nae Sang assesses the possible votes: Ji Seok and Yoo Sun are opposed, Soo Jung in support, and Jong Seok undecided. Kye Sang has decided to not vote and instead play the arbitrary judge.

Nae Sang talks with Soo Jung and confirms that she will vote in his favor. He then talks with Jong Seok and apologizes to him for the badminton incident and confirms that Jong Seok will vote in his favor as well. However, the fruits of Nae Sang’s lobbying are nullified when Soo Jung and Jong Seok fight over a free backpack later that day. Asking their father to decide who gets to have this new backpack, they agree to abide by Nae Sang’s choice. Carefully assessing the situation–thinking that Soo Jung will support him no matter what–Nae Sang decides in favor of Jong Seok, asking Soo Jung to concede the backpack to her brother this time. Incensed, Soo Jung stomps away and declares that she will vote against her father’s wishes in the family voting. LOL

And so the voting commences…

And someone other than Soo Jung has chosen to vote in favor of Nae Sang…I say it’s Yoo Sun, who’s decided to support her husband.

As Nae Sang takes a phone call inside his bedroom, he happens to glance at something Yoo Sun has written and realizes that Yoo Sun (he recognized her handwriting) was the one who voted in his favor.

With newfound gratitude for his wife’s unceasing support, he rushes to the kitchen to envelop her in a backhug. Aw….

In honor of his new business venture, the Ahn family plus Seung Yoon go to celebrate at a local sauna/karaoke place.

And the Ahn’s story ends with Nae Sang shooting Yoo Sun a heart and inviting her to sing a love duet with him. 🙂

Post-Recap Thoughts: What can I say? I LOVED this sweet episode! Family is a wonderful thing…yes, despite all the ups and downs. Nae Sang and Jin Hee, our two perpetual “losers,” finally start to shine like the diamonds that they are becoming and they do so with the help of their “families.” Aw…

What I thought was particularly noteworthy is that everyone involved is aware of the “losers” penchant for self-doubt and rally to support them: Yoo Sun with her voting for her husband and Ha Sun/family and Kye Sang doing what they can to bolster Jin Hee’s confidence and chances of success. I especially loved Ha Sun handcuffing herself to Jin Hee so that nothing would happen while Jin Hee was sleeping. So incredibly sweet and thoughtful! Truly a great reminder that success is not achieved on one’s own; it is a result of the collective efforts of “family.”

On a final note, I think it’s safe to say that the Jin Hee/Kye Sang ship has now officially “sailed.” *Sigh* It’s to the writers’ credit that I don’t feel as crushed as I would have thought. It makes sense in some odd way that Jin Hee find someone who can solely love her as number #1 in his life; she would have always been number 2 to Kye Sang’s “love” for humanity.

Only a few more episodes…can’t wait as we race to the series’ conclusion! 🙂

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  1. I did not imagine that my beautiful “Jin Hee/Kye Sang” ship would sink so quickly…No, no, no ! Let’s say that I’m moving toward the iceberg but it is still time to save the boat ! Woohoo, keep the faith ! Please drama gods, hear my prayers ! >.<
    Does Jin Hee being comfortable with Kye Sang necessarily mean that she does not love him anymore ?
    I really enjoyed Jin Hee's interview and her explaination of what "family" means to her, it was really moving. She deserved to get this job, after all she has been through…She really is a diamond as you said.
    Does Nae Sang realize how lucky he is to have such a loving wife ? She is always by his side, even if she disagreed with him at the beginning…Awwwww…The norebang scene was…awwwwww ! Seung Yoon dancing was just….awwwwww !
    Too much "awwwww" in this episode !

    Thanks for your recap ! ( I did not thank you in my previous comments, shame on me ! I may deserve to sink with my ship after all…)

    1. LOL. Oh, no! That does NOT reserve a “sink with my ship.” 🙂 You are very welcome! I shall try to recap today’s episode sometime this weekend since I’m out of town right now visiting family. Glad you enjoyed the episode. Definitely a ton of “aw…” 🙂

  2. those flashbacks while Jinhee’s answering to the interview was so touching…and i’m glad she finally made it!she’s my favorite character in this show that’s why i’m really happy for what she has become from being hopeless & homeless…i can say she’s the most hardworking here so she deserves happiness….i’m also glad she has finally moved on from his unrequited love to kyesang but seeing their conversation just like before after a very very long time made me miss their funny interactions…*sigh*..can we have another jongseok-jinhee cute scenes before the show ends?hehe =)

  3. thanks for the recap, that was fast! 🙂

    can’t believe this series is almost over… i’ll miss this “family” so much!!! i’m dying of curiosity to see who will end up together, though.

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