High Kick 3: Best #2

04-03-12 Video Link

Today’s High Kick 3 Best #2 is the episode in which Jin Hee receives the photo of Kye Sang, finds him annoying, and Ha Sun feels inferior in her teaching when compared to the new teacher who has a much more dynamic teaching style. This is the episode in which she dressed up as the mad cow. 🙂

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One thought on “High Kick 3: Best #2”

  1. OMG ! Is that the episode in which Jin Hee had her “bra incident” ? That moment just.Killed.Me. Kye Sang’s reaction is priceless ! I could not stop laughing ! And when she was hiding from Kye Sang afterwards…HA HA HA ! That was so funny !
    And there is that moment when Kye Sang shouts “JIN HEE ssi !” ; I was like “Gosh, I love his voice when he shouts !” and then I was replaying the moment again and again ( OMG ! I am totally crazy -_-” ).
    Speaking of craziness, Ha Sun is quite good in this domain xD. Too bad we were not able to see her students’ reaction.

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