High Kick 3: Best #5 (The Very Last Episode Broadcast!)

The very last broadcast of High Kick 3 as a series concludes with the re-broadcast of a recent episode in which Seung Yoon tries his hand at scriptwriting, crafting a ridiculously convoluted “drama” in which Ha Sun develops feelings for her husband’s older brother. When he unexpectedly “dies” from a boomerang–yeah, I did say the episode was ridiculous–and needs a brain transplant, Yoo Sun offers hers since she’s already dying of a terminal illness. Ironically, the transplant is a success, but Kye Sang is no more as Yoo Sun’s brain and personality now lives in Kye Sang’s body. Eewww…

Meanwhile, Jong Seok falls in love with Soo Jung, who later is discovered to be not his biological sister. Soo Jung runs away and falls in love with Seung Yoon, who later turns out to be her biological brother. Later, the three get tangled in a love triangle, and in a freak accident, end up with amnesia…to live the rest of their lives as siblings!     

Whew~we’ve made it through the week-long re-broadcast. I hope you’re all ready to start Standby next week. I’m going to try to do my best to provide you with daily Standby recaps. 🙂

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