Happy Children’s Day!

Picture of Snoopy’s Twinkie’s niece and nephew 🙂

Happy Children’s Day to all the Twinkles under the age of 18! Today is the day that we celebrate Y-O-U! *dances Happy Snoopy Dance* And if some of you still insist that you’re children at heart, we celebrate the child in you, too! 😉

If you did not know, you’re finding out now that every May 5th, Korea takes this day to celebrate children and to shower loads and loads of love on them so that, hopefully, each and every child feels special and, more importantly, loved. 

Some of you may quibble and say that Children’s Day should be for only elementary children, but I say that a child is a child until he/she reaches the legal age of adulthood. 🙂 Needless to say, my little church minions don’t seem to mind that I celebrate Children’s Day by giving them a little something special each year on the first Sunday of May. In fact, some of them insist that they’re still “children” until they graduate high school if they’ve reach their 18th birthday before May 5th of their senior year in high school…just so that they can take part in the Children’s Day celebration. Heh, aren’t my little minions cute? 🙂

In any case, I wish you all a very happy Children’s Day. And if you have children in your lives, I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to shower them with love–words, hugs, smiles, etc.–and reaffirm to them just how precious they are.

Happy Children’s Day, Twinkles!

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    1. Seriously, they’re so big now. lol. I’m definitely going to have to go visit them before the year is out. 🙂

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