Heart to Heart: Episode 7 Preview and English Translation

H2H 7

ACK~! Episode 6 certainly has me firmly on board this Kdrama adventure! Below is the translation to Episode 7’s 30-second preview that tvN just released. As for my video review of episodes 5 and 6, stay tuned! I’ve got the review for Episode 5 filmed and ready to splice with the review for Episode 6 except…*mutters quietly and quickly* Ihaven’thadthetimetofilmandsplicethe”ACK~!”-inducingepisode,muchlessuploadthecompletedvideoclip. *sheepish sigh* Stay tuned, Twinkles! In the meanwhile, we have ourselves a meaty little preview of this Friday’s episode. Woohoo~! 

Video: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

English Translation of the Dialogue:

Hong Do: Surely, he wouldn’t have broken off the wedding just because he wanted to see me.

Doo Soo: (to Hong Do slightly out of breath after running after her) I wanted to see you all day long.

Hong Do: (sinking to the ground in embarrassed surprise) Oh dear…!

Doo Soo: (crouching down to meet her at eye level with a smile) Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Hong Do: (on the phone with Yi Seok, all smiles): Detective Jang says he’s not getting married!

Yi Seok: Geez, is he a player or what?

Doo Soo: (sitting across the table from Hong Do) What I really hate is when you’re with that doctor.

Yi Seok: (waiting in the car) Why isn’t she coming? (after seeing Hong Do) Have you had a change of heart?

Hong Do as Young Rae: (learning to ride a bicycle with Grandfather Ko): Oh dear, Chairman! Oh dear! Oh dear!

Se Ro: (fingering her ear lob) I think…I may have dropped my earrings…Detective Jang, you’re the first.

Hong Do: (walking into Yi Seok’s open arms, heavy-hearted) I must be crazy…


Crazy or not, Hong Do’s going to be in for the roller coaster of her life. And given the fact that she’s an introvert who has just started to emerge out of her self-enforced shell, I suspect that the ride is going to be a tumultuous one…for both her and us. Hmmm…should make for some compelling television, I think. 🙂 And how many of you want to bet that Hong Do’s going to have not the usual Kdrama love triangle but a quadrangle? Heh…we can’t discount Grandfather Ko’s growing interest in her Grandmother Young Rae! 😉

I hope you’re all excited for this Friday! *begins to count the hours, minutes, and seconds* 😉

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