Heirs: Episode 7 Preview and English Translation

Heirs 7

So I caught Episode 5 late last night, and I’m really enjoying this Heirs adventure, especially Young Do’s interactions with Eun Sang. More on this in future posts. 😉

In any case, SBS just released their preview for Episode 7, so as usual, you’ll find the clip along with the English translation below. Enjoy, Twinkles!

You can catch the full episode here or here.

Dialogue Translation:

Rachel: (in disbelief) What are we taking?

Rachel’s Mom: A family picture.

Young Do: I may not be able to break up the engagement, but I can certainly ruin the photo shoot.

Rachel: (to Young Do) I’m the crazy one for believing in you.

Young Do: (to Rachel’s retreating back) You’ll soil your expensive dress with your cursing.

Won’s Mom: (to Young Do after Tan and Young Do get into a fight and stand before her) I’m sorry. What can I do?

Young Do: You don’t have to worry. I’m not going to report this to the police.

Won’s Mom: (to Tan) If you’re going to be like this, transfer to another school!

Chan Young’s Dad: (to Tan’s dad as he’s in the hospital) Why did you send Eun Sang to Jeguk High?

Tan’s Father: So that she can clearly see for herself at least 100 reasons why she cannot be suitable for Tan. She’ll realize this through her experiences there.

Eun Sang: (bowing to Tan and speaking formally) Good evening.

Tan: (to Eun Sang as she finishes her bow) Are you rebelling?

Myung Soo: (to Young Do who is lost in thought on a sofa) What are you thinking about so deeply since a while ago?

Young Do: Thoughts of the nouveau riche/Eun Sang.

Myung Soo: (in disbelief) Why are you thinking about her?

Young Do: (still in deep thought) I’m thinking about why I’m thinking about her in addition to everything else.

Tan: (as Eun Sang returns home in the evening) How many times have I told you to be careful of Choi Young Do?

Eun Sang: He said that he wanted to protect me (“Protect” can have a romantic meaning, which Eun Sang doesn’t seem to catch here.)

Tan: (startling Eun Sang with his raised voice) That’s blackmail! That’s what it is!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Until next time, Twinkles, have a great day! 😉

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  1. Thank you for the translation.
    This drama has the asian dramas’ classic story lines, but I’m still loving it. kyaaaaaaa!

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